Leon Job Numbers Finish 2019 Up

Leon Job Numbers Finish 2019 Up

Despite losing jobs in December – which is consistent with seasonal trends – Leon County ended 2019 with 3,704 more people than at the end of 2018.

The latest employment information shows that Leon County lost 1,163 jobs in December. One year ago Leon County lost 1,064 jobs. Despite the job losses, the unemployment rate in December remained at 2.5%.

One year ago the unemployment rate was 3.1%.

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The number of people working in December 2019 increased when compared to last year. The Leon County Jobs Report, listed below, indicates that 154,698 were working in December, 2019. This is 3,704 more than the 150,994 reported working in December last year.

Also, the labor force expanded when compared to one year ago. The December, 2019 the workforce was 158,650 compared to 155,809 last year.

At the state-level, 8,000 jobs were added in December, 2019. The unemployment rate fell from 2.7% in November to 2.5% in December.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last three years with a 12-month average trend line.

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  1. Should we thank Andrew Gillum, Reese Gold, Mayor Daily, Scott Maddox, or even Barack Obama for this “Even More Great Economic News”?
    No sir Donald J. Turmp that’s who all citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County should thank.
    By making America Great President Trump has also made Tallahassee and Leon County great again.
    Careful liberals dont let the truth trigger you.
    Oh what the heck…go ahead…nothing more comical than a triggered liberal !!!

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