Northeast Gateway Traffic Analysis Meeting Scheduled

Northeast Gateway Traffic Analysis Meeting Scheduled

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency has scheduled the Northeast Gateway: Welaunee Boulevard PD&E Study Traffic Modeling Information Session on December 3rd from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Montford Middle School located at 5789 Pimlico Drive.

The long-awaited meeting is the next step in the public engagement process for the Northeast Gateway project which kicked-off back in March. The project, which connects a new road at Shamrock and Centerville Road and runs through Welaunee Plantation, has raised traffic concerns with the Killearn Homeowners Association and Killearn residents. The results of the traffic analysis will be crucial in the debate over how the project should proceed.

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The KHA has taken a strong position against the project and has lobbied elected officials to change the direction of the new road. Elected officials have acknowledged the level of concern voiced by neighborhood residents and have said “nothing is a done deal.” However, new road is a voter approved Blueprint Project which means it will take more than a majority of the 12-member Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency to make any changes.

5 Responses to "Northeast Gateway Traffic Analysis Meeting Scheduled"

  1. Approving a new subdivision, supposedly as large or larger than Killearn, between 2 canopy roads hemmed in by the sacred trees was idiotic. All the politicians saw was the additional tax revenues. A 50 acre parcel was just sold on Roberts Rd less than a mile from Centerville. Will this be another housing addition with even MORE traffic in the works? How about putting a 5-lane road from Roberts straight thru Welaunee Plantation all the way to Capital Circle. If the politicians and developers are worried about losing money make it a toll road!

  2. Connecting to I-10 is a must. Centerville and Miccosukee have become commuter parking lots. The Weems road project has added to the traffic issue in the area.

  3. The citizens should ask Debbie Lightsey for oversight. She was involved on the Blairstone extension and that’s one of the best roads I’ve ever seen.

  4. If you want MY idea for this…….since you HAVE to do something NOW, I would run Welaunee to Centerville to line up with Shamrock. Put a Traffic Light at that new Intersection. Widen Centerville to 4 Lanes (nothing fancy) from Shamrock to Bradfordville/Roberts, I believe there is already a Traffic Light there, if not put one there. No need to do anything else.

  5. I am Totally AGAINST this Plan. Why wasn’t any of this thought out BEFORE you approved the new Subdivision? I remember asking back then “How are you going to move the Cars?” Very simple question that no one knew or didn’t care about. 900 Homes, many Townhomes, Apartments, Businesses, ALL in that one spot, between Canopy Roads with one way in / one way out…………. That’s well over 2200 Vehicles to be able to move, leaving to Work & School and returning from Work & School. SO, your plan is to disrupt another Subdivision for THIS Subdivision………….. WOW….Not Cool.

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