Leon County 2019-2020 Salary Schedule for Teachers

Leon County 2019-2020 Salary Schedule for Teachers

Listed below is the salary schedule for Leon County teachers hired for 2019-2020 based on years of related experience. Note that the salary is based on 7.5 hour days and 196 days per year.

The beginning salary for someone out of college is $37,548. Based on the document provided by LCS, this translates to $25.54 per hour.

Also, the document below notes the salary enhancements for advanced degrees. The salary schedule does not reflect other benefits like healthcare.






Pursuant to Florida Statute 1012.22(1)(c)(3), a District School Board may not use advanced degrees in setting a salary schedule for instructional personnel or school based administrators who are hired on or after July 1, 2011. Advanced degrees are paid as a salary supplement in the following amounts:  Master’s Degree – $1800, Ed Specialist Degree – $3600 and Doctoral Degree – $5400. 

To qualify for advanced degree supplement, the advanced degree must be in individual’s area of certification. 

19 Responses to "Leon County 2019-2020 Salary Schedule for Teachers"

  1. I’ve worked and lived in this county for years. I do not blame one person for our salaries. They were low when I started in the 90’s and they haven’t changed much. If my memory serves me correctly, Mr. Hanna was not superintendent for the past 30 years. The next superintendent will not make a huge change in our salaries either. That you can “take to the bank.”

  2. Teachers salaries are sad. Rocky only values those who call him wonderful. Somebody needs to see how many of those “returners” he was going to get rid of are gone. NONE!
    Now that he is running he has conveniently promoted the wife of Bethel AME to assistant superintendent.Sure none of that was politics.
    Please someone of value run against him or lets get an appointed superintendent.

  3. Call and email board members and Rocky Hanna. The poverty war on teachers led by Rocky and his handpicked district negotiators place teachers in poverty while Rocky rewards his assistant superintendents with $100,000 a year and more. Rocky Hanna riches for his minions, poverty for the people who do the work.

    If you speak out against Rocky Hannah or any of his chosen few your school administrators will document your every move and make your life awful. Everyone is frightened of Rocky except his chosen few. By the way Rocky, dating you to keep my job is not an option.

  4. I am a LCS teacher with 11 years of experience with a Bachelor’s Degree. I have had Highly Effective Evaluations annually. My current salary is $41,895 per year. According to the pay scale above, a teacher new to LCS with the same amount of experience would be placed on the scale earning $43,988.36.
    In what way is this fair?

    1. Maybe if you joined the Friends of Rocky Club your salary would go up?
      Tip: Chapstick is only $1 at the Dollar Store.

  5. Isn’t that new charter school going to be hiring teachers soon? Curious to see if they can shine out from the superintendent’s shadow.

    1. Me too.
      The Tallahassee Classical Charter School near SouthWood will teach a curriculum developed by Hillsdale College.
      Can’t wait to see it compared to Rocky’s skrewels after a year of data has been generated.
      Better stock up on Excedrin, HAH!

  6. Rocky Hanna you are an embarrassing leader who devalues teachers. As a result of your lack of leadership the teachers in Leon County continue to be one of the lowest paid in the state. The school board that approved this pay scale should be voted out of office. Empty the district offices loaded up with the Hanna corrupt inept followers, place everyone of them back in a classroom, them open up a streamlined administrative central office.

    Rocky you should resign not seeck re-election The Leon teacher salary scale is embarrassing, Rocky you are delusional. Stop blaming the legislature, other districts that pay higher salties have prioritized salaries Rocky prioritizes taking care of his buddies, not the hard work teachers of Leon County.

  7. Recall what Hanna makes. He makes about $145,000 as Supt. According to TR research, his Vegas account paid him about $180,000 in 2018. A total of $325,000 in 2018. Who knows what Vegas paid him in 2019. As I have stated before, No One will run against him. Wake up Leon County. Watch his campaign reports. Do not be surprised who supports Hanna.

  8. If the State quit funding programs (including education) for illegals it could take that recurring budget allotment and pay teachers, on average, approx. $73K per year. Adjust it down or up for years of service, exceptional teachers (not bonuses), etc. If they had the courage to tackle the class size amendment (complete bust), that’s billions more available for savings, etc. FYI: There is not one good teacher who works 7.5 hours a day and just 196 hours. It’s just not accurate…teachers work infinitely more hours. I know because I see it every, single day in my home.

    1. If Rocky Hanna prioritized giving teachers raises that would be a step in the right direction. Did Rocky’s chosen few get the same percent raises as teachers? Has Rocky ever given his “leadership team members” raises before teachers? Yes he has. Rocky gives more in hidden campaign contributions that teachers get in a single year.

      Rocky why don’t you and you brother stop funding LLC’s and your campaign and put the money in a trust fund to earn interest and pay teachers or pay for the added expenses they spend every day?

      Rocky pay your political cronies exorbitant salaries and they don’t teach one single student, while dedicated teachers have to work three and four jobs to make ends meet. Rocky Hanna your actionst show everyone who you are and what you stand for. Evil and sinister.

      1. Mr. Hanna,
        I have been teaching for 5 years in your county at a high school. I teach over 100 students a day. I grade papers, prepare lesson plans, meet with students before and after school along with spending my own money for rewards, paper, pencils and assorted supplies. My wife teaches in a high needs elementary school where she is micromanaged by your handpicked principal who is data driven test prep focused who sucks the joy out of teaching ever since you became superintendent.

        Now I find out you pay Curtis Richardson more than I make, more than my wife makes. Manny Joanas who you hung out to dry on the busing issue, does not have a degree but he makes more than my wife and I combined. This system is worse today since you became Superintendent. It is better for your inner circle that you hand-picked who you pay over $100,000 while we both work two jobs.

        I invite you and your handpicked buddies in the Curriculum Office along any supervisor your hired to come do our jobs. How much do you pay the test prep company Acaletics that my wife is forced to use?

        My Hanna your leadership is embarrassing, your ethical violations are well documented, you are unethical on all levels. Go back to Leon High, date more teachers, develop more outrageous hate filled notebooks or better yet go out to Vegas. The one course I never took in college was how to work in school system led by a self centered egotistical educator/ Superintendent who dislikes children of poverty and students with disabilities. So you keep on giving out your “Rocky Championship belt” at Principal meetings as we teacher stay focused and low paid.

  9. Rocky Hanna you should hang your head in shame! You pay your political appointments as Assistant Superintendents (who never had to be interviewed – unreal- pure payback for political information in the campaign and covering for you on ethics violations) almost 3 times a starting teacher salary!!!

    So are we now the 47th lowest teacher salaries in Florida? Curtis Richardson makes almost twice this and does nothing. A teacher needs to teach for 35 years to make the salary that Rocky gave Curtis! Outrageous!

    It sickens me to see the financial abuse Rocky is causing our teachers. As teachers work two and three jobs Rocky pays his political appointments huge salaries!

    When will the voters in Tallahassee stand up to Rocky Hanna? Send the school board and Hanna a message, do not re-elect any of them.

  10. So, if Curtis R. makes twice what a beginning teacher makes, then he is making over $50.00 an hour for PR at Lively. Not a bad gig. AND, he gets paid for 240 days not just 196 days like teacher. That is really HAH, HAH, HAH pay.

  11. Regardless of what the Florida Legislature does or does not do regarding state wide teacher’s pay:
    Here is an important platform Steve Stewart needs to build into his campaign for Leon County School Superintendent.
    Promise to make Leon County Teacher’s pay 6% higher than the average pay of the Georgia Counties within committing distance of Leon County.
    That alone would remove any and all incentive for our teachers to work in Georgia for better pay.
    Because it would actually be 12% higher than Georgia’s pay if we consider Georgia imposes a 6% state income tax.
    Work the math Steve!!

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