Antonio Gilliam Appointed Chief of Police

Antonio Gilliam Appointed Chief of Police

On Wednesday City Manager Reese Goad announced he had appointed Antonio Gilliam as the new Tallahassee Chief of Police. Gilliam will take the place of Interim Police Chief Steve Outlaw.

“I have strong confidence that Chief Gilliam will demonstrate his commitment and expertise by immediately engaging with the community to address violent crime, specifically gun violence involving our youth,” Goad said.

Goad said Gilliam has firsthand knowledge of the community from growing up on Tallahassee’s Southside.

“Chief Gilliam has all of the skills needed to successfully lead TPD in its ongoing, positive outreach to the community and area partners toward making us a safer city,” Goad said.

The police chief selection process, carried out by the Florida Police Chief’s Association (FPCA), started in August 2019. 52 applicants submitted resumes, and a committee of community leaders eventually narrowed the application pool to three final candidates.

After the three finalists participated in a community meet-and-greet and other presentations, Goad selected Gilliam. According to the press release, Gilliam was the first choice for the position.

Gilliam is a Tallahassee native and a graduate of Florida State University. According to the press release, he has 18 years of experience working in law enforcement, starting as a patrol officer in St. Petersburg, where he currently serves as Assistant Chief of Police. He has worked in many areas of law enforcement, including the St. Petersburg Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit and the Uniform Services Bureau.

According to WFSU, at the candidate meet-and-greet, Gilliam discussed his strategies for enhancing public safety. One strategy he discussed was neighborhood walkthroughs by police officers with the goal to start conversations with community members. Another strategy was creating a crime surveillance group based on community crime patterns.

Gilliam also said he would seek a $500,000 increase for TPD to hire as many as 30 new officers.

Gilliam said he is “deeply humbled and honored” to return to Tallahassee.

“We will diligently join with all segments of the community to enhance public safety and the peaceful quality of life in our Capital City,” Gilliam said.

13 Responses to "Antonio Gilliam Appointed Chief of Police"

  1. Tallahassee needs to forthwith make it LAW that no matter what the actions/crime/circumstances “thou shalt not shoot, much less kill a black person.”

    One of the very qualified candidates was ruled out solely for that reason.

    George Zimmerman’s life was ruined for that reason…and I hope he prevails in that lawsuit.

  2. Hmmm….now where have we recently seen such a politically correct hiring in our fair city?
    Oh yeah I remember.
    The hiring of Coach Taggart at FSU.
    Let’s all hope those candidates who got snubbed for the police chief position were not more qualified and do not bring an expensive discrimination lawsuit against our city for making a hiring choice based on political correctness.
    If that happens where do you think the city gets the money to pay the lawsuit?
    That’s our money not the city’s money.
    Oh and BTW how did FSU’s politically correct hiring of Taggart work out?

  3. We are all hoping for the crime in Tallassee be addressed without any concern for boundaries or skin color. The best for all citizens and safe neighborhoods is the ultimate goal.

    1. There will always be, in all towns and cities, neighborhood boundaries… not designed to keep anyone out, mind you, just the recognition some are safer or not safer than others.

    1. Larry Campbell was a good fit? Larryy Campbell was a corrupt buffoon; the worst sheriff in America. Larry Campbell is part of the reason we are in the situation we are in today.

        1. Larry Campbell was a corrupt Sheriff.

          The Mike Williams case should have been solved within days but Larry Campbell was using his employees for other things for political reasons bringing bogus charges bogus investigations.

          He was inebriated half the time had a disrespect for women; had a disrespect for the law. He covered up; he reported false numbers to the FBI.

          Larry Campbell was trumping up charges on innocent people instead of protecting Cheryl Dunlap… another case had he done his job maybe Cheryl would have lived and the victim in Georgia would have lived.

          Larry Campbell treated Mike Williams’ mother poorly.

          He couldn’t protect Cheryl Dunlap because he was using his own staff to trump up charges on an LCSO employee who was opposing him in an election.

          Larry Campbell used and protect pedophiles!

          Larry Campbell was a buffoon, coward, incompetent and a drunk!

          Too many citizens suffered under this corrupt man and how dare you say he was a good Sheriff. Wake up!

          Like father like son.

  4. Not to minimize the two other candidates, but could be the best choice since he is from outside the organization and may bring a new perspective to the problems we face with crime and violence.

    1. They already tried that with the last 2 – you’d think they would have learned by now. Revell was the best choice but most of us know why he wasn’t chosen. Why is it a positive on Gilliam’s resume that he grew up in Tallahassee? He left and hasn’t been back until drawn by a lucrative job opportunity. Rank & file will do their jobs, but don’t think they appreciate this decision.

  5. The big question NOW is, will the other two stay on or will they leave???? I bet Racist Proctor is strutting around like a proud Peacock telling everyone that HE made this happen.

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