Mayor John Dailey, Commissioner Bill Proctor Spar at Blueprint Meeting

Mayor John Dailey, Commissioner Bill Proctor Spar at Blueprint Meeting

Mayor John Dailey has been a big proponent of advocating for more citizen engagement. It appears he is also interested in more engagement with his fellow elected officials.

At the last Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) meeting, Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor exchanged pointed words during a debate over an economic development project called “Project Juggernaut.”

Commissioner Proctor questioned several aspects of a project seeking $2.3 million in economic development funds.

Proctor questioned why the IA was considering giving Blueprint Tax Revenue to an unnamed out of town business with no guarantees that the company would hire local people.

Under Florida law, a business name can be kept confidential from elected officials while an economic development proposal is being considered.

Proctor said, “what we are trying to do is pin the tail on the donkey when his butt is not even on the wall.”

Proctor was also critical of the vetting process.

Mayor John Dailey responded, in part, by telling Proctor he should attend staff briefings before meetings.

Dailey said, “I highly encourage you to take your staff briefings before these meetings so you are fully briefed on what is going on and have all the same information that we all have at this table.”

Dailey also stated that the project has been vetted by four government entities staffed by highly qualified officials.

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Commissioner Proctor responded to Dailey’s comment after the incentive package passed the IA 8-1, with Proctor voting against.

Proctor noted that he and Mayor Dailey differ on who they trust in the vetting process and cited the search process for a new police chief.

Dailey replied to Proctor by saying, ” I will no longer be silent in 2020 representing the City of Tallahassee.”

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28 Responses to "Mayor John Dailey, Commissioner Bill Proctor Spar at Blueprint Meeting"

  1. “$2.3 million in economic development funds”

    Um, the worst thing for “business” is to have government officials dump taxpayer money onto businesses ‘selected’ by government bureaucrats. This creates artificial markets, usually is shown to be the money pit it is when those businesses fail and the taxpayers get zilch. Again.

    REAL businesses started by REAL people who have a “nose” for business start at kitchen tables with someone who has a dream and the drive to make it happen. That/those people WANT to start their own business without outside help. A bank loan with collateral is a “REAL” kick in the pants and guarantor of success.

    Free gummint money with murkey or no payback incentive or need is a recipe for “BOONDOGGLE”.

    “Where there is a will, there is a way”, and ladling taxpayer money on politically correct, “wouldn’t that be neato if it worked” startups nips such in the bud. And when the business is subsidized it hurts the “real” businesses who are out there working and struggling on their own with only “seat of the pants” self-made money.

    Stop taxpayer-funded “free money” and even “few strings attached/fairy godmother money”.

  2. Proctor has had millions put into his district for infrastructure and still, it is the most dangerous district in our city. He might want to spend some time [t]here, walking his streets, rather than at…meetings.

  3. John Dailey should be ashamed. His comment was condescending bordering on surely.

    Like Proctor or not, Dailey sounded like a an old time southern white liberal democrat trying to scold someone he feels is inferior.


    1. Can you imagine the cleaning up and taking out of the corrupt Tally government trash Procter and Erwin Jackson could do if they ever teamed up?
      The local soon to be indicted usual suspects would be in so much trouble.
      And the delicious irony is both Procter and Jackson are both Democrats.

      1. I am hoping that Jeremy Matlow continues to show some sense and scrutinizes what his fellow elected leaders are doing.

        We have an election coming up. I hope to god that we can start running the current leaders of questionable character out!

  4. Procter:
    The man who has been in elected office longer than anyone in Tallahassee and the surounding area.
    He may not act in the proper decorum when calling out corruption and taking jabs at fatty leftist Dailey but thats why his constituancy loves Procter and will keep electing him again and again….and again.
    I think Procter just tried to drain the Tallahassee Swamp and people just dont like that.
    Ya know?

  5. Focus on bigger picture…WHO is this outsider that is able to BILKED City Government staffers blindly of taxpayers’ millions? Or is this another FBI sting covert op??? From previous recent deals gone South, vetting process sucks!

  6. JD. You hit the nail on the head
    This is typical Proctor antics. Its all about baiting.Hes never happy umless its about his agenda

  7. This is only the beginning. With a $90+ million slush fund called “economic development,” this is only the beginning. The citizens of this county had to forego significant infrastructure improvements to create this fund. By the time taxpayers realize they’ve been bamboozled, all of these officials will be long gone.

    1. You are correct Curtis. Once again bamboozled. Infrastructure funds going to incentives for business. How “Edison” and CRA like.

      Any guesses as to the four who our pompous mayor is referring to as “vetted by four government entities”?

  8. They are both grown men fully capable of handling themselves. Calling that bullying is silly at best. You cannot come to a meeting half or ill-informed and expect to not get called out for it. The County Commissioner is used to throwing out comments and nobody calling him on it. Kudos to the Mayor for that.

    You really think he called him out because he is Black? Bait not taken…

    1. Just cause “the white man” said that the “black man” wasn’t prepared it’s law!! Come on people wake up! Two other elected officials expressed concerns over giving 2 million dollars ? of taxpayers dollars to a company only staff knows, not even in the state of Florida.

      Listen to the entire TRANSCRIPT!

  9. Where in the Robert’s rules of order, when your opinion differs with the Mayor. He has the right to “Bully taxpayers, city employees, and now a fellow black elected official publicly,” All because he is the “Mayor of Tallahassee!” Have we heard similar like messages from (45) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Wow ?

    Where did this meeting occur? China?? Iran ???? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Someone (Vancore Jones) needs to inform him that bullying ain’t cool…

    1. I don’t see what was wrong with the mayor telling Proctor he should attend staff briefings, Stanley.

      Perhaps you should encourage Proctor to do so, so that he may be more informed.

      Proctor’s pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey analogy was a little crass for a public meeting and you should encourage Proctor to speak more like a Statesman rather than toss around uncouth analogies.

        1. Stanley,

          I don’t understand the belligerence or name-calling?

          Also, you may want to share with Proctor that it is disrespectful at a public meeting to not remove your hat.

          It is disrespectful and inappropriate to wear a hat in a public meeting place, in a courthouse, in a church, and inside a home.

          Perhaps you and Proctor should attend an etiquette and anger management class.

      1. Hope: the solution here is obvious.
        Project’s Juggernaut’s secret owner needs to made a HAH-hush money CONtribution, and Rocky can then “donate” to Proctor’s re-election campaign.

        Any extra “laundry money” left over can buy Stanley some car wax.

        Everyone’s happy, amirite?

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