The Black News Channel Comes to Northeast Tallahassee

The Black News Channel Comes to Northeast Tallahassee

On Feb. 10, 2020, the Black News Channel, a 24/7 television network for African American news, will officially launch. The BNC, which is projected to reach millions of households nationwide, will be headquartered in Tallahassee.

A former CareerSource office building located at 2320 Killearn Center Blvd. will serve as the BNC studio, and the network will have other offices in major cities around the country.

The BNC will be run by Chairman J.C. Watts, who is a former Republican U.S. Congressman, and CEO Bob Brillante, a Tallahassee resident and television manager.

Watts discussed the goals of the BNC in a teleconference broadcast back in October 2019.

“This platform will create a venue for the African American community to have a dialogue to talk about news, education and cultural things,” Watts said.

“We’re not looking to be Republican or Democrat. There will be current affairs, but we are culturally specific to the African American community. MSNBC, Fox News, CNN may have African American faces on their news shows, but they are not necessarily covering the community from a cultural perspective,” he said.

“We’re not looking to be left or right,” he said. “We will be authentic and true to enriched and diverse African American experience.”

Planning and preparation for the BNC have been in progress for more than a decade. A top investor in the project is Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid “Shad” Kahn.

“I believe there is an undeniable calling for everything the Black News Channel will deliver to African-American television audiences, who have historically been underserved,” Kahn said in a press release. “This is a chance for me to make an impact on how African Americans report and consume news and related programming, how their voices are amplified and heard, and how all of us can better connect socially, culturally, economically, and more.”

According to the BNC’s website, the network will feature traditional anchored newscasts, sports programming, and studio shows.

J.C. Watts will host one studio show, “My America,” a weekly talk show on current issues.

Tallahassee-based therapist Jane Marks will also host a weekly studio show, “Getting Ready With Jane: Today’s Teen,” offering advice to young African Americans.

Another show, “Living Social at HBCUs,” will offer coverage of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The BNC will debut at 6 a.m. on Monday, February 10 through major providers like Comcast, Charter, and Dish.

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  1. Ole fat boy Chuck Hobbs is begging for airtime since he is sanctioned for a 4th time by the Florida bar. Maybe he can explain how he has exploited black defendants for measly money and sent them to prison. Great to see this venture and love JC.

  2. Now, Now, Lisa and News Maven, Can’t we just all get along, and enjoy the news from the educated Black Negro African American of Africa descent perspective. I am sure our colored white friends can learn something new, too, from our education perspective which was once, so long denied, but not anymore. The Black News Channel levels the playing field. You do know you are colored white, just as we are colored black, and we are all Jehovah Gods’ children, and his Son Jesus loves us all, to the Jews, first, and also the Greeks, and to the Gentles (We are, Black Americans of African descent, born here, not immigrants ); as well as Whites of European descent, most immigrants who came, and those born here in America); to name a few; Jesus, called Christ died for us, All, who accepts him. I accepts Jesus, The Son of God (Jehovahs’ Son). I got this!! knowing the words coined by Jesse still holds true, “I am Somebody!!!”, and from me, “We are, Somebody!!” I Like it!!

  3. This is where you lost me.

    “Tallahassee-based therapist – Jane Marks – will also host a weekly studio show, “Getting Ready With Jane: Today’s Teen,” offering advice to young African Americans.”

  4. 24/7 ALL Black NEWS…………… It won’t take long before they add All Black Movies to that Channel, look what happened to the “All Weather” Channel, they started showing Movies on it to fill some of the Time.

  5. Preston, most Black people are staunchly conservative, contrary to the popular racist belief. But many of us, myself included, can’t stomach voting Republican simply because they have too closely aligned themselves with people like you and NewsMaven.

    It’s sad, because if the GOP did actually geniunely cater to the Black and Latino voter they wouldn’t have to cheat to win. The Democratic party should have died with Mondale and Messy Jackson in ’84

    That said, I’m very happy a fellow Black conservative like JC Watts chose Tallahassee to launch this venture. Hopefully, it will spur meaningful job growth in the Black community.

  6. Maven is making the point I have made for eighteen years on my program. Unless it has changed recently, BNC has an agreement for subscription watching with Xfinity. Also, according to published reports: “former Mayor John Marks, is BNC’s vice president for governmental and community relations, as well as a financial investor in the operation.” It does not take much poison to ruin the meal. However, as Snidely pointed out and I considered last month, if JC can steer BNC to present the truth about what Dems have done to minorities in America since the Great Society it will be worth it. Of course, I doubt Marks and others will remain in the mix if that is the case. Should be interesting.

    1. Former Mayor Marks:
      Wow it’s been a minute since he popped his head up!
      He should have been set for life and beyond with the payola and kickbacks from the Honeywell Smart Meter scam alone.
      I am very concerned that John may have a spending problem and feel he should make an appointment with our boy Jamie McClenney for a little of that older folk financial consulting.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with having a channel dedicated to a certain demographic. We already have channels dedicating programming to women, kids, sport enthusiasts, Latin-speaking, etc markets.

    And don’t forget BET (Black Entertaining Television) had been around for decades.

    There are religious-specific channels too. It’s a free market, and no one is forcing you to watch it. I see this as an investment in our community… They’ll bring jobs, need to consume resources, and will pay taxes.

    I’m sure they’ll give back to our struggling non-profits as well.

  8. …And commissioner Proctor didn’t try to get this NE operation based in his southside district, oh, wait, he did get this in his district.

    The Southside is forgotten once again.

  9. Liberals are gonna hate this.
    The last thing liberals need coming up to the 2020 elections is truth in media.
    We’re talking not just dying print and their online presence, not just radio and it’s limited audience, ladies and gentlemen we are talking about main lining truth in broadcasting right into black homes at the time families are home to see it.
    Be afraid lame stream leftist media. Be very afraid.
    That current 30% black ” it’s the economey stupid ” estimated vote for Trump can easily land slide to 50% if their households are exposed to J. C. Watts truth.
    People this is the best news to come out since Trump was elected.
    Oh and entertain yourselves with the soon to come melt down of the fake news media.
    They are gonna hate this. Sharpton, Jackson, Farrikan, Gillum, and all the white talking heads in media…all gonna hate this! Not to mention our local usual suspects and our esteemed Schmethics Board…Oh Yeah…all the lefties are gonna hate this!!! OMG and dont forget our local ” Reverends ” in our black churches…they gonna preach hate against it too!!!
    Go J. C. Watts!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless the truth!!!

    1. OMG a glorious thought just blasted it’s self into Snidley’s brain:
      Ladies and Gentlemen what if this is the secretive ” PROJECT JUGGERNAUT “?????
      Now I have no inside track on this. Just a logical 1 + 1 = 2 possibility based on the time line.
      OMG if true:
      Prepare to be highly entertained when your elected Mayor ” Fatty Leftist Dailey ” and his ” Merry Crew of Leftist Usual Suspects ” find out J. C. Watts is behind ” PROJECT JUGGERNAUT ” and it’s not gonna be a local based leftist Black News Network.
      Fatty Dailey and his nefarious crew are gonna try to stiff J. C. Watts of the promised local money and J. C.’s gonna say ” Hell To The No ” to Fatty Dailey and his nefarious crew of leftists.
      Quite the Grand Kick Off with national coverage this will be!!!!
      Buckle Up Spanky…it’s gonna get rough for our local usual suspects!!!!

  10. They want you divided.
    Political Affiliation
    When a citizenry is divided they have no ‘collective’ power.
    When a citizenry has no ‘collective’ power they can no longer control the levers that govern them.

    “All of our original programming is created by people of color for people of color.”
    Gee, isn’t that flagrant race discrimination?
    What if a White News Channel was started and they said on their website, “All of our original programming is created by white people for white people?”
    I’m sure Rev’runt Al and his bullhorn would be picketing their office 24-7.

    1. Really beat it woman. Everything is white owned from casting roles news the government and all. Tell your kind to go to all the white stations. African americans is moving up and isnt taking no bs from non of you people.

  12. This could be a beautiful thing.I am willing to do all I can to be a supporter. I am a small business owner here in tallahassee fla and I see and hear a lot of good and bad news daily.

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