UPDATED: Morning Shooting in Ox Bottom Crest Neighborhood

UPDATED: Morning Shooting in Ox Bottom Crest Neighborhood


Around 11 p.m. on Saturday night, December 28, 2019, TPD officers located and pursued a stolen white Ford Fusion believed to be involved in the attempted homicide in the Ox Bottom Crest neighborhood earlier the same day. The vehicle crashed in the area of Fairlane Road & Sherwood Drive. Six people fled from the vehicle. TPD officers located the six people & they are now in custody. We believe all occupants are accounted for & in custody. Investigators are interviewing witnesses and the vehicle occupants.

We are asking residents in the area to report any information they may have to include home video surveillance camera showing the streets in the area. Please contact the Tallahassee Police Department if you have video or information. Our officers & investigators will be working diligently on this incident. We are looking for any and all information to help us bring closure to the case.

More information will be provided via press release and on social media.

This is an ongoing investigation and investigators are appreciative of the community’s continued support. Please call 850-891-4200 or Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS with any information. #seesomethingsaysomething#teamwork


TPD investigators from all units including Violent Crimes, Burglary, Financial Crimes, Juvenile Services and Property Crimes are working to obtain information in the auto burglaries and shooting incident which occurred early this morning in Ox Bottom Crest. If you have any information, please let us know. Call us at 850-891-4200 and Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS. Inbox us on Facebook or Nextdoor. Email us at TPDinfo@talgov.com. #allhandsondeck#teamwork

Original Story

The Tallahassee Police Department released the following information on a shooting that took place early this morning in the Ox Bottom Crest neighborhood off of Ox Bottom Road in Northeast Tallahassee.

From TPD:

At approximately 2:08 a.m., Saturday, December 28, 2019, TPD responded to a shooting near the 2500 block of Capstone Road. The adult female victim observed the suspect inside her garage attempting to burglarize her vehicle. When detected the suspect moved and fired several shots at the victim before fleeing the area.

Thankfully the victim and her children inside the residence were not harmed. While on scene 3 additional vehicle burglaries were located near the 2500 block of Capstone Road, and 2500 block of Rosin Way.

Officers are asking anyone with information about this case to please call them at (850) 891-4200. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.

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    1. They look like the guys who saw me getting into my car chased me, but I made it to my car safely and locked the doors. They knocked on my windows and I told them no! They were asking for money, but I ignored them and drove away. Fortunately it was still light out. This happened in September.

  1. Time to start ARMED Neighborhood Watch Programs and make it legal to SHOOT the Suspects. Once word gets out, it will slow down, maybe even stop.

    1. Rosa, our criminal justice system, like your opinions, is corrupt and already racist. You’re not helping yourself or anyone else with a link to all the black men that get arrested while white men go free for the same crimes.

      1. Sam, your comments are absolutely reprehensible. You accuse our darker-skinned judges of being corrupt and celebrate the idea that our light-skinned citizens get away with crime. You appear to have a mental disorder with your view of melanin and its’ role in the decision-making process of a human being.
        Your ideological diversionism needs to be politically rehabilitated for the betterment of the community.

          1. Thank you, comrade. It is time for those of us that see the inequality in our government and political systems to rise up and declare a new day for all. Until the UN steps in, as your duly noted report implies, and eradicates the subjugation of our current forms of governance in the USA, we are all still slaves on the Democrat Plantation.
            The existing Democratic Leadership pays lip service to helping minorities while disenfranchising all of us. African-Americans may be a minority in the USA, while Africans are not a minority in the World.
            It is time for a New Progress of International Order that the prevailing Democrat Regime fears to address. Mark these words: As the Democratic National Committee, and all it’s adherents falter in their self-made corruption, a True Community (Communitism) will step in to lead us forward.
            Again, thank you comrade Dan S. for pointing us to a better understanding of The Way Forward.

  2. I remember a few years back when Gov. Scott sent the Highway Patrol into Tallahassee and the surrounding area to tamp down the rampant violent crime. That s#it worked.

    Help us Gov. DeSantis:
    We are way too stupid to vote anybody into local elected office who is willing to help us.
    And we stupidly tolerate an ass backwards policy where our City Manager and that Cynthia Barber fool run our local Police Department while paying a feckless powerless stooge $180.000.00 to pretend to be in charge.
    Help us Governor…Governor…Govern…Bang Bang…too late Gov…they got me…..

    1. Relax folks…just comedy based on reality…Snidely lives on to comment another day!!
      But honestly the Highway Patrol is desperately needed here In The Capital City of Florida.

  3. Remember when Walt blamed all of this crime on Mike Wood and said he was going to fix it? Maybe he should dispatch Shonda Knight and Sean Pittman out there.

  4. This is a Cynthia Barber issue; and now that it’s happening in her neighborhood – maybe now it’s a real issue.

  5. Well we gotta blaim somebody for this.
    I understand that it’s human nature.
    So rather than focusing on what race might or might not be committing these types of criminal activities wouldent it make more sense to blaim all bad stuff within the City limits on Reese Goad.
    And of course that means all crime outside the City limits defaults to the Sheriff Walt McNeil.
    I feel if we can do that we will see some results in crime reduction.
    If we can just hold those in power responsable for not doing their jobs.
    Honestly folks it’s not a cracker or kneegrow issue.
    It’s a Reese Goad or a Walt McNeil issue.
    The whole race issue has been getting Reese Goad and Walt McNeil off the hook for way too long already.

  6. Rosa, that was racist. No amount of all caps changes what you said. The ones that feel the same way? They’re racist, too. Thanks for letting us know how you really feel.

  7. Wait a minute. We had a property tax increase courtesy of the city to pay for more effective public safety.

    Well that and body cameras.

  8. Hey Stanley, you wont see me going to the Southside at night, rarely during the day, I think the odds are in your favor my friend.

    1. Stanley, lock your garage. Do not want anyone to steal that new car that Hanna bought you for helping with the vote of your people.

  9. After reading these comments on here…. NEWS ALERT: All of my friends/clients that live in this area of town. I will NOT be visiting you at night, rarely during the day if you live in this area… These white folks are trigger happy, and I ain’t trying to get shot on accident. Ya feel me?

  10. Arm yourselves to protect your family. TPD is not there to prevent these crimes. They are overwhelmed with a criminal infested city. I don’t think this is going to get any better, the BS politically correct crowd has taken over the city management, which in turn has upped the crime rate. Thanks Democrats, you’ve ruined yet another city. Also its fair to point out that most crimes are committed by young black males, but soon this will not be the case. Hispanics are going to follow, I can see it coming. The first generation of illegal immigrants, for the most part, are hard workers but their kids at home alone, without supervision. Some of the kids are even dealing with domestic violence. The outcome is predictable. DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME RACIST! If you think that blacks and Hispanics should be treated differently, YOU are part of the problem. I’m simply expressing what the majority of people with common sense thinking.

  11. I agree Hope! I was shocked when I seen that the Chief of Police makes $180,000 a year, especially when he is not the one risking his life out there everyday on the streets. Take part of that money and train and hire more officers.

    1. You are mistaken! That salary for a police chief is very appropriate. What is inappropriate is funneling money by Walt McNeil to Sean Pittman.

  12. Communities such as this spend hundreds of thousands in lawn care each year all while neglecting the power of every household arming themselves with cameras and becoming a part of a network that police can use to better secure the neighborhood and to detour potential crimes of opportunity. Cameras also help ID violators and trespassers and tag readers ID vehicles. It all counts for a safer neighborhood. Police do a good job but working with them to secure your property is being proactive.

  13. Tax dollars would be better spent on more deputies or police officers and not on overpaid city managers, assistant city managers, and campaign managers (Sean Pittman) of the sheriff.

    1. The Fake Newsocrat is reporting another shoot up between two groups of men after a party early Sunday morning in the Northwest quadrant. None of the shots found a victim, but the gun violence in this town is like I’ve never seen before.

      Time to move somewhere safer, like the southside of Chicago?

  14. Time for some proactive patrols using unmarked cars as well as stopping everything that moves after midnight when probable cause exists!

    1. Yeah right. Cops are too busy hanging out at their friends houses to do their jobs. A bunch of deputy sheriffs were hanging out at an off duty deputies house instead of doing their jobs recently right across the street from me.

      1. The suspect was described as an approximately (blank) year-old (blank) (blank) wearing a (blank) and (blank) pants.

        Now we all have the complete police report – thanks, Marsy! No wonder Bruiser and Browser love this town.

        Maybe the cops shouldn’t be spending so much time hiding in the shadows trying to generate revenue by shaking down the working-class drivers fighting our horribly-timed red lights while trying to get to their low-paying jobs?

        Just a thought.

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