New Police Chief Contract Released

New Police Chief Contract Released

The City of Tallahassee has released the employment agreement for Police Chief Lawrence Revell.

See full agreement here.

The agreement appears to be consistent with the agreement offered to the previous candidate Antonio Gilliam on retention and organizational control issues,

The annual salary is set at $180,000 and states that the chief will serve “at the pleasure of the City Manager.”

Also, there is no discussion in the contract related to the chief’s authority over organizational structure.

12 Responses to "New Police Chief Contract Released"

  1. Wow! This is crazy, but the home town boy is use to the status quo so he will have no problem picking up the City Manager’s dry cleaning and saying “yes sir, just tell me what to do”.

  2. Yep Vernon – Cynthia Barber is running TPD (and Fire and Consolidated Dispatch) with absolutely ZERO Previous Law Enforcement Experience or Training.

  3. This is not the outcome our leftists in charge wanted.
    Expect a lawsuit or two in a year or less regarding their hiring process along with however they dispose of their forced unwanted second choice Mr. Revell.

    They really wanted the whole ebony Sheriff/ebony Police Chief fake look of leftist progressivism in the County and the City.
    In my opinion they will keep on trying for their fake dream regardless of who gets hurt along the way.
    Keep on voting leftists for local elected office if you like the smell of the latest fart bubble stink rising from our leftists in charge.
    Something tells me the stink’s gonna get worse pretty quickly.

  4. This STINKS! I do hope God is on Revell side he will need it! I see an up tick of coddling criminals in our Criminal’s System (sure is not “justice” or rule of law any more).

  5. This sounds like The Chief is basically just a Highly Paid FACE for the Police Department, sorta like……GRUFF, the Crime Fighting Mascot………… OK, good to know.

  6. “states that the chief will serve “at the pleasure of the City Manager.” ……………… It SHOULD be: “At the pleasure of the Mayor” like most other Cities.

      1. Hang on there, Joe, the city manager serves at the pleasure of the mayor and city commission. The chief serves at the pleasure of the city manager. That gives the mayor, and commissioners, an indirect, but strong element of control over the chief of police. When the mayor calls the city manager about an issue at TPD, I don’t think Goad says, “Sorry Mr. Mayor, but you don’t have any input into this matter.”
        What do YOU think, Joe?

    1. The Idiot Cynthia Barber – gets her way with Goad…..Commissioners – Fire both these maggots and Cassandra Jackson, please. Find another contract like this….not available….

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