City Commission Selects Northwood Centre as New TPD Headquarters Location

City Commission Selects Northwood Centre as New TPD Headquarters Location

The City Commissioners finalized the location for the TPD Headquarters at their January 29 meeting. They unanimously voted to select the Northwood Centre, a City-owned site at 1904 North Monroe and 514 West Tharpe Street.

Multiple locations were considered and eventually narrowed down to two locations: the Lake Bradford Road Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Northwood Centre.

Deputy City Manager Cynthia Barber said both sites met the qualification of being within a two-mile radius of the intersection of Monroe and Tennessee Street as well as other conditions. However, staff ultimately recommended the Northwood Centre location because of its central location, as well as factors like parcel size and green space.

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox said she was proud of the process of selecting the location and the community engagement it involved.

“We asked for more public engagement, and we took our time, and we did it right,” she said.

According to the meeting agenda, a three-phase timeline is planned for the construction of the new facility. The first phase is an environmental assessment, and the second phase consists of designing the facility, holding community meetings, and more. The final phase is construction.

City Manager Reese Goad said the master planning for the facility will first lay out where the police station will be and then detail potential private development uses.

In addition to approving the Northwood Centre location for the new TPD Headquarters, the Commissioners also voted to move forward with developing the Lake Bradford Road Wastewater Treatment Plant into a neighborhood resource center and fire station.

5 Responses to "City Commission Selects Northwood Centre as New TPD Headquarters Location"

  1. TONY has it absolutely right, the building is better than any others my only addition is STAY AWAY FROM THE BAT SOUP!!
    PS: remember pols and other corrupt flunkies: check, there are ~650 sealed indictments in the Northern Florida district alone, ~140,000 nationwide, better pray your name isn’t on one.

  2. NOW they will spend Millions to tear it down and totally rebuild……. AFTER they spend $Hundreds Of THOUSANDS of Dollars for a Design. That Building ahs great Bones, just Gut some of it, re-configure it to suit what you need there, Put your Garage in back, put in a GYM, add 10 Jail Cells, a small Court Room area, Offices for a few Judges and Prosecutors, Offices for those that need one, a Waiting Room, a Briefing Room, ETC and you should still have room for a little Law Enforcement Museum. That place is HUGE. You will spend more tearing it down and prepping the Land to rebuild then to Remodel it………… less the Kick Backs of course.

    1. They don’t need judges there. They have video systems that can be connected to the (already existing) county courthouse right to the Judge.

  3. Was there really any doubt about the “bogus” selection process…really?
    Well I really hope not. Unless you are a total dum@ss…then I feel sorry for you but I understand.
    Snidely told you all Northwood offers the absolute best opportunity for graft, corruption, and kickbacks.
    Soon the FBI’s little spank Maddox – let Gillum walk away side-show will be over. Then it’s game on for milking, not just the new Police location construction process, but the entire 40 or so acres of the Northwood property for the biggest graft, corruption, and kickbacks our elected officials could ever dream of!!!!
    Get your game on existing and yet to be elected “usual suspects”!!!!

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