TPD to Reconsider Policy on Releasing Information of Minors with Felony Charges

TPD to Reconsider Policy on Releasing Information of Minors with Felony Charges

Recently, a debate began within the Tallahassee community after the Tallahassee Police Department published the names and photos of juveniles who had been arrested for felony burglary. Typically, law enforcement departments do not release the identity of people under the age of 18 if they have committed nonserious crimes.

Many Tallahassee community members have questioned TPD’s policy for choosing which cases to release. TPD has released photos of minors with serious charges before, but some people pointed out that all of the photos published recently were of African American juveniles.

According to a Facebook post by City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox, Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell said that, while it is legal to release the names and photos of minors who have committed a felony, TPD plans to review its policy in the future.

Revell said that the conditions that warrant releasing the identifying information of minors will be reviewed. There will also be an opportunity for a public discussion on the issue.

Other jurisdictions outside of Tallahassee have no formal policy for handling these situations.

Captain Jorge Campos, Operations Bureau Commander of the Gainesville Police Department, said Gainesville has no specific policy for handling the issue.

Campos said releasing the identifying information of minors is considered on a case-by-case basis, and it can depend on the status of the investigation along with other factors. He said photos and other information can also be released through public records requests.

According to Section 985.04 of Title XLVII of the 2019 Florida Statutes, if a minor has been charged with a felony offense, their identification information is not considered confidential on the sole basis of their age.

Laws in other states, like California, also allow releasing juvenile records if the crime would be classified as a felony for adults or if there is a warrant for the juvenile’s arrest. However, some states, including Colorado, have signed provisions to disallow releasing the identities of juveniles who have committed serious crimes.

In Tallahassee, the meeting to review TPD’s policy has not been scheduled yet.

6 Responses to "TPD to Reconsider Policy on Releasing Information of Minors with Felony Charges"

  1. Many Years ago, the Democrat used to print Daily WHO was Arrested and WHY. They need to bring that back. Felons 13 and Older SHOULD be Public Information with Photos if for nothing else, to Embarrass the Parents for doing a Poor Job raising their Kid.

  2. The Weems Road sewage spill was not a minor spill it was a mega spill and that road has been closed and major construction is commencing.

    Silence is golden but my eyes still see this is only one of many spills which is an indication that we need a nationwide search for a city manager. Now, there is evidence that the CDA is in trouble again and again silence is golden, but my eyes still see.

    The city and county commissioners are putting our citizens and law enforcement in danger when they ignore that the leadership is failing and they do nothing and I mean they do nothing to make a change. Vote every incumbent out who continues to ignore that a change is needed in city and county management.

  3. If “meddling” was a crime, Revell could arrest his boss man.
    Hey, maybe he could get Goad & Barber impeached for COluuuSION?

  4. I think this is another form of racial profiling because we all know that the minors that will be published are those of color and we aren’t helping these kids if we aren’t finding alternatives ways to help them other jails and prison cells it time for the powers that be to look at more than the action and more at the reason they are acting out.

    1. A socialist massive spending program as described above could have a chance of being implemented under the Obama administration with most of the money going to Democratic politicians, friends, and family. Of course none left to help the kids. But leftists would feel good because they could feel they were doing something.
      Fortunately we dont need no stinkin expensive do nothing feel good program under Trump.
      Employment is up so much for minorities, kids, everybody that these bad kids will soon be on the job and getting their lives turned to the right way thanks to Donald Trump.
      There you go problem solved.

  5. Title correction:
    “City Manager Reese Goad has ordered his powerless $180,000.00 annually paid lackey to pretend TPD is looking into this issue.”
    When everyone knows whoever is in the $180,000.00 annually paid position of Chief of Police is nothing but a lap dog and megaphone for City Manager Reese Goad who enjoys the fake separation and the fact that most citizens think that in this twisted management situation the Chief of Police is allowed an original thought or any power whatsoever.

    You are welcome!

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