Blueprint Votes to Amend Northeast Gateway Project

Blueprint Votes to Amend Northeast Gateway Project

After receiving public input and reviewing a traffic analysis, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency voted to amend the Northeast Gateway project at their December 12th meeting. The vote accepted a staff recommendation that will create a new two-lane roadway that will run through Welaunee Plantation.

The project has been the focus of numerous discussions between government and community leaders since the kick-off meeting in March.

The staff provided a traffic and cost analysis for five roadway corridors for the project. The five corridors were evaluated against the project purpose to improve mobility, enhance connectivity, and reduce transportation pressures on surrounding roadways across Northeast Tallahassee and Leon County.

Also, additional considerations were given to preliminary cost, neighborhood traffic analysis, current and future land use, economic development expectations, new interstate access, and public input. For example, collaboration with Killearn Homes Association (KHA) resulted in consensus over the traffic modeling inputs and results.

Based on the analysis, the staff recommendation is the combined extension of Welaunee Boulevard to Roberts Road and Shamrock Street. The construction cost estimate for the project is $42 million.

Staff noted that recommendation meets the following conditions:

  • Best meets the project purpose to relieve traffic pressures on arterial roads from existing, ongoing, and future development
  • Best provides relief to community collector roads at all study years
  • Maximizes economic benefit of new road construction and future land uses
  • Best opportunity for potential new interchange
  • Best connectivity
  • Maximized opportunity for leveraging State funds for Welaunee Boulevard construction
  • Endorsed by KHA on two conditions: full funding of the project and that Roberts Road open first

8 Responses to "Blueprint Votes to Amend Northeast Gateway Project"

  1. We really need a new interchange at Welaunee in order to relieve the Thomasville Rd interchange. These roads will probably reduce congestion along Thomasville Rd. I hate to say it but what is needed is a development moratorium along Thomasville Rd north from I-10 all the way to the state line. Otherwise there will be gridlock.

  2. There was no sunshine on the Killearn HOA Board decision to endorse the Roberts Road/Shamrock St connection with Welaunee Blvd.

    KHA endorsed that option (option #1) the same night the public was shown the Traffic Study results. There was no attempt by the KHA Board to inform or get input from the residents before this endorsement even though the residents have been overwhelmingly against any Shamrock St connection.

    This endorsement seemed to disregard one, the residents 230 emails and 60 written comments provided at the Study’s presentation, and two, option #1, the Roberts Road only option which relieved traffic equally in 2025 and 2045 and cost 3 million less. Option #1 was marginally better in 2025 but needed a risky state approval for an I-10 interchange for this to happen.

    The KHA Board only involved homeowners when they needed numbers to get the commissioners attention but shut the residents down when it came time to make decisions. The Board in essence gave a green light to a Shamrock st connector.

    At the Intergovernmental Agency meeting, the secretive collabration was given rave reviews by the Commissioners/KHA Directors, BUT many feel that Killearn Residents were not represented, but sold out.

    And, for what reason?

  3. Why is the City (the public) having to pay for these roads? Shouldn’t the developer pay for the roads to benefit the development? That’s the way it works in other cities and counties.

  4. Oh look at that picture included with the story.
    Who is that buffoon in the tan sport coat and dork bow tie?

    Oh see how Curtis has his gaze slightly elevated? Curtis is monitoring the esteemed group of leftist elected officials for any possable clouds forming over the group.

    Good lookin out Curtis!!!!

  5. Weems Road is still closed!

    This should be front page news and set off alarm bells!

    This is a sewage spill of a large magnitude. One person called for change that would ultimately prevent these things and that was Jeremy Matlow.

    The city manager is ultimately the one held accountable, but Safety & Health and Welfare of the public has been compromised and it stops at the city manager.

    Well, we have a sewage spill that probably infiltrated the drinking water?

    Yet, when Jeremy Matlow called for a nationwide search for a new city manager the mayor and other commissioners said no. The mayor and the other commissioners need to be held accountable and the city manager needs to be fired immediately and a nationwide search needs to commence immediately for a new city manager.

    Also, with a huge construction project being sidelined in the city of Tallahassee one has to wonder if the new City attorney needs to be held accountable. This was the first true test of the City attorney and it looks like she failed. Perhaps a nationwide search should commence for new City attorney as well.

    These two positions are very important and it looks like there needs to be a change and the sooner the better. The city Commission should heed Jeremy Matlow’s wisdom.

    1. Hope, why move forward an inch at a time at this point?
      We need an International search for staff if this City is to change. An International Eye on these issues will bring us closer to the Plan.

    2. You also have to ask, WHY wasn’t the Parking Garage in the Mix when it came to talking about the Building Construction? Especially since THAT is what is causing all the problems.

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