Graham’s Partisan Tweets Get Her Removed from Rebuild 850

Graham’s Partisan Tweets Get Her Removed from Rebuild 850

Former US Congresswoman Gwen Graham was asked to step down as the co-chair of Rebuild 850 due to her personal attacks lodged against Governor Ron DeSantis on Twitter.

Rebuild 850 is a nonpartisan group focused on helping with the rebuilding effort after Hurricane Michael.

Graham tweeted the news yesterday:

“Yesterday, a friend called to tell me that because I have been tough on our new Governor – calling him out on Twitter and Facebook for policies I believe are harmful to Florida – I will no longer continue as co-chair of Rebuild 850.”

That friend appears to be Ron Sachs, who is helping Rebuild 850 through his public relations firm.

Sachs was quoted in the Tallahassee Democrat as saying, “No one is trying to mute Gwen Graham or prevent her from having her point of view, but you can’t be co-chair of an organization that is not political and be spewing those kinds of political attacks. Her tweets a few days ago amounted to a spitball in the face of the governor.  And we can’t have that.”

Graham has consistently questioned DeSantis’ position on policy issues, but has also lodged personal partisan attacks as well. Most recently, Graham labeled DeSantis as a “mini Trump” and has referred to the governor as being controlled by puppeteers.

It appears Sachs previously discussed her role with Rebuild 850 and her partisan tweets when she began attacking DeSantis over the summer. However, after the latest volley Sachs said, “Gwen apparently felt comfortable about doing it again.”

Graham responded on twitter by saying, “if my passion for Florida and my commitment to speaking the truth when this Governor’s policies cause her harm cannot be reconciled with my co-chairmanship of Rebuild 850, then so be it. I consider this extremely unfortunate — but I will not be silenced.”

17 Responses to "Graham’s Partisan Tweets Get Her Removed from Rebuild 850"

  1. Gwen you do not want to be silenced, imagine how the woman you silenced when you did not report Rocky Hanna to be sanctioned for dating and harassing one of his teachers when he was the Principal at Leon High. Ron Sachs, you endorsed Rocky Hanna for Superintendent knowing he hid from child support payments for 10 years while during those 10 years he acknowledged he knew he fathered a child. Enough said.

  2. She is still in disbelief that Gillum spanked her. She thought daddy’s coattails would bring it home. She’s done. Screeching for relevancy in a political party that has no use for her. Her father could not be elected in this democrat party. She has never had an original thought.

  3. Typical arrogant Gwen. Thinks she is above the rules and can do as she likes. After getting Rocky Hanna elected, I guess she thinks she is in charge of politics in Leon County. Maybe with the extra time she has she can collaborate with Rocky on bus routes.

  4. Some of y’all will collaborate democracy right into her grave. Some won’t. Bravo, Gwen Graham.
    Ron Sachs, your lips are showing.

  5. Gwen Graham-Logan-Hurm is her name and trading on daddy’s name is her game. I liked her dad, didn’t always agree with him but liked him as a person. Gwen? I never liked her with her arrogant “do you know who I am” attitude. But this is what Dems do when they become irrelevant in the political world they believe is their birthright – ala Hillary. Bitter, loud and obnoxious…but she will turn up again like a bad penny unearthed from a rock. In the meantime she could care less what anyone thinks. Care to guess what’s next for her?

  6. Good for Ron Sachs. He’s a career Democrat, but he did the right thing in this case re Ms. Graham. I’m not sure what her future holds, but this flame-out doesn’t make her look like she cares all that much about helping people who could use some help. Good riddance. Let’s see what she runs for next.

  7. Gwen Graham is absolutely right to go after the most corrupt and pro-wealthy administration in Florida history. Sachs is selling out the people of 850 and using a charity to benefit his clients.

  8. Not! Gwen needs to dial back rhetoric and focus on helping corrupt criminal pals in the local Tammany Hall “D” party! We the people of Florida
    and your “D” party rejected you! Two yrs in Congress and what do you have to show the people who thought you were relevant to vote for you? RIEN!

  9. She served two years in Congress, a place of political gridlock and questionable ethics. She has apparently brought her political bias and way of doing things she learned in Washington back home with her.

    Gwen Graham stands alone…shocked that someone…anyone would have the gall to discipline her…Daddy’s Princess… to a standard higher than her own!!!…slowley pan the camera away from Gwen as she falls sobbing to her knees in stark realization of the truth for the first time…as Gwen begins shrieking like a cat who’s tail got up under the rocking chair; ” HES GONNA WIN…TRUMPS GONNA WIN” … pan camera back further as Gwen reverts to the fetal position and soils her pants…a meek little girl’s voice is faintly heard at fade-out…daddy…daddy…daddy…..

  11. I wonder where her passion for truth was when she “created” a dossier on Jackie Pons to help her “client” Rocky Hanna. A dossier that proved to be misinformation and fabrication. Amazing how this love for truth seems to come and go.

  12. She was an ineffective congresswoman who rode daddy’s coat tails into office for a 2 year term. I would love to hear what she has accomplished according to her! By the way, does her family dairy still have those tax cows on that urban property in Doral so they can dodge their taxes?

  13. Where was Gwen Graham’s comments through the years through all Scott Maddox’s and especially Andrew Gillum’s, both fellow Democrats, corruption?

    This was not classy, Gwen. There is a time and a place for everything and this was a very misguided selfish partisan uncalled for attack. Your political career is pretty much done.

    Sometimes less is more.

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