Weapon Related Arrests Increase in January, Total Arrests Slightly Down

Weapon Related Arrests Increase in January, Total Arrests Slightly Down

A review of LCSO Booking Reports show that the number of weapon related arrests increased in January 2020 when compared to weapon related arrests during January one year ago.

In January 2019 there were 71 arrests that involved weapons charges. That number increased 25.4% to 89 in 2020.

The overall number of arrests in 2020 were down 1.5% from 917 in 2019 to 907 in 2020. Of the the 907 arrests, 661 individuals were booked in the Leon County jail. Last year during January there were 670 individuals booked in the Leon County jail.

Other findings from the LCSO Booking Reports from January 2020:

  • Arrests related to violent charges were down 4.1%, from 194 (2019) to 186 (2020).
  • Of the 194 arrests related to a violent charge, 42 of those arrests also included a weapon charge.
  • Arrests related to non-violent drug charges was down 32.8%, from 180 (2019) to 121 (2020).
  • Arrests related to non-violent property charges increased 41.2% from 177 (2019) to 250 (2020).

About the analysis: The analysis is based on data provided in LCSO Booking Reports which are released each morning. Each Booking Report is reviewed and each arrest is coded by TR staff.

While there may be more than one charge for each arrest, TR only codes each arrest based on one charge based a defined hierarchy. The hierarchy of charges is as follows: Violent, Drug, Property, DUI, and Other. For example, if someone is arrested for a sexual battery charge and a drug charge, the arrest is coded as Violent.

Also, each arrest is coded separately if a weapon charge is present.

3 Responses to "Weapon Related Arrests Increase in January, Total Arrests Slightly Down"

  1. You want to reduce Gun Crimes? REALLY? Try THIS…….. Between the Hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am conduct “Stop & Frisk & Stop and Search” where you stop every Vehicle in the High Crime Areas that have 2 or more People in them as well as stop two or more People walking together. This is no different then the DUI Check Points set up at Night in areas around town known for Partiers. Do it for 30 Days and if you get 10 Guns off the Street, do it for 30 MORE Days.

  2. As with all leftist run cities in the USA it is totally unreasonable to expect any new leftist run tax increase or fee or whatever pie in the sky scheme leftists come up with to do anything at all to help reduce crime in any meaningful way whatsoever.
    The leftists will just squander the money on themselves.
    You know this is true.
    And our local voters are just fine with that.

  3. I’m concerned how property crimes are being reported by but the Tallahassee police department and the Leon County sheriff’s office. It’s my understanding that they are now bundling multiple crimes under one case number when they previously used 1 case number for each crime thereby making the statistics look more favorable.

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