Reports Show “Hustler Hollywood” Wins Most Challenges

Reports Show “Hustler Hollywood” Wins Most Challenges

The opening of a Hustler Hollywood in Tallahassee has generated some controversy, in part, due to a location that is less than a mile from Sealy Elementary School. However, the City of Tallahassee says the store, which is located at the corner of North Monroe and Lakeshore Drive, meets all zoning regulations.

Hustler Hollywood is a retail chain created by pornography tycoon Larry Flynt. The adult-boutique store sells adult-oriented gifts, apparel, and novelties. The store opened September 13th, and is the company’s 33rd location across the country. 

A review of reporting from across the country shows that, despite community opposition, Hustler Hollywood wins most, but not all, of the challenges backed by city governments.

In January of 2017, Hustler Hollywood attempted to expand into the Indianapolis market before being blocked by city officials. City officials cited zoning laws when preventing the adult oriented store from being opened next to a Chuck E. Cheese.

Hustler Hollywood claimed they weren’t an “adult business”, since they configured the layout of the store to avoid the official adult business classification.

A federal appeals court ruled that the City of Indianapolis did not violate the First Amendment rights of the store when the city decided that Hustler Hollywood was an “adult oriented business.”

However, the outcome in Indianapolis is not the norm.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, opponents wanted the city to classify the store as sexually oriented because an ordinance prohibits such businesses from locating within 1,000 feet of schools or religious facilities.

However, the city of Tulsa determined that the store’s sexually oriented display area is 300 square feet, which is less than 10 percent of the 4,000-square-foot store and, therefore, the store was allowed to open.

In Fresno, California the City of Fresno ruled in 2017 that a Hustler Hollywood was not permitted. However, after a federal civil rights lawsuit, a settlement agreement was reached and the store was allowed to open.

In Sacramento, California in 2017 Sacramento County officials told opponents that the government does not have the ability to prevent a Hustler Hollywood from opening.


According to officials, Hustler Hollywood avoided regulatory review because less than 25 percent of the floor space features adult toys.

14 Responses to "Reports Show “Hustler Hollywood” Wins Most Challenges"

  1. Let’s see if I can understand this….

    It’s okay to put a sex store in the middle of the hotbed of prostitution in Tallahassee, but,
    its not okay to put a police station in the middle of the hotbed of crime in Tallahassee?

    Got it.

  2. Perfect example of the difference between liberals and conservatives. If conservatives don’t like a business, they don’t patronize it. If liberals don’t like a business, they turn to the courts to get it banned so no one can shop there.

    1. Good point, Maven. An interesting question for local liberals would be to ask them to choose which business they’d most like to see banned from Tallahassee:
      Hustler Hollywood or Chick-fil-A.
      One guess. It probably won’t even be a toss-up.

  3. I went to Hustler Hollywood and asked for a job and they didn’t give me an application to complete, just some phone numbers to call?

  4. Which is why we should be so thankful to Governor DeSantis for his diligence in his quest to bring good solid sustainable businesses to the sunshine state.

      1. Rick’s on Monroe, 1 block north of Hooters. Xmart is on the Parkway, 1 block west of Cap. Circle. This place is barely visible from Monroe and it creates JOBS. I never been to any of them and have no need to but that don’t mean I want them gone.

        1. At least Ricks is local and lowkey.

          Non-local chains promoting perversion attract non-local perverts.

          Say what you will- it is wrong to make merchandise of the most intimate of human experiences that also creates other human life.

          1. Sorry but, this makes no since………. No one will purposely drive 50 Miles or more just to visit this place, different types of sex is not Perversion and making merchandise to help 2 people become more intimate with each other is not a bad thing, some people sometimes need a little help. Rick’s isn’t as Low Key as you think, I have seen their Ad’s and so far, the only publicity this place has gotten is from the News Articles as I have yet to see any Advertising for them.

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