UPDATED: Community Partners Committee Narrows List for Police Chief Position to Ten

UPDATED: Community Partners Committee Narrows List for Police Chief Position to Ten


The Community Partners Committee has selected ten candidates to interview for the Tallahassee Police Chief position.

The initial voting of the the Community Partners Committee resulted in six top candidates. The candidates are listed below with the location of their relevant experience.

  • Argatha Gilmore (TPD)
  • Steve Outlaw (TPD)
  • Lawrence Revell (TPD)
  • Glenn Sapp (Quincy Police Department)
  • Lonnie Scott (TPD)
  • Audrey Smith (Leon County Sheriff’s Office)

However, after a discussion about the lack of candidates from outside Tallahassee, the Committee decided to include four additional selections for interviews. The four additional selections were John Dale (Broward County), Antonio Gilliam (St. Petersburg), Eric Smith (Orlando), and Perry Tarrant (Washington State).

Candidates are scheduled to be interviewed on November 4th.

Original Story

The next step in the selection process for Tallahassee’s next Chief of Police will take place during a meeting at City Hall on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, at 11:30 a.m. At the meeting, the Community Partners Committee will review applications of the 17 remaining candidates and select approximately six candidates for interviews.

For those who are unable to attend the meeting, comments can be submitted here. You can also review the resumes of the candidates here.

The Community Partners Committee is a 15-member committee consisting of individuals from the faith, business and law enforcement communities from around Tallahassee.

Also, the City Manager and Deputy City Manager will participate in the meeting where candidates are discussed, however they will not be voting members.

Community Partners Committee Members, include:

  • Mutaqee Akbar, Akbar Law Firm
  • Meg Baldwin, Refuge House
  • Chief Terence Calloway, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Public Safety Office
  • Jack Campbell, Office of State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Court
  • Carolyn Cummings, Tallahassee Chapter of the National Action Network
  • Chief Jerome Gaines, Tallahassee Fire Department
  • Pastor Lee Johnson, Loved by Jesus Family Church
  • Kate Kile, Tallahassee Mothers Demand Action
  • Adner Marcelin, NAACP, Tallahassee Branch
  • Sheriff Walt McNeil, Leon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sharon Ofuani, Big Bend Crime Stoppers
  • Chief David Perry, Florida State University, Public Safety Office
  • Curtis Taylor, Tallahassee Urban League
  • Senior Pastor Gary Schultz, Ph.D., First Baptist Church

19 Responses to "UPDATED: Community Partners Committee Narrows List for Police Chief Position to Ten"

  1. The voters of the City of Tallahassee will get their minority race chief no matter their qualifications. After all FSU got their head coach, who never had more than one winning season anywhere he coached before! Liberals can be racist! What happened to Dr. King’s Dream of judging a person by their character not by the color of their skin!

  2. Wait, wait, wait a minute. A serious mistake in reporting has been made here. This appears to be a story about electing a Pope. Secret enclave, no one knows who the exact candidates are and we won'[t know there was even an election until white smoke appears from a vent atop Shi, er, City Hall.

  3. City of Tallahassee executive position hiring prerequisites:
    Be a member of AKA
    Be a member of one of the “reverends” congregations.
    Previous employment history with the COT.

    PS, why are the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager, the City Commission, and the Mayor not available for public viewing on the City’s website.

  4. Why is THIS news, they already decided who the 10 were 6 weeks ago, there was even articles written about it with the names of the 10?

    1. Exactly. This is an incredibly unqualified group to pick a police chief. But then again, in this town the City Manager tells the police chief what he can or cannot do. That’s why it’s been going downhill and with that list of possibilities things are not likely to get any better.

  5. O/T

    What does TR think about the Leon County School branding contract?

    I think this is a perfect example that shows the reality of why Tallahassee has so many problems because the culture is all about PR and not actual results and the hard work it takes to get the results.

    Throw out some PR to fool them into thinking we are actually doing something.

    Is this a subtle campaign ploy by Rocky Hanna?

    This always comes from the leadership tier and not the thousands of hard-working citizens and rank-and-file who depend on leadership.

    Personally, I would like to see that money go to the teachers and students.

    1. Hope, Rocky Hanna and Board Chair Roseann Wood have to run in 2020. This is an effort to fool the public regarding all their screw ups over the past four years. Alva Striplin is the only Board member with guts and she voted NO.

  6. I was told by someone who is supposed to be on this committee but whose name is not listed, that only the final 6 will be interviewed in person.

  7. how do you pick a police chief of a college town (with 3 colleges) and not require a college degree? This a very educated town and the chief needs to be able to speak intelligently to people.

  8. This is so bogus.
    The leftists in charge made their selection a long time ago.
    Quit jacking around the other 16 “remaining candidates” and the 14 or 15 member “Communitty Partner Committee of Willing Butt Kissers” already and put your pre-pre-selected person in the position already.
    The leftists in charge are bending so far over backwards to make this process seem fair they that they can kiss their own splits where they sit.

    1. I have a problem with State Attorney Jack Campbell and Meg Baldwin being on this committee.

      Did the crime rate go up dramatically as Campbell’s succession rose?

      The state attorney’s office with Jack Campbell included allowed a dangerous Thug who is dangerous to children to antagonize and continue A Reign of Terror and Jack Campbell did nothing about it even though he was told about it and his father was an instigator and Meg Baldwin endorsed him. Both should be removed from this committee immediately!

  9. Need I point out, David Perry is no longer FSU Police Chief? I don’t believe he is still a member of out community, is he?

    This “community” board is illegitimate. Who’s special interests do they serve? Why is the Commission allowing this? Why aren’t commissioners conducting the vetting process of all candidates themselves in open workshop?

    Why is the community not more concerned by this is beyond me.

  10. Only see 14 listed.
    Who’s missing?
    And who picked these folks?
    I see a supermajority of blacks and libs on the list.
    Maybe 1-2 conservatives, tops.

    God help us.

    On a related note: RIP Chris Connell. You would have made a great police chief.

    1. God help us is right. I professionally know most of the folks on the short list, and believe me if the Chief ends up being one of them we will become the next San Fran. On a side note: I hope the possibility of Chris Connell being poisoned has been considered. Seeing as that he was probably the most qualified, but had TWO things going against him (if you know what I mean), and many of the folks on that Community Partners Committee would not want someone who looks like Chris as Chief. Details of his death are very puzzling.

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