Rocky Hanna Files for Re-Election, Says “My Job is Not Finished”

Rocky Hanna Files for Re-Election, Says “My Job is Not Finished”

Current Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna filed paper work with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections on Friday, January 3rd, to seek re-election to the office he won in 2016.

Hanna, as he did in the 2016 election, filed to run for the partisan office as a NPA candidate – no party affiliation. Hanna won 53.7% of the vote in the 2016 election that featured three other candidates, including incumbent Superintendent Jackie Pons.

After filing, Hanna noted on his Facebook account:

Today, my family and I went to the Supervisor of Elections office and filed the paperwork for my re-election bid later this year. I am proud of the work we have done over the last three years but my job is not finished. A second term will give me the opportunity to fully complete all of the goals I set upon taking office. It is a true honor to serve as Superintendent of Schools and I will continue to work diligently to improve the quality of education we provide for our children.

After his 2016 victory, Hanna said, “It’s been a movement, it has literally been a movement for change. People are ready for a change and they believe in me and believe I’ll make a difference,” said Rocky Hanna.

The 2016 election was dominated by media coverage of the FBI investigation into the Pons and the Leon County School Board based on information provided by Hanna and others. The information alleged that Superintendent Jackie Pons was steering construction contracts to campaign donors and disregarding proper procurement
procedures outlined by state statutes.

However, in a rare move, in May 2018, the US Attorney’s Office released a letter that cleared Pons of any wrong doing. The investigation spanned four years.

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  1. Pons was not “cleared of any wrongdoing.” The Fed “declined to prosecute.” There is a big difference between the two.

  2. Hanna’s “job isn’t finished”, but for the love of God, let’s hope he is. Do not re-elect this POS. He’s like a corrupt mafia boss who uses people, lies, misappropriates, covers up, & pushes an agenda he claims to not have. I wouldn’t put it past him to have set up Pons in a fake scandal, just to get him taken out, so Hanna could get elected in the first place. It’s is well within his lack of moral character.

  3. Rocky and his brother tried to buy the job of Commissioner of Education if Gillum won.

    Citizens of Tallahassee do you want a person with the known unethical behavior of Rocky Hanna to be the face of public education in Tallahassee.?

    Will the voters stand at the side of and campaign for a man that enacted a hit list against employees, a man that taunts and tried to humiliate legislators? A man that on day 1 on the job moved and disrupted the lives of ESE students and families? Rocky Hanna who gives away a “Rocky” title belt at Principal meetings… Is this the face of public education for the students and families in Tallahassee?

    We now we see the out of control vindictive person you are. As Rocky takes donations and campaigns realize you are providing support to man that hid from child support, who pays teachers the 46th lowest salary in Florida. A man that promoted those that give him inside political information while he ruins the lives of employees who he has a vendetta against. The next a school bus goes by remember the busing debacle that Rocky allowed!

  4. Some of the recent reporting regarding Rocky’s massive donations via shell corporations to various potentially influential officials – governor, state senator, county commissioners, school board members -could shed some light on his real motivation. If you look at these donations and who gets them, and then look at him and his family (brothers and stepfather), they are building wealth through their real estate business, developments and the like. The donations along with the office give him the political clout he needs to enrich himself and his family. That’s why he never responds to parents, nor pays any attention to running the schools and just flies off the handle if someone makes him angry. He really doesn’t care about education, he just wants to be a politician. IMHO

  5. Hanna is right! His unfinished business is to clean up the mess he has made over the past four years. No chance that will happen! Get ready folks. You are going to get four more years with Leon County Schools traveling down a “Rocky Road”. No one will challenge him.

    1. The citizens of Tallahassee need to challenge Rocky Hanna. Call your school board members, send emails to each of them along with the Governor and the Commissioner of Education, ask how does Rocky Hanna get away with as a Principal dating teachers and bullying one of them into a transfer? How does Rocky Hanna get away with knowingly falsifying information to state and federal authorities with a sanction by the school board or the State Educator Ethics Commission? The citizens of Tallahassee need to remind To my about his busing debacle. Teachers send a clear message 46th in salary compared to $100,000 each for Assistant Superintendents that were not interviewed but rather handed jobs by Hanna as piyicsl payback. Send Rocky a clear message each and every day. Remind him of what he hopes you will forget.

  6. John,

    Welcome aboard! Even Democratic Party operatives are welcome!

    Trump was a hero this week so your Trump bashing falls flat.

    Your former party chair will be heading to prison in February.

    And with the assortment of clown car candidates in the Democratic party line up on the national level you may want to consider changing parties. Good luck you’ll need it.

  7. Rocky,
    You filled Assistant Superintendent positions without interviews paying your insiders over $100,000 each while teachers have to interview and they are the 46 lowest paid in Florida!

    You orchestrated an investigation of the former Superintendent costing taxpayers over $600,000 BUT YOU ADMITTED to the School Board Attorney you had No Knowledge of ANY Wrongdoing! You knowingly falsified information to start an investigation! Rocky you dated teachers you evaluated and supervised FORCING one teacher to transfer with a monetary settlement because you BULLIED her.

    You did not pay child support for 10 years, you ACTIVELY hid from child support!

    You put in place a busing debacle ripping at the heart of families.

    You continue to be over budget at Rickards.

    You stood on the steps of the capital screaming at the top of your lungs insults to the legislature.

    Anyone that votes for Rocky Hanna endorses the behavior of a bully, you endorse a man that hid from parental responsibilities for 10 years. As Rocky was paying back child support in small incremental payments he is giving $50,000 to elect Andrew Gillum. Rocky you are not ethical. Rocky you failed parents, students and have cost taxpayers almost $800,000 with your lies and bullying of teachers and administrators.

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