The Villas at Killearn Lakes Brings “Small House” Approach to Assisted Living

Since opening in 2019, the Villas at Killearn Lakes, a community of assisted living suites, has welcomed residents into two finished suites. The “small house” model of the Villas contrasts many traditional assisted living facilities.

Jennifer Browder, Marketing Director and Welcome and Engagement Coach at the Villas, discussed the status of the Villas’ construction and operations.

Currently, two villas are built and occupied, and a third will be ready in the next few months. Eventually, the property will hold nine villas.

Explaining the small house model of the Villas, Browder said each villa is intended to feel like a home. Each has twelve bedrooms around its perimeter for the twelve residents as well as an eat-in kitchen, spa room, and front and back porches.

Browder also explained the care model of the Villas.

“The important part of our care model that’s really different is the individual relationship that we build with that elder,” Browder said. “And it’s all about giving respect and choice to the person as they get older.”

“Care partners” are another important aspect of the Villas’ small house model. Browder said the terminology is used to emphasize the Villas’ unique care model. Care partners, Browder said, are comparable to certified nurse aides at traditional assisted living facilities. Each villa is staffed with two care partners during the day and one at night.

Browder said care partners form personal relationships with elders in order to best serve them.

“We try to learn and know each individual person so that we are tending to them the right way,” she said.

Moving forward, Browder expects the Villas to grow. She noted that the community has responded positively to the Villas so far, and many people who require assisted living are applying to live there.

“We are definitely in the growing phase of things,” Browder said. “We’re excited because we have so much interest and so many new folks that we’re accepting applications to move in, and we are thrilled with the feedback that we are getting from families.”

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