Leon County Commission to Consider $2.6 Million Apalachee Regional Park Project

Leon County Commission to Consider $2.6 Million Apalachee Regional Park Project

On Tuesday, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners will consider approval of a $2,698,479 award to the Mejia International Group Corporation to fund improvements to the Apalachee Regional Park Cross Country Facility. The funding will come from the Capital Improvement budget.

The project is part of a master plan is to convert the Solid Waste Management Facility into a “prominent regional park.”

The improvements include a multipurpose building and restroom facility, a finish line structure, a performance stage, sidewalks, landscaping, and wildlife viewing platforms.

If the award is approved the construction will begin in February 2020 and will be completed in December 2020. This is in preparation for hosting the 2021 NCAA National Cross Country Championship.

The award for the construction aligns with the Board’s Quality of Life and Economy Strategic Priorities, which is to maintain and improve the county’s parks and green spaces, promote livability and sense of community, and to grow the local tourism economy.

Additionally, the project is consistent with the Board’s strategic initiative to expand recreational amenities and to continue to boost the county’s competitiveness in attracting national and regional running championships. The Board has a 5-year target of attracting 80 state, regional, or national championships across all sports.

In December 2019 the bid for the Apalachee Regional Park Cross Country Facility improvements had been advertised locally and through Procurement Connect, resulting in three bids on January 16, 2020. The lowest bid was submitted by the Mejia International Group Corporation.

The Mejia International Group Corporation stated if they are granted the contract they will reach out to local Minority and Women owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) firms for subcontracting in order to meet the MWSBE Division aspirational targets of 17% for minority participation.

7 Responses to "Leon County Commission to Consider $2.6 Million Apalachee Regional Park Project"

  1. Of course there are comments advocating for more parks on the Northside and claiming citizens of Tallahassee “won’t utilize that area”. I live on the North side, but don’t you think other areas of town deserve improvements?

    The park that is exists there already is truly a hidden gem. It’s spacious and has nice trails for what it is at the moment. People can also take mini remote planes and drones and fly them there.

  2. If I am Elected in 2022 for Leon County Commissioner District 5, there are at least five things, I will call Sub-Parks, that I will fight to have constructed out there. a large 2 to 3 Acre Paintball Battle Field. a large 1 to 2 Acre BMX Bike Track with Hills, Jumps, Whoop-T-Doos, Banked Curves and Boggs. a large 1 Acre Skate Park. a large 2 to 3 Acre Go Cart Track. And last but not least, a Pistol Range, NOT a Rifle Range, a Pistol Range, where people can Learn and Practice shooting their legally acquired Hand Guns. We can do Annual and Bi-Annual Events at each of these Sub-Parks that will bring people to Tallahassee. You can visit my Web Site at http://www.hawkins22.com to check out my Platform.

  3. Really, this is what 2.7 million is going for. How about some investment in Meridian Park, or a new regional park on the North side of town. Invest in areas that are being utilized vs trying to attract citizens to areas that are not convenient to the citizens of Tallahassee. Keep it up Tallahassee, way to go.

  4. OK I dont know much about this project so I think I will just help out our Leon County Commissioners in case they are looking for a construction company that knows how to play the game where you guys can get some of that HAH HAH totally legal money funneled back in the form of campaign contributions.
    Lets see now what company was Rocky using??? Hmmmm I think one of them may have been operating under the guidance of a former FSU Quarterback…Casey Jones…Casey Johnson…I cant remember. And wasn’t there another company also doing the HAH HAH money shuffle too?
    Oh You all better just get in touch with Rocky he will put you on the fast track to get yourselves some of that HAH HAH money of your own.
    Glad I could help you guys out!

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