City Commissioners Speak On Ethics Reform

City Commissioners Speak On Ethics Reform

At their October 28th workshop, Tallahassee City Commissioners voted to pass several proposals granting more power to the Independent Ethics Board. The Commissioners spoke on the ethics reform proposals at the end of the workshop.

Commissioner Elaine Bryant said she hoped the ethics reform package would let the Ethics Board and the community know “how much we’re committed to being not only an ethical Commission but an ethical City in what we do from day to day.”

“I’m on board with what we’ve done here today,” said Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox. “I think that we all didn’t get everything, but we got something, and it’s a great step forward to move our city forward ethically.”

She said she hopes the ethics package will be effective without “penalizing ethical people who are trying to do the right thing moving forward.”

Commissioner Jeremy Matlow said, “We’ve done a lot of really good work here today, I think. We didn’t agree on everything, but I think the City can see that we all take ethics very seriously. We’ve got some really strong reforms, and we’re moving in the right direction.”

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson

Commissioner Curtis Richardson said, “I voted for the ethics package when it came before the voters, and I believed then as I believe now that it was the right thing to do. It was something that we did prospectively…when this was passed, there was no corruption in the City of Tallahassee that it was based on.”

Richardson disagreed with the idea that Tallahassee is known for corruption.

“I take exception to the fact that anyone would suggest we have to reset the City’s moral compass because it is so out of whack that it has to be reset,” he said. “I don’t agree with that. I want the City to know, I want our employees to know that we are proud of the work that they do, that they come to work every day and do the job that they were hired to do morally, ethically, and with integrity.”

Mayor John Dailey concluded the workshop with his closing remarks.

“We just passed the most significant ethics reform since the inception of the Ethics Board,” he said.

Tallahassee Mayor John Daily

He said he supports the annual audit considered by the Ethics Board, and he recommended streamlining how the Ethics Board and the City Commission work together in the future.

“I think this is a package that we can all, as I have said from the beginning, we can all wrap our arms around, embrace, and be very, very proud of,” Dailey said. “This starts a great new day with an incredible new relationship. Today shows how the Ethics Board and the City Commission can work hand-in-hand to put together a great ethics package.”

7 Responses to "City Commissioners Speak On Ethics Reform"

  1. until we have a new city commission that was not in the Maddox era we will have corruption.
    Matlow is our best bet to keep things honest.

  2. Concerned citizens should watch very closely who the applicants for the position of Ethics Officer are, and particularly which city officials they have personal, professional or political relationships with. Be assured the Mayor, the city commissioners, and some members of the ethics board, already have someone in mind.
    It is not likely to be an honest selection process of the most qualified. It will be a behind the scenes lobbying exercise for political control.
    If we really want an honest selection process, create a five member citizens committee, one member appointed by each of the following:
    1.The city
    2.The ethics board
    3.The state attorney
    4.The public defender
    5.Selected by the other four committee members
    No member shall be serving in elected public office at the time of service on the ethics officer selection committee.
    Good luck in finding a new ethical, non political ethics officer.

  3. Goad = ‘$100 tickets for Rick’ = culpable intentional demonstrable lie while in Official capacity = termination.

    Everyone knows this. A 2 year old understands this.

    Dailey, Cox, Bryant and especially Richardson – let’s try out that fancy/smancy new Ethics rule – on you friggin spineless ostriches.

    Commissioners your credibility endorsing Goad = ZERO. Your liability for Tallahassee with endorsing Goad = HIGH. FBI a bit more assistance?

  4. Bless Curtis’ little heart…so deceived. SMH. Regardless of his denial, this is a very positive step. Thank you to Steve, Erwin, and all of you who pushed and prodded to make this happen. Now, let’s hope we have qualified people apply for the job of Ethics Officer.

  5. I see Matlow’s point……….. the same can be said about Commissioner Richardson as well since he keeps saying he doesn’t see any thing wrong and never has seen any thing wrong. That tells ME, that he keeps his head buried in the sand and doesn’t WANT to see it, making him just as bad.

  6. Then self-report yourself mayor for allowing funds to go to Tiger Bay while you sit on the board, making TV commercials misusing your position as mayor and getting free air time, bullying employees to stand with you in public on your own political agenda, abusing the ethics officer in public etc etc etc…

    Thank you Commissioner Matlow for being the lone commissioner who was doing their job and working for the people and not their own political agenda. The others need to do some soul-searching.

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