Conditions Set for Medical Marijuana Use in Leon Schools

Conditions Set for Medical Marijuana Use in Leon Schools

The use of medical marijuana by qualified students has been approved by the Leon County School Board (LCSB) and will begin being implemented as of January 28 2020. The LCSB approved the policy and procedures specific to Leon County. The adopted policy aims to have a continuation of learning environment that is free from disruption.

According to Florida law, each district school board must adopt a policy and a procedure for students who have qualified as patients for medical marijuana use. The policy and procedure must be inclusive for qualified patients and should identify how the marijuana will be received, accounted for, and stored within school premises.

The scope of the new policy defines how the school board will interact with students who have been previously prescribed medical marijuana. The staff will permit access to cannabis under the following conditions:

  • the health of the student would be compromised without access
  • the student would not be able to attend school without access
  • the student is disabled and requires it to benefit from education.

Minors, or students below the age of 18, can only be administered THC by a caregiver who is registered with the Florida Department of Health or a legal guardian. The means by which the medicine is provided are non-smokable products such as oils, edibles or lotions that can be administered and absorbed in a short period of time. There will be no igniting of any substances to meet the needs of qualified patients.

Students in possession of marijuana that are not consistent with the policy and procedural elements outlined can face student conduct discipline such as suspension or expulsion. Violation may lead students to face local law enforcement. 

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  1. LEON COUNTY VOTERS we have a new choice to represent our educational concerns at the school board level. Alex Stemle for School Board District 4. I know him personally and understand his commitment to the schools in Leon County. I am looking forward to someone with fresh ideas and the ability to represent us with a VOTE on all issues (no conflicts). Wake up voters!

  2. If I understand this correctly, we now have standards for medical marijuana but NO/ZERO standards for ethics as it pertains to Rocky Hanna a) handing out jobs to Assistant Superintendents who never applied for the job, the jobs were not posted, these are 100% political paybacks at over $100,000 each as was the promotion of elementary director and the director/principal of Lively b) there are no standards as the school board has never questioned Rocky Hanna placing himself in charge of construction without any credentials in this area. Rocky, you sent a notebook to media outlets, state and federal authorities later admitting you made it all up, now you place yourself over construction. Only in Leon County could this happen!

    Welcome to Leon Schools where policies are put in place as needed EXCEPT to curtail the corruption and political vendettas of Rocky Hanna!

  3. Now that we have a policy for students, will we have one for School Board employees. Come on School Board. You always take the HIGH road.

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