Leon County Commission Votes For New Bids, Against Extension for Waste Pro

Leon County Commission Votes For New Bids, Against Extension for Waste Pro

Leon County Commissioners voted to issue an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for a new waste collection vendor contract at its Sept. 24, 2019 meeting rather than extend the current Waste Pro contract.

Waste Pro serves about 27,200 residents of unincorporated Leon County. The seven-year contract with Waste Pro expires in September, 2020.

Waste Pro’s contract allows for a three-year extension, but based on repeated customer complaints and poor performance, staff recommended moving forward with an ITB. Waste Pro will still be permitted to submit a bid.

“The nature of servicing over 27,000 accounts will inevitably result in some customer complaints regardless of the vendor performing the service,” as stated in the meeting agenda. “However, throughout the initial term of the Agreement, the current Contractor’s performance has frequently not met expectations.”

The County addressed customer complaints by levying liquidated damages.

“For 2018, $104,525 in liquidated damages were levied and for 2019 (to date) over $175,000 have been levied,” staff reports.

To ensure better customer service, the Board created a full-time Contract Compliance position at its April 15, 2017 Budget Workshop. The position is funded by liquidated damages with the responsibility of resolving Waste Pro customer service issues.

The County also plans to improve customer experience by raising service standards for the new vendor.

The proposed ITB attempts to “provide the greatest level of service while minimizing the cost to residential subscription customers,” staff reports.

Changes to the current service standards include setting a clear pickup time-frame for large items, introducing incentives for businesses to recycle, and following disaster preparedness procedures, according to the agenda.

Most services will not change. The future contractor must still collect waste and recycling once weekly, provide single-stream recycling, debag debris at pickup, offer free collection at designated County locations, and use Compressed Natural Gas vehicles.

The contractor must also continue using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which which allows for more precise tracking of opportunities to increase recycling efforts, determines if pick-ups were missed, location of missing/stolen carts, and the overall ability for the County to monitor/assess services being provided.

The new contract will take effect Oct. 1, 2020.

12 Responses to "Leon County Commission Votes For New Bids, Against Extension for Waste Pro"

  1. They pick up my Dad’s trash maybe once a month. Yes, the account is in paid and in good standing. My Dad has the “back door” service that is supposedly provided by Wastepro for the elderly and disabled. We completed the required forms and back up documentation from my Dad’s doctor so that he could utilize this service. We are lucky if it get’s picked up once a month. I have to call the route supervisor constantly. It’s always an issue. I have called their corporate office and they were absolutely no help. They are horrible!!!

  2. Not enough Commissioners:
    Waste Pro is in clear violation of Florida Statute 838.015(1) which addresses Bribery of a public servent.
    Commissioners: It is your elected duty to bring Waste Pro to justice in a court of law once you believe bribery of a public official (Scott Maddox) has occurred.
    No slackers voting for new bids is not enough.
    Do your duty take Waste Pro to court.
    No slackers waiting to see what the FBI may or may not do is a violation of your oath of office.
    File a complaint against Waste Pro TODAY at The Leon County Clerk of The Court.

  3. FINALLY!!!

    I don’t see why there needs to be people paid by these companies to interact with County staff for example Gary Yordon and Scott Maddox.

    Also, they need to get out of the campaign contribution business and expend funds to their employees on the front lines.

    It is disconcerting to see Gary Yordon and Scott Maddox laughing all the way to the bank and the rank-and-file working so hard on the front lines.

    The bulk pickup times are ridiculous, you have to put your crap out on the curb and let it sit there for over 10 days and then you have to call them to tell them they didn’t come within the 10 days promised. We need to be given an EXACT date that we can set out our bulk items.

    The debagging of the debris at pick-up is also ridiculous. Just pick up the bags and d-bag them at a centralized location.

    Also, they need to do a better job of picking up sticks which they always leave a pile on your grass and street.

    Waste Pro has been receiving fines for years and it is gone un-reported. Also, I believe there has been a compliance officer for many years.

  4. Good, WastePro and Scott Maddox need to get OUT of City and County government and our tax dollars! Thankfully the county has a clue where the city is ignoring it like it never happened.

    1. Right you are TJ. To COT, it’s “business as usual” (and we know how that generally goes in Tally) with Waste Pro. COT is still happy and fine with doing business with the same old payoff sources/companies involved in the corruption game. So much for the mayor’s “it’s a new day” happy-talk. More like “It’s the same as it ever was but with new faces.”

        1. Wasn’t that unbelievable regarding his tirade?! He’s making TV commercials using his position as mayor or should I say misusing his position should be an issue to go before the ethics board. I am just not seeing good leadership from this mayor.

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