COT Electric Residential Customer Growth Rate Hits New Highs

COT Electric Residential Customer Growth Rate Hits New Highs

City of Tallahassee electric utility data shows that the growth rate in residential connections over the last two years has hit new highs during the 2012-2019 period.

From 2012 to 2017 the average annual growth rate in residential connections was 0.84%. The average annual growth rate from 2017 to 2019 was 1.51%.

The chart below shows that annual average number of residential connections for each year from 2012 to 2019 and the corresponding growth rate.

For the first time during the 2012-2109 period, residential connections surpassed 1,000 in 2018 (1,382) and in 2019 (1,672).

These 2018-2019 growth numbers are consistent with growth in other economic indicators during these period which include jobs and single-family residential construction permits.

10 Responses to "COT Electric Residential Customer Growth Rate Hits New Highs"

  1. I do enjoy reading the desperate leftist “talking points” very much.
    The majority views trying to credit the Obama administration for Trump’s economic success as quite entertaining.
    Keep ’em coming I enjoy a good chuckle now and again!!!

  2. What this indicates to me is that we are growing at a snail’s pace. The economy is roaring and we are at the lowest jobless rate but only increasing our local population growth by 1.51%. I think this article is a predicate to a bigger story which is why are we not growing at a rate of 5 to 7% annually. Well, the reason is that Tallahassee, with the liberal anti-growth establishment, isn’t interested in bringing new industry and jobs into our city. Why? Good question. Well, it is because most residents in Tallahassee work for government and could care less whether a Mercedes Benz factory would be willing to open in Innovation Park. In fact, most would protest those types of jobs coming to Tallahassee. Thus, we are left with a 1.51% growth rate for the last two OF THE BEST Economic years in American history. I don’t have the answers but something has to give if we want to change the status quo. Just my 2 cents…

  3. How on Earth is this an economic trend? It is a demographic trend; our population slowly grows, and it slowly grows more urban and less rural. I’d imagine that the trend is largely similar for the last forever; people move out of the rural areas and into more developed ones. That’s where the jobs are. What is to figure out?

    If people want to bleat about Trumps policies being responsible for this (?), if I guess you could say they are doing an even better job of hollowing out rural America and giving the people there even more reason to move to a more developed area.

  4. Snidely – I sometimes agree with you. However, the economy started really bouncing back after Obama took office. If a politician wants to take responsibility for something good, especially something they don’t have complete control over, they need to be willing to take responsibility when it goes bad. The NYSE has overall, historically, done better with a Democrat in office. I’m not a Democrat, just a person who is comfortable with the facts and certainly believes this country does not need a leader who is a morally corrupt liar, “milking” the American taxpayer when they couldn’t even make money when owning a casino, probably hasn’t paid their fair share of taxes in years and seems a “puppet” of the Russian leadership. Tallahassee: love it or leave it. Tallahassee doesn’t need folks who want to constantly harp on the negative via a website. Take real action to make positive change as Dr. Jackson has demonstrated. Start telling us in 2020 what you have accomplished to be a force of positive change to address the issues you see wrong with Tallahassee.

    1. It is funny how Democrats bash Trump like they do…….they must have forgotten that Trump WAS a Democrat all the way up until he registered to run for Office. TRUMP 2020

      1. Steve,

        Two city commission seats are up for re-election in this election cycle. I hope you will consider running for one of them.

        On the same subject am I mistaken that City Commissioner Elaine Bryant stated that she would not run for the seat she was appointed to? She has filed to run.

    2. Obama told us The USA’s best days were behind us and we were lucky to have him and his faithful leftist bureaucrats to manage the decline. Obama laughed at Trump for saying he will bring the lost jobs back to The USA-“Uhhhh whats he gonna do”??? “Waive a uhhh magic wand”???
      Of course your opinion and everyone’s opinions are respected.
      Just dont invest your heart into a 2020 win for your team.

  5. Back in the late 70’s, the push was on for city utility customers to cut back on their, electric, gas, and water usage. The customers did so well at it, the city was losing $$$ and raised the electric, gas, and water rates.

  6. Thank goodness:
    More economic proof the Make America Great Trump economey can even bless a leftist run backwards thinking formerally blue voting backwater crime ridden town such as Tallahassee.
    And that’s why the local Reverands will be unable to deliver the minority vote to whichever clown finally emerges from the overloaded Democratic Clown Car of candidates.

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