Leon County Launches Water Resource Website

Leon County Launches Water Resource Website

Leon County’s new water resource website debuted at the October 15th Board of County Commissioners meeting. During the meeting, officials demonstrated some of the information available on the website ahead of its launch.

Through the website, “Your Source on Our Most Vital Resource,” users can access information like water quality reports and water laws and regulations in Leon County. The website was developed to inform Leon County residents about water-related issues as part of a series of initiatives to protect water sources and enhance public communication.

“The public demands greater accessibility of information related to the health and condition of local water bodies, efforts to protect water resources,…” staff reports.

The website aims to satisfy this demand by serving as a comprehensive source for Leon County water information.

“Our County water bodies are an integral part of our community fabric and history,” the website’s homepage states.

The website was designed to answer questions with a user-friendly interface. On the homepage, visitors can easily navigate to water quality reports, maps of county rivers and lakes, and other information like laws and regulations. It also includes links to news and events like the Nov. 2 Lake Iamonia cleanup.

See the water quality report for Lake Jackson here.

Scrolling down, website visitors can access information on water-related health advisories, an interactive water quality map, and statistics on Leon County water sources. The website also includes contact information for the Public Works Department and a frequently asked questions page.

The launch of the website is a component of advancing the FY2017-FY2021 strategic initiatives which were adopted at the Dec. 10 Annual Board Retreat. The main goals of the initiatives are to increase accessibility to water-related information, enhance public communication, and prioritize protecting Leon County water quality.

In addition to the website, public events are planned to continue to engage Leon County citizens with water-related issues. Staff reports that Leon County plans to run a campaign to share the website, and educational kiosks have been installed at County water sources to help promote the website.

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  1. Through the website, “Your Source on Our Most Vital Resource,” …………………. Please tell me that “Your Source on Our Most Vital Resource,” is NOT the Domain Name you chose for this Web Site.

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