Mayor Dailey, Williams-Cox Respond to Commissioner Matlow’s Criticism of City Manager

Mayor Dailey, Williams-Cox Respond to Commissioner Matlow’s Criticism of City Manager

Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey responded to City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow’s harsh criticism of City Manager Reese Goad.

Dailey said that he gave the City of Tallahassee leadership the “highest marks” and that he believed they have done a “tremendous job” over the last ten months.

Dailey did not respond to the specific criticism leveled by Matlow, but he did say that he had received phone calls from members of the public that were “truly outraged by the accusations” that were made by Commissioner Matlow.

Dailey was also critical of the way Commissioner Matlow released the letter detailing his concerns on social media.

“This is not how we conduct business in Tallahassee especially personnel issues….If there are issues that you think should be addressed they should be addressed throughout the course of the year,” said Dailey.

In a statement to WCTV addressing Mr. Goad, Commissioner Williams-Cox wrote, “I enjoy working with him and his staff moving our City forward. We have made progress and I look forward to continuing to make progress by addressing items defined by our priorities.”

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  1. Did you know Matlows primary aide Ryan Ray is an electoral organizer with Tallahassee DSA?
    Check the DSA out.
    Producer Chris talks to members of the Tallahassee DSA about their disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Michael. They discuss their idea of “disaster socialism”: the opportunity to bring networks of solidarity created by organizations like DSA to direct aid of afflicted communities in the wake of these (increasingly frequent) climate disasters. We also discuss failures of state relief organizations, the presence of right-wing vigilante groups after the storm, and free pizza as praxis.
    Wonder where those pizza’s are from?
    The DSA has held several brake light initiatives at the 2500 block of S Monroe. Intereting there were so many FSU SDS members speaking against that location for the PD. SDS and the DSA have met with Proctor to rally against “all things police” take a look into that at the fsu union with sds and dsa together.
    Socialism at its finest. Not saying Goad is squeaky clean but Matlow is not so clean either.
    The game is afoot!

    1. Do you mean the Down Syndrome of America?

      Or the Democratic Socialists of America with 64 followers on Facebook?

      All I know about pizzas associated with Mr Matlow is that they are very good!

    2. Woah, Matlow is providing free pizza to an organization that is giving much-needed aid to Hurricane victims? A smoking gun if I’ve ever seen one. Lock him up!

      I’ve got another inside tip if you want to further your investigative work, he also sometimes gives free pizza to Going Places Street Outreach that provides social services to homeless youth in the area.

      Truly despicable.

  2. I wish we had a School Board member that has the guts to speak up like Matlow. If so, the school district may really get a new brand.

  3. My comment does not relate to the Commissioner’s rating of our City Manager. It rather pertains to the fact his salary is $230,000. This is an excessive amount considering the size of this town. The City Manager of Boston makes an extreme less amount for a larger complex city. If this city wanted to save money (which I believe all do), reducing the City Manager’s salary along with the other city administrators would be most beneficial to the city. Clearly, one could hire a City Manager for Tallahassee at the rate of $125,000 and get one that was more competent than our existing one.

    1. You make a very good point!

      This salary is way too high for this position in this city. In the Good Ol Boy fiefdom process of Maddox putting in one of his cohorts into this position after the previous cohort was booted out Goad’s starting salary as city manager was $35,000 lower then they gave him a $35,000 raise.

      I don’t believe Mr Goad has a degree or experience needed for this position so why is he so overpaid?

      As disturbing is the way the mayor acted towards the ethics officer it was almost as I would say abusive. I would think any female person in the city of Tallahassee should be frightened of this man after his disturbing display at the ethic’s meeting

      Mayor Dailey is oblivious to the crime problem, he sat on the board of Tiger Bay and the City of Tallahassee paid Tiger Bay $1,200, the mayor is misusing his position to do TV commercials and receive free airtime worth in the tens of thousands of dollars and now he is abusive towards a city employee in public. With all this disturbing behavior it is even more disturbing that the mayor refuses to move in the direction for looking for a city manager through a nationwide search and a fair process.

    2. Guess how many non-deserving City Employees Do-nothings make over $100K per year via our Tax payers dollars? Over 125 losers! Seriously! Cynthia Barber got a $49K pay raise….you’ve captured the issue…; FBI? Highest paid? Beyond Barber, Nancy Miller’s husband….; get it FBI?

  4. Incredible! Dailey &:Williams-Cox You both are one TERM seat warmers!!! Your upstaging FAILED as with your LEADERSHIP! Commissioner Matlow keep Twitter alive! We want you to voice your frustrations with the cesspool of “See no Evil” corruption in the City local government. Enough is enough! Either get on board with Commissioner Matlow or do what you do best – Stay SILENT and See no EVIL!

  5. Hilarious.

    You may as well try to stop the incoming tide, a tide that will wash away all the debris of past administrations. Doesnt seem like the panic has set in yet for the entrenched bureacrats, and maybe is just now dawning on some of the elected ones.

    Nothing can stop what is coming, and Matlow is showing the way for how to do it. “Unfair!” they cry. “Unfit!” they proclaim. Though hand join in hand, yet they still stumble in the dark. Unseeing, soon to be unhinged, then unable to do anything but walk away in disgrace.

    Quite possibly in cuffs.

    1. Ahh yes.
      It’s time to harken back to the prophetic words of The Honorable Commissioner Richardson
      “Clouds clouds? I dont see any clouds over the Commission.”
      Ahh yes a true blast from the past!

  6. Well this certainly flushed out the 4 vermin Commissioners in one fell swoop. Greet job, Mr.Matlow! And with Meadows-Keefe in the headlines demanding $450K to ‘retire’ – I’ve been moved to poetry for Dailey’s reflection:
    Goad – hit the road.
    Make like a Toad.
    You know you’ve Ho’ad – our City!

    1. Time to take off the gloves with this.
      Release who’s she been diddlin’.
      We’d be better off if we’d never voted for the commish-hijacked do-nothing office in the first place, as this fiasco has become a worst-case scenario.

      1. Ms. Maven – looks like She’s Diddled a few; you’ll see Bert Fletcher’s former wife comes out and says it in these comments in a former article; then Fletcher goes crazy upon his abrupt retirement from the City …and then there’s the guys with the boycott signs outside City Hall and then …. why do you think she has a hyphenated named….- for name recognition – from Lee Meadows….remember him…

  7. Two things:
    1). The undocumented “phone calls” from the “truly outraged” are most likely a total fabrication by our leftist Mayor. And if “Chubsie” did get any phone calls the caller sounded a lot like Sean Pittman, Gary Yordan, and a host of other local leftist “usual suspepts” who are profiting from their shady relationships with local government at honest taxpayer’s expense.
    2). Hello local “usual suspects” and “Chubsie” this is what push back looks like. Get used to it.

  8. “Dailey was also critical of the way Commissioner Matlow released the letter detailing his concerns on social media.” ……………….. I do believe that Commissioner Matlow shouldn’t have put it out on Twitter but I do give him props for giving his Opinion. Now that it is out there, maybe it is time they ALL sit down and discuss the issue.

  9. Everyone has a right to their opinion, however the fact the Mr. Matlow published his letter BEFORE he had the decency to speak directly to the manager is a classless act that is reprehensible. NO BOSS should speak publicly about concerns with any employee, without first having the courtesy to speak to the employee directly. His classless act calls into question his fitness to serve. This isn’t about the score or the content of the review, its about the publicity grab move to release to the paper FIRST. A move I’d expect from Proctor and beneath contempt.

    1. I commend Commissioner Matlow for releasing his evaluation to the people who he serves. He doesn’t serve Mr Goad. Mr Goad serves at the pleasure of the commissioners.

      Clearly, Commissioner Matlow is upstaging the mayor with his common sense, hard work, and loyalty to the public.

      The mayor is one to criticize for the way business is conducted after doing a TV commercial with Kraft Motors and receiving free airtime.

      Commissioner Richardson should have done the same evaluation regarding Mr Goad a long time ago. Is Curtis up in the clouds somewhere, in a fog, etc?

      I find it troublesome that Mayor Dailey is gathering supporters to back up his regime of corruption. That was the same modus operandi for Scott Maddox.

      At whose Direction was the $1,200 paid to Tiger Bay? Did Mayor Dailey suggest, approve, or order that $1,200 to go to Tiger Bay? The ethics Board needs to investigate more on that scope.

      I hope Williams-Cox will come around and do what is best for Tallahassee and not the Democratic Party and the regime.

      A city manager coming out of utilities under the direction of a commissioner who was indicted on 40 some counts of illegal activities it’s no foundation to move forward on.

      Again, thank you Mayor Matlow…er ..Commissioner Matlow.

    2. “In my private conversations with you regarding auditing contracts related to public corruption and strengthening the Independent Ethics Board, I was appalled by your response. Your attempts to limit the number of employees that are accountable to the ethics board, as well as your position that “getting a good deal” on a contract is more desirable than exposing wrongdoing leads me to believe you are more interested in covering up unethical behavior than you are in finding the truth. That is wrong and our city cannot tolerate it.”

      It is clear in his letter that he did have conversations about this with the City manager before the letter was published. This is absolutely a move to get this out to the public because the other commissioners seem happy to let things continue as they have in the past.

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