City Manager Creates Two New Departments

City Manager Creates Two New Departments

The City of Tallahassee announced Friday the creation of two new departments. The departments are the Department of Community Service and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

“This internal adjustment underscores my commitment to addressing our community’s greatest needs and achieving the goals set forth by the Commission as we focus on being the national leader in the delivery of public service,” said City Manager Reese Goad.

The City’s press release noted that the new departments are being created within the existing Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be responsible for implementing the City’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure the City’s workforce is reflective of the community’s demographics.

Angela Hendrieth will lead this new department as the Chief Diversity Officer. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University and has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of diversity, equal opportunity employment, training and development. She has worked for the City since 2004. In her new position, she will report directly to the City Manager.

The City’s TEMPO program and the Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy will be housed within the new Department of Community Services. These programs are designed to combat the impacts of poverty by connecting local youth to education and employment opportunities.

Dr. Kimball Thomas will lead the department. Dr. Thomas has over 30 years of experience in the fields of public education and public service. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Florida A&M University, his Master of Science in Administration and Supervision from Nova Southeastern University and his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Florida A&M University.

In his new position, Dr. Thomas will report to Deputy City Manager Cynthia Barber.

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  1. “Department of Community Service” and the “Office of Diversity and Inclusion” = FREE MONEY.

    Department of Community Service is code for “How can the community provide more service to _____________ (insert: COT staff favored needful folks/AKA reliable voting block)

    Office of Diversity and Inclusion is code for “VFW in City Government”.

  2. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is being created to force the LGBTQ agenda on the citizens of Tallahassee. It will be used as a club to force people to “accept” that agenda and to punish those who will not.

    1. Excellent observation. COT workers will be hired with new biases in place.

      And COT outside contractors replying to bids will have to meet specific “diversity” quotas before being hired. And as has been common practice, contractor qualifications to do the job they were hired to do in a competent, efficient and quality way will be equal to or probably second to, how “diversified” their own staff is.

  3. News Maven And Citizens of Tallahassee – the new and improved Ethics Office and Commissioners are here to announce (trumpets please…..):
    “There are easily over ONE HUNDRED people making over $100,000 per year with City of Tallahassee. Now include their benefit statement (sent yearly) and that will be hundredS.

  4. Both of these programs are the moronic-idiotic Brainchild of Cynthia Barber who hired and placed Reese Goad via Anita Favors as City Manager. Angela Hendrieth is both an NFBPA officer serving under Cynthia Barber who is the Tallahassee NFBPA President (and Favors WAS National President of NFBPA) and all are AKA Sorority Sisters. See how they did this, FBI? Follow the $; where and who thought up these boneheaded programs? Look at these peoples salaries with benefits and retirement; Barber alone is pulling in $225,000 per year.

    1. Indeed.
      No one in our city or county government should be making six figures.

      NO ONE.

      I’m all for forensic audits and clawbacks.

  5. “The City’s press release noted that the new departments are being created within the existing Fiscal Year 2020 budget.”

    This simply means that [e]xtra $$$ was added in the 2020 city budget, for these ‘Departments’ and by the press release stating, ‘within the existing Fiscal Year 2020 budget’, it’s not as easy to spot the misrepresentation…or the outright lie. Take your pick.

    1. What a find, NM. The circular pat on the back/payback system continues.

      “In addition, a FAMU journalism professor who writes a column for the Tallahassee Democrat has been charged with stealing $7,800 in checks from the school’s student newspaper, where he was an adviser. Keith Thomas, who was arrested on a grand theft charge, told the Democrat that he has had some problems with gambling. Thomas, who was already planning to leave the university by the end of the summer, has been placed on leave by Ruggles. “

  6. “The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be responsible for implementing the City’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure the City’s workforce is reflective of the community’s demographics. ” …………………….. Isn’t THAT what Your HR Department does? Doesn’t your HR Department handle a lot of the Hiring process to make sure it is handled correctly? I work for the State and it takes 4 to 80 Weeks to Hire someone because of all the Standards that must be met.

    1. I believe the mayor and the city manager have lost all perspective regarding the role of city government. They are confusing it with social services.

  7. How do you get the Tallahassee Report to write favorable articles regarding the City of Tallahassee?

    Answer: Make sure the Mayor and Manager are white….


    1. Stanley, I think I am beginning to understand you! Are you saying that all COT employees making over $75,000 should be black and that all citizens living in the city limits should not be allowed to make more that $75,000? That would give us the racial divide that you want. “Stanley for Mayor”

  8. I don’t believe either department is needed. Until they clean house meaning a new city manager and a few new commissioners they should cease and desist further spending.

    Once again they are catering to one demographic which is really Reverse Racism.

    There are already private entities doing the same thing.

    They are further Drawing the Line and causing subtle segregation. The one demographic needs to stop saying give me give me give me I am entitled because I am of a certain demographic.

    Support the private entities and boost those up to help in areas needed, but to further defined this is another farce and another waste of money and Catering to the Democratic demographics only. Enough!

    Get a nationwide search going for a new city manager and put Mr. Goad back into utilities or boot him out as well.

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