KHA Releases Position on Northeast Gateway

KHA Releases Position on Northeast Gateway

The Killearn Homes Association (KHA) has released their position on the Northeast Gateway following the release of a traffic analysis completed by Blueprint officials.

The KHA, in a letter to members of the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, stated that the neighborhood would support the connection of Welaunee Blvd. to Roberts Road.

The letter also states that the KHA will support the Shamrock Extension only after the connection to Roberts Road is complete.

The traffic analysis, which was presented to the public at a meeting on Tuesday, revealed that the Shamrock Extension did little to address the traffic objectives of the Northeast Gateway project.

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency is scheduled to take up the issue at their December 12th meeting.

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  1. Y’all get upset all you want, the reality is Tallahassee isn’t what it used to be, and never will be again. 20,000 Baby Boomers per month retiring, South Florida is full- how many do you suppose will end up in the only city in North Florida that has amenities, close to the coast, still carries a modicum of charm, and is ‘affordable’ in contrast to the rest of Florida. There is nothing for 100 miles in any direction, and the new toll road from down south will open a whole new paradigm.
    Like it or not (and I for one despise traffic and Gerogia drivers) we need more roads, more connections, more flow, especially if we are to keep our beautiful canopy roads.

  2. “The letter also states that the KHA will support the Shamrock Extension only after the connection to Roberts Road is complete.” ………………. Why would they need a Shamrock Extension if the connect Welaunee Blvd. to Roberts Rd by way of Centerville Rd?

        1. But they were not going to use Killearney Way, it was to go Shamrock to Shannon Lakes to Kerry Forest to Thomasville Rd. that is why everyone was so angry when this got started so, You are now saying your route is now the chosen one? If SO, well played,……. They came in and said “We are going to take a Mile” to get everyone up set and then come back later and say, “OK, we will only take an Inch” and become a Hero. If your Route is now the chosen one, I will bet it was the actual Plan from the beginning.

  3. So, they caved and made a concession. Brilliant. Will people in this town ever learn?

    Remember the property tax increases to pay for specific projects? Remember the promises of saving the historic nature of Boynton Still? Remember the members of the Penny sales tax committee that benefited from the Blueprint Sales tax extension?? Remember the CRA? Remember the FBI investigations?

  4. More roads means seeing more trees heretofore unaccessible. And with better traffic flows, its a real win-win-win.
    Dont take my word for it, go the top of the Capitol and look in any direction- a beautiful, glorious sea of Florida trees, with beautiful, glorious Floridians (and non-native New Yorkers) driving in, around, and through them.
    I love this place. It needs more roads so I can see more trees.

    1. so you favor cutting down more trees, which is necessary to create roads, so you can see more trees. I sense a sarcasm note but not sure.

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