LCS Provides Updates on Construction Projects

LCS Provides Updates on Construction Projects

On January 14, 2020, the Leon County School (LCS) Board received an update on school related construction projects as of December 31, 2019. LCS Board policy requires the Superintendent to report semi-annually the status of all construction projects planned to be performed in the next twelve (12) months, currently in process and completed within the last six (6) months.

The report indicated that three major projects are currently in process. These include new construction, remodeling, and site improvements at Fairview ( $20 million) and Rickards ($35 million). Also, the report lists an ongoing astroturf project at Leon High School ($900,000).

The report list two projects that will get underway in the next 12 months. These are a plaster repair project at Conley Elementray ($2 million) and a new roof at W.T. Moore ($2 million).

The report lists one completed project, site improvement at Woodville School ($1.4 million).

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  1. The superintendent is essentially the face of the district. He is most responsible for the successes of a district and most assuredly responsible when there are failures.

    Rocky you are a failure. You failed to report and or announce your conflict of interest giving campaign funds to employees You and your brother have contributed to school board member campaigns to try and buy influence. You failed to note your conflict of interest when assigning contracts at the high school to people who gave to your campaign, have been lifelong friends, worse close allies in deceit that you have perpetrated on others in the district. You oversaw the largest busing debacle failure in the history of the state of Florida. You ridiculed legislators hurling innuendo and calling them names, something I know I want my child to not do. You have bullied teachers, and employees You have shown favoritism refusing to have people apply for positions that pay them over $100,000 each while our teachers are almost the lowest paid in Florida. By your own actions your greatest success has been showing the citizens that you are a failure.

  2. Just curious……. How many Jobs is given to Mad Dog Construction from all the Contractors & Developers getting Contracts with the County & School Board?

    1. Too many! Rocky Horror Kingpin of LCSB construction contracts? GCs if you want to secure contracts you know the dog and pony show dance starts in Vegas!

      1. The reason I ask is, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier’s Family owns Mad Dog…….. I know they received work from Developers & Contractors that received County Contracts.

  3. If Scott Hansen’s brother was awarded a contract please remember Scott Hansen was named in an affidavit as knowing that Rocky Hanna fathered a child and for 10 years he did not pay child support or acknowledge he was the father until sued. Payback for silence pure and simple along with a direct conflict of interest as was the award to Casey Weldon. Weldon is Rocky’s buddy along with a campaign contributor to Hanna. School board silent. As long as Rocky funds school board members campaigns through his LLC’s silence is reinforced by cash.

    Who trusts Rocky Hanna?

    1. Sir Mark smart citizens with eyes wide open of Tallahassee/Leon County DO NOT TRUST Rocky Horror and his baggage of fiascoes! Veils of decieit and vendettas exposed him for who he is! Voters need to recognize and act accordingly at ballot boxes! End his reign to only a one term!

  4. Time to recall a few past facts. First, Rickards High School, 35 million, awarded by Hanna to All State Construction, Casey Weldon, owner. All State was the firm cheated out of a job at Griffin Middle by former Supt. Pons according to Hanna’s book of lies. Hanna’s best friend Scott Hanson, Principal at Fairview Middle now moved to County office. A contract for 20 million awarded to Hanson’s brother for Fairview Middle. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Hanna to accomplished what Snidley is pointing out to us on how to fund a Vegas account.

  5. Happy to see somebody reporting on the construction issues that need to exposed since Rocky took over being the Superintendent and the Czar of the Leon County School Construction Dept. Hanna has no credibility as a Superintendent and less credibility and no credentials to oversee construction.

  6. Quite likely if Rocky is pulling the overbid contractor selection / political PAC kickback game he is dealing only with a select few contractors he knows will play along.
    That means LE would have to catch a contractor dirty and see if they will rat on Rocky for a reduced sentence…not likely LE’s gonna stumble upon that gift of a scenario.
    Then Rocky’s too sharp to fall for an FBI fake plant the way Maddox and our usual suspect crew fell for “Mike Miller”.
    We gotta look at beating his cheating at the ballot box as the only real method of cleaning up the School Board.

  7. Please ask for and post a detailed budget of the project that records high school. it is unconscionable that Mr Hanna has placed himself in charge of construction after the slanderous and proven false notebook that he put forward on the former superintendent. The mere fact that the school board does not bring out to the public that Mr Hanna himself is now overseeing construction after the outrageous allegations against the former superintendent is an ethical violation on the part of each school board member. Mr Hanna has no qualifications to be either the superintendent of schools or over construction.

    Vote no on Rocky and vote no on any school board member that doesn’t hold him accountable.

  8. Hmm… the TFD is a very well run entity. I’m aware of a situation where the CDA would not answer the phone so I’m not sure that is a actual rank-and-file situation, but more of a malfunctioning of something beyond the rank-and-file’s control.

    Again, another situation and example of why we need a nationwide search for a legitimate and qualified city manager and county manager.

    Also, hear this– Leon County is # 4 in the State of Florida for Hunger. It is a travesty that no one talks about this. Again, more examples of why we need to drain the swamp.

      1. Excellent reporting News Maven and it should be a big story, very big!
        But, instead we get the report on Drew Jones usual suspect at-large blah blah blah who cares?

        Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the public.

        1. Just a quick clarification as a public service on Drew Jones Tallahassee’s own 1.6 Million Dollar Poster Boy.

          “Drew Jones a currently un-indicted local “usual suspect”.”

          You are welcome!

  9. Hey Steve:
    Do some digging and you’ll find a complaint filed by TFD against the CDA. I’m hearing from my sources they recently responded to a scene with another anti-LEO resident and were not notified until AFTER arrival, yikes!

  10. I am told that Hanna appointed himself as Director of Construction. If that is so, then he would be in a position to control this type of bid rigging.

  11. There is no requirement to report the bid rigging process in which advance agreement of an over bid … say for five hundred thousand … gets approved on a handshake agreement that the contractor keeps 1/2 and donates the other 1/2 of the approved over bid to a Las Vegas HAH HAH HAH corp. as a political PAC contribution.
    So technically theres nothing to see here.

  12. I would love to see the actual true Cost Breakdowns on these Projects, down to the Penny. Plaster work for $2 Million and a New ROOF for $2 Million…………… That’s a hellof a lot of Plaster Work for $2 Million compared to a complete Roof.

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