TR’s Weekly Crime Tracker: Nov 13th-19th

TR’s Weekly Crime Tracker: Nov 13th-19th

Information provided by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) shows that there were 93 incidents reported during the week of November 13th-19th. The data indicates there were 87 property incidents and 6 violent incidents.

A regional breakdown of the incidents – based on TPD defined quadrants – shows that the Northwest quadrant of Tallahassee led the week with 36 property incidents and 3 violent incidents.

A map of the defined quadrants is shown below.

Previous reports can be viewed here.

During this period, city-wide, there were:

  • 54 Auto-Burglaries
  • 16 Auto Thefts
  • 15 Residential Burglaries
  • 1 Commercial Burglaries
  • 2 Aggravated Assault & Batteries
  • 2 Homicides
  • 1 Sexual Batteries

TPD Quadrants

TPD reports the location of crime incidents based on “Beat Boundaries” and “Quadrants. The four quadrants are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The “Beats” included in each quadrants are shown below.

5 Responses to "TR’s Weekly Crime Tracker: Nov 13th-19th"

  1. Your frustration is understood, but not for the reasons I assume for which you are frustrated. The ‘crazy’ lines follow the Corporate Boundaries of the Corporation of the City of Tallahassee. Tracked over time, these ‘crazy’ lines mimic the behavior of mold taking over a Petri Dish. Or a cancer overtaking a Body.

    In short, Consolidation= Consolidation of Power and Control. And spreads a terrible growth over an otherwise beautiful place.

  2. WHY can’t you use STRAIGHT LINES when drawing boundaries, you can even use the Main Roads for your Boundaries. These Lines look worse than the Commission District Lines and I thought THOSE were crazy.

  3. It just keeps getting worse. We saw this week prosecutorial misconduct when the state attorney’s office ignored the cartel and manipulated the evidence to convict another minority.

    Only weeks ago the cartel murdered an entire family so savagely that it made international news. This week a man testified that he was part of the cartel who ordered hits on another family here in Tallahassee several years ago.

    But, the state attorney’s office doesn’t want it to get out that we have a cartel problem so the white men in the state attorney’s office set up a minority as a scapegoat.

    Now, if you are a white man and you live at an affluent address and murder your wife you don’t even get prosecuted.

    If you are a white sheriff and commit a hit and run drunk driving you don’t even get prosecuted.

    But, if the cartel murders your family an innocent father gets prosecuted?

    The white men in the state attorney’s office shouldn’t have even been allowed to prosecute this case after their prior history of protecting pedophiles even using the court advocate to protect them. And we wonder why Tallahassee is in such a mess?

    Please someone clean out the state attorney’s office for starters.

    We have a mayor making TV commercials, abusing the ethics officer, retaliating against the ethics officer, failing to realize we need a competent city manager, etc.

    We have a city manager who is not qualified or experienced and is overpaid and we have sewage spill after sewage spill after sewage spill, high crime rate, etc.

    A sad day in Tallahassee once again as they ignore that we have a cartel problem and set up a minority as the scapegoat. There was no DNA evidence, there was a confession by the cartel of a heinous murder and yet they keep their heads in the sand.

    Please clean up this crime, incompetence, dirty politics someone anyone FBI, DEA, help us!

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