City Commission to Consider $1.3 Million Purchase of Rose Printing Building

City Commission to Consider $1.3 Million Purchase of Rose Printing Building

The Tallahassee City Commission voted unanimously to purchase the Rose Printing building and acreage located off of Jackson Bluff road.

Mayor Dailey said “this is an incredibly smart management move.”

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Next Wednesday, the City Commission will consider the purchase of the Rose Printing building.  The property, located on the southwest corner of Jackson Bluff Road and Mabry Street, is approximately 7.4 acres with a 117,000 square foot industrial warehouse and office building. 

The purchase price is $1,300,000.  The City will also be responsible for a portion of the closing costs, which are estimated to be approximately $16,000.

According to meeting documents, the property has been listed for several years prior to being assigned to a bankruptcy Trustee.  The advertised prices ranged from $3.5 to $4.0 million. Also, in 2016 the City ordered an appraisal of the property which indicated a value of $3,000,000. 

Location of Rose Printing building

Why the purchase?

Staff is recommending the approval of the acquisition to provide additional space for City operations. If purchased, the location would accommodate Underground Utilities & Public Infrastructure staff and equipment that are currently located at the Lake Bradford Road Waste Treatment facility site and the Gemini building located on Adams Street.

Currently, 135 staff positions from Underground Utilities & Public Infrastructure (UUPI) Administrative and Construction & Operations (C&O) are located at the Municipal Complex in the vicinity of Jackson Bluff Road and Mabry Street.  The remaining C&O personnel, approximately 110 staff positions, are housed at the former city wastewater treatment facility on Lake Bradford Road.  

In addition, UUPI Engineering staff, approximately 83 staff positions, are housed at the Gemini Building on Adams Street.  These three areas comprise approximately 68% of UU&PI personnel.

The issue will be taken up at the November 13th City Commission at City Hall beginning at 4:00 p.m.

12 Responses to "City Commission to Consider $1.3 Million Purchase of Rose Printing Building"

  1. My grandfather worked happily for Rose Printing for many years. He was very well-treated by the owners and grateful for the experience.

  2. My father worked there for so long and was treated horribly. That place really should be burned down, people were treated god awful.

  3. So, at long last, the Rose family has finally made the right contacts in city government, to unload that albatross from around their neck. Find out who their lobbyist is, and who he has been in contact with. Then look which of the commissioners got campaign contributions from them. Do all that, and you will understand the city’s sudden interest in the property.

    1. Yes, nothing like pulling strings to unload an asset appraised at $3MM for a whopping $1.3MM. Try actually DOING the things you’re suggesting instead of sitting on your computer and crying wolf. You might actually learn the truth!

      1. There’s no way on this planet that building and land in that location and condition is worth $3 million. Can you cite a source for that appraisal? Tax appraisal or a private person they paid? Maybe it was a mile east of that location, yes.

        1. According to the Leon County Property Appraisers Office there are two lots there belonging to Rose Printing.

          1 lot is valued at $85K with 0 improvements.
          the 2nd lot is valued at $85K with improvements of $1.5 million.

  4. The dead Rose’s building would be perfect for another homeless shelter because the one on West Pensacola Street isn’t big enough based on the number of loiterers on the sidewalk and squatters in the nearby woods.

  5. Another rat infested warehouse with bad karma. The Rose family ruled over their plant like feudal overlords, treating their employees like peasants…and like feudal overlords they refused to go into the 21st century digital age..and their whole printing business died a slow ugly death.
    Generations of workers slaved for the family coffers and ended up with nothing. The place ought to be razed to the ground, and exorcists called in.

  6. As a transplant to Tally Hassie did not realize local city government was in the real estate business. Buying this, buying that with scripted narrative as justification! Well COT, why not buy Maddox, Smith Carter properties on Adams Street. Oh forgot, Feds to take those as collateral! Hey FBI COT is proactive in the real estate business. Wanna move illicit gain assets call COT. They use taxpayers monies therefore no accountability as long as scripted narrative justifies their wants not needs!

  7. That would be a great place for the Police Department as well. The Jail is RIGHT THERE, walking distance. There are Ball Fields and a Skate Park across the Street too.

    1. Not big enough. The requirements for the new TPD HQ is 9 acres. Proximity to the jail doesn’t really matter. They looked at proximity to other city functions, but the jail is county and not city.

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