Future TPD Headquarters Site Narrowed to Two Locations

Future TPD Headquarters Site Narrowed to Two Locations

The City Commission voted to narrow the list of potential sites for the new Tallahassee Police Department headquarters to two locations. The two locations are the Lake Bradford Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1815 Lake Bradford Road and the Northwood Centre, 1904 N. Monroe Street/514 W. Tharpe Street. Both properties are City-owned, which will avoid any additional costs associated with land acquisition.

A number of speakers requested that the Towne South location, near the corner of South Monroe and Orange Avenue, be added to the list of possible sites. However, the idea could only get support from City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

Citizen engagement will continue to drive the site selection process. A community meeting will be held for each site to garner additional input from neighbors, as well as the community at large.

Additionally, during this stage of the process, preliminary site layouts and in-depth evaluations will be completed. After authorization has been received, the architect will develop conceptual drawings of the new TPD headquarters.

The estimated timeline shows that once a final site has been selected, Phase I, the environmental assessment and remediation, will take 1-2 months. Phase II, the design & pre-construction will take 12-14 months. And Phase III, which encompasses final construction and TPD move-in, will take 18-24 months.

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  1. Two and a half to three and half years from the article. Even though a building is sitting there off the tax roll. I will take a over under bet of 5 years all day.

    1. Agreed but the “Northwest” has the highest crime rates so co-locating a police station within the home burglary/auto-theft and drug deal capital of Tally seems to be okay. Hope the cops can park THEIR cars inside a secure garage while on the job though.

          1. That says nothing about crime rate. It only shows number of crimes. of course the property crimes would be higher where the property is.

  2. Why would you ever think about putting it on lake Bradford at the treatment plant? Are you closing it ?
    That’s the worst place of all.
    Just move it to north wood and be done with it.
    Then sell the old one to someone’s buddy, like the usual plan.

    1. Many local observers of the way COT does business know their decisions are almost always made far in advance of putting out long and drawn out “studies” and even the narrowing down to these 2 locations is nothing but more COT public relations “fuff” to make the public feel they are fair in the Cities decisions that affect taxpayers.
      It was Northwood a long time ago and its gonna be Northwood at the end of this feel good process.
      I do worry about the locals who believe in the way the City does business though. Its probably because in their minds the desperately want their city to be fair.

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