Leon Taxable Sales Growth Rate Ahead of State Pace

Leon Taxable Sales Growth Rate Ahead of  State Pace

The most recent information from the Florida Department of revenue shows that consumer spending in Leon County-as measured by taxable sales- was up in November by 2.2% when compared to spending one year ago. In absolute terms, spending in November 2019 was up $8.05 million to $372.6 million. These numbers are preliminary and are subject to revisions.

At the state level, Florida experienced a 5.0% increase in November spending when compared to last year.

The Taxable Sales Report below shows that Leon county’s aggregate spending over the last 12-months ($4.636 billion) as of November 2019 was 7.1% greater than the aggregate 12-month spending reported in November 2018 ($4.328 billion).

At the state-level, annual spending as of November 2019 increased 4.3% when compared to annual spending one year ago.

The chart below compares the change in aggregate spending for the previous 12-months in Leon county for each year since 2015 with the statewide numbers.

For Leon county, the 2019 growth in taxable sales (7.1%) is significantly ahead of the 12-month growth rate for the same period during 2018.

The chart shows that the current annual growth rate over the last 12 month period is higher than the growth rate during comparable periods in 2015, 2017, and 2018.

At the state-level, taxable sales growth for the last 12-month period (4.2%) is currently below the 12-month growth rate reported one year ago (6.8%).

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  1. More sales = more sales tax.
    Should we thank former President Obama for the growth in our economey that made the more sales = more sales tax possable???
    Thank you President Trump!!!

  2. And yet, you want to create a Program that no one will be Accountable for and will be able to raise our Property Taxes with out Cause…………….. VOTE NO on the new Children’s Services Program.

    1. They will vote for it since its blackmail money on the one side, and slush on the other. Otherwise they will be exposed. Crazy world.

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