CRA Awards Downtown Large Event Grant Funds

CRA Awards Downtown Large Event Grant Funds

At the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) meeting on Thursday, September 26, elected officials voted to allocate $100,000 from the FY 2020 DT District Large Event grant funds. Five applications were received, but an evaluation committee only recommended four of them to be approved by the CRA board.

This past May, the CRA board approved $100,000 in fiscal year 2020 funding to be put towards the Downtown Large Event grant program. As noted by the agenda item, the purpose of the Downtown Large Event grant program is to provide support to special events that promote the goals and objectives of the DT District Community Redevelopment Plans, attract a regional audience (including attendees from other states), and generate economic activity in the DT District.

First-time event applicants can apply for a maximum of $40,000, with repeat applicants eligible to apply for a maximum of $25,000. In all cases, the minimum large event funding request is $10,000. The application window was open for four weeks, from June 3rd to June 28th.

Five applications were received during this time. They were:

  • Ladies Learning to Lead (L3) – Tallahassee Wing Festival – requested $40,000
  • LeMoyne Art Foundation – Chain of Parks Art Festival – requested $25,000
  • Southern Shakespeare Company – Southern Shakespeare Festival – requested $25,000
  • Springtime Tallahassee – Springtime Tallahassee Festival – requested $25,000
  • Word of South – Word of South Festival – requested $25,000

A three-person evaluation committee was tasked with reviewing each application. Using a competitive evaluation process, each application was assigned a score. Only applications with a minimum score of 70 would be considered for funding. The Ladies Learning to Lead application did not meet this requirement, and therefore is not recommended for funding.

The evaluation committee recommended that the other four applications be approved.

7 Responses to "CRA Awards Downtown Large Event Grant Funds"

  1. All of the petite emperors fiddling while Rome burns. In addition to Tallahassee having one of the highest crime/murder rates in Florida:

    We’re surrounded by drunks:

    Florida: Tallahassee statistics compared to the rest of the state:
    Adults binge or heavy drinking: 20.9%
    Florida adults binge or heavy drinking: 17.5% (19th lowest)
    Alcohol related driving deaths: 32.7%
    Florida Alcohol related driving deaths: 24.7% (8th lowest)
    Median household income: $50,825
    Florida median annual income: $52,594 (12th lowest)

    Yeehaw, let’s have more large events so we can drink to all of that!

  2. My pal Snidely,. It’s not over until Maddox and criminal pals are given their perk walk. Expect Maddox, Carter-Smith, Burnette and Corey to snitch hymnals ensnaring their good ole Tammany Halls’ boys and girls club den of self entitled shysters.

  3. This story almost triggered me but I’m gonna hold back – be the adult – and just make the observation that everyone hopefull the Maddox/Carter-Smith indictments are the end of it all …. are most likely correct.
    I dont think the FBI ever intended for any other “shoes” to drop.
    Look for the FBI at the November trial to thank Maddox and Carter-Smith for their cooperation and deal out the softest most comfy of love taps on each pasty white wrist.
    What ever you do dont hold your breath for any other “shoes” to be dropping. Thats it thats all we will get.
    Oh darn…sorry folks…I kinda did get triggered 🙂

    1. They should NOT! Slush fund still in play for wasting tax payers monies on events that should by now demonstrate a profit from prior years events.
      Not to fund Ladies learning to lead event is a farce! STOP throwing taxpayers monies after stale events!

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