Current Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Tied to Anonymous Email that Derailed Her Replacement

Current Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Tied to Anonymous Email that Derailed Her Replacement


Julie Meadows-Keefe told TR that she had nothing to do with setting up the email account She does not understand how her cell phone is connected to the email.

She is now worried her email has been hacked.

Original Report

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the personal cell phone number of Julie Meadows-Keefe, the current Ethics Officer with the Tallahassee’s Independent Ethics Board, is tied to the anonymous email that was set-up and used to transmit information to the Ethics Board.

The anonymous information contained social media posts by Keith Powell, the person selected to replace Meadows-Keefe. Due to the controversy surrounding these social media posts, Powell ultimately withdrew his name after being selected for the position.

The anonymous email, originating from, was sent to the work email of Meadows-Keefe. The email contained the social media posts.

How is the email tied to Meadows-Keefe?

The google email account,, was deactivated, but can only be recovered by the phone number tied to the account.

TR tried to recover the account using Meadows-Keefe cell phone number and the recovery system sent a verification code to her cell phone.

The screen capture below shows that 850-322-1655 was tied to the Email address which was used to send the anonymous email.

The phone number, 850-322-1655, was listed on Julie Meadows-Keefe’s City of Tallahassee employment application.

Repeated calls to Meadows-Keefe were unanswered.

25 Responses to "Current Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Tied to Anonymous Email that Derailed Her Replacement"

  1. It seems all the people involved with our city government are stupid and corrupt. Its the only conclusion one can come to, sadly.

  2. So, I’m guessing that the “cloud” that has covered the City of Tallahassee, lo thee many years… hasn’t been lifted at all. Unethical behavior by the ethics officer; really?

    I gotta tell ya, irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

    Change is constant, and constant change is needed. Like mama always said; “The house isn’t cleaned, until you get the baseboards”

  3. So the Ethics Board got suckered by her AGAIN? What about that board legal advisor, didn’t he have a close connection to her? Aren’t they friends? I read he advised them they should fire Powell.

    1. I can almost hear Gwen Graham, Reese Goad, and Meadows-Keefe scheming and setting the plot into motion.
      Quite likely in some dark and dank corner of some trendy uber leftist mid-town wine bar.
      “I’ll just use an old email address and send that raciest-sexist-homophobe-Trumplican-batwingcrazy-ect…ect…ect…Keith Powell’s old social media post that you guys found to myself.” [followed by a 1 minute threesome of maniacal evil genius laughter…WHOOO HOOOO HOOO…WHOOO HOOO HOOO….]
      “That annoying truth seeking Steve Stewart is way too thick headed to ever in a million years trace the email back to me.” Queue more threesome maniacal evil genius progressively drunker laughter…WHOO HOOO HOO…ECT….
      “Besides I’m outta here with my fatty taxpayer ripoff retirement … what do I care if that Steve dude does stumble upon the fact it’s me anyway…more maniacal laughter…more wine till closing time….

      1. Sadly, your scenario is likely plausible to one degree or another, Snidely. One bit of conversation probably included something along the lines of: “How in heck are we supposed to carry on city business “as usual” with an Ethics Officer who seems really capable of involving ETHICS in our conduct?”

  4. Behind the scene wet work on Mr. Powell’s 1st Amendment was enough to see through the veils of smoke! Somebody does not want a Honest and independent leader leading THAT faux independent ethics board! Shame! Shame! Shame! Mr. Powell should be apologized to for the mess he was lured into! Who hasn’t had private or public thoughts on gays, bixsexually, perversions of sorts and God’s knows what else throw the first stone that sit on that FAUX codependent ethics board of Tallahassee!

  5. So, it appears that our outgoing “Ethics Officer” has now lied to Tallahassee Reports. Unless her phone was stolen, there is no way that the email could have been created using her phone number. Our “Ethics” Council needs to call an “emergency meeting” and terminate her immediately. Every day she is still in the office endangers the residents of Tallahassee. Anyone in elected office want to show some true leadership!

  6. All ethical citizens of Tally should call upon the Ethics Board to call an immediate “emergency meeting” (like they did with Mr. Powell) and terminate her employment immediately! They should then apologize to Mr. Powell and ask him to reconsider his withdrawal from the position. Then, Mr. Powell (I hope) would say, no thanks!

  7. Odds are pretty good the entire Esteemed Schmethics Board was in the loop with Meadows-Keefe and colluded with Meadows-Keefe to get rid of that “a little too honest and a little too conservative” Keith Powell.
    But the entire Esteemed Schmethics Board can still get into Heaven if they just remember to repent this and all their other sins sometime in their lives.
    So according to the leftist code they really did nothing wrong.

  8. It is not possible for a google account to be set up without proper cell phone verification. Google will send a 6 digit code to the cell number attached to the account (which IS Julie’s cell number). That code has to be immediately entered to authorize/verify the account. Only a person in possession of the cell phone can do that. As best I can tell, she hasn’t lost her phone in the last week.

  9. @Hope, whoever set it up using her number would have had to verify the number in order to proceed… they would’ve had to have cloned her phone, stolen her phone and unlocked it or hijacked her number somehow. Not saying these things can’t happen but it’s highly unlikely.
    I’d bet that sweet severance package that she set it up.

      1. Hope:
        When I first read about this, I was going to guess that it was a tech-savvy Andrew Guilty crony that did this.
        Who knows, maybe that will ultimately be proven so?

        Whoever the culprit is, I hope Powell goes “full Morgan & Morgan” on them.

        I would.

  10. P.S.
    Of course, there is another scenario where her phone number was public record and someone could have misused I to falsely implicate her.

    If that is the case then a criminal case should be opened and Julie Meadows O’Keefe would be a victim.

    1. When you use a Phone to set up an Account, they send a Code by Text to the Phone Number given to type into your new Account to prove you are who you say you are. Who ever set up that Account had of had the Phone with them to receive the Code to type in. SO, either SHE set up the Account or someone had her phone and set up the Account, either way, her Phone was involved.

  11. I do not think the information provided regarding Keith Powell should have affected his position as the new ethics board officer. I believe the ethics board should re-offer the position to him?

    There may be a rule in place regarding someone in this position sending anonymous emails to themselves to report something. I believe if she had something to say she should have brought it forward using her own name. This may be enough to terminate her with cause and have her lawsuit against the city dismissed.

    Good work, Tallahassee reports!

    1. Meadows-Keefe:
      Tallahassee’s low-rent version of Nancy Pelosi.
      COT should “tear up” her contract on camera too, and fire her for COLLUSION.

      1. She was endorsed by Mayor Andy, soon to be sentenced felon Scott Maddox, and with the tacit support of the lone remaining city commissioner.

        and interviewed “by City Attorney Lew Shelley, City Auditor Bert Fletcher, City Treasurer Clerk James Cooke, and City Manager Anita Favors Thompson.”

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