Airport Traffic Down 3.2% in November

Airport Traffic Down 3.2% in November

The latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows that passenger traffic decreased in November by 3.2% when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was down from 78,347 during last November to 75,831 this year.

Despite this monthly decrease, the annual rate of passenger traffic remains up.

The Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts decreased for the Delta Group by 12.9% in November. American was up 8.7% and Silver Airways was up 3.2%.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 24-months. The annual rate of passengers at TIA in November was 857,069. This is 7.35% above the annualized rate reported during this month last year. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

The annualized passenger traffic before the Great Recession was approximately 947,000 in 2007.

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  1. Thanksgiving was a week later this year compared to 2018. Many people traveling home from Thanksgiving traveled on Sunday December 1st and Monday December 2nd. This will be reflected by a large increase in the year over year December traffic numbers.

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