Students Taking Traditional Path to Graduation Drops in All Leon High Schools

Students Taking Traditional Path to Graduation Drops in All Leon High Schools

Fewer and fewer students are traveling the traditional path to a high school diploma in Leon County.

The traditional path to graduation, per the Florida Department of Education, is for students to pass 24 class credits and pass in class tests, which include the FSA English and Algebra I End of Course exam.

TR has previously reported that the traditional path numbers have dropped from 80.3% to 59.0% across the Leon County school district over the last four years.

However, new data provided by Leon County Schools shows double digit drops in traditional graduation rates at all five major high schools in Leon County over the last four years.

Despite these drops, LCS reported a 92.3% graduation rate in 2018/19.

The table below shows the numbers for Leon County’s five major high schools.

While all schools saw double-digit drops, Godby High School reported the largest drop in the traditional path to graduation rates. In 2015/16, approximately 57.8% of students graduated through the traditional path. Four years later that number was reported to be 33.0% – a drop of 24.8%.

Why the sudden drop in the method by which students are graduating?

LCS is still not answering questions from TR, however a Facebook post today by LCS introduced a new term to the graduation rate process – “appropriate pathway.”

The Facebook post stated, “Working with every individual to help them find the appropriate pathway for their success has allowed more students than ever to graduate from high school.”

The entire post is included below.

What is an “appropriate pathway”? Is it comparable to the “traditional pathway”?

Check back for updates.

26 Responses to "Students Taking Traditional Path to Graduation Drops in All Leon High Schools"

  1. So you righties cry for options and then when they are presented you whine that it isn’t the typical way. The right cries about everything.

  2. Mimi, I appreciate and value your perspective on our school system. Have you ever considered running for the School board? Not only would you have my vote but I would contribute the max to your campaign. Having graduated from High School in the early sixtes, I am too old to challenge these fools running our school system. Wish your family the best.

  3. This has been going on long before Rocky Hanna. They target the students that are close to graduation but are not going to make it through the regular classroom and enroll them in an online school, they take them out of all classes and they spend the last several weeks of school in a computer lab trying to get credits through this online school. If they get the credits they need they get to walk with their class at the school as if they graduated through the LCS.

    1. The program of course recovery is called Plato and its used for at least middle school and up. It has been in use for a while. The difference between what you describe is that it was previously used to grant diplomas for students. What is happening now under Rocky is exactly the opposite. He and his team – Gregory and Cox – have a strategy of forcing out children who will impact their numbers in a way they don’t want. Whereas before, while the students may not have been sufficiently educated, at least they had a high school degree and could go on to community college, get jobs etc. With Rocky and team, they just get put out on the streets (figuratively and literally) through coerced “homeschool” and end up with no degree or worse. I speak from personal experience. I am of the firm opinion that it is absolutely a calculated measure/policy to fudge the numbers. It is my opinion that Rocky and his team are too lazy and uncaring to try and educate these kids and the kids do suffer, as does the community as a whole. As a parent whose child suffered under this policy I am grateful to Steve and Tallahassee Reports for staying on top of the issue. I only wish DOE would follow up for the sake of the students and families in Tallahassee.

      1. Gregory and Cox were GIVEN the jobs by Czar Rocky Hanna as payback for them giving information on people during the last campaign. Rocky never had them interview for a job, the school board NEVER raised an issue. Gregory and Cox along with Shelly Bell, Kathleen Rodgers,Sue Kraul all GIVEN jobs at over $100,000 each as payback for what they did for Rocky. None of these individuals would be serving in the roles they have had it not been for the what they did for Rocky. Teachers have to apply for jobs, do the bidding of Rocky Hanna and you get a job at $100,000 each no questions by a lame school board! Rocky Hanna is unethical!

      2. ” He and his team – Gregory and Cox – have a strategy of forcing out children who will impact their numbers in a way they don’t want.” ……………. THIS says it all. This is also the Hidden Plot of the Movie “PUMP UP THE VOLUME”.

  4. I have 3 children who have all entered High School with atleast 4 HS class credits. They have all choose to take 7 class credits per year. Therfore, reaching graduation goals a year early. However they play sports and have choosen the traditional path but its their choice. A lot of children are choosing to leave HS early and start college. I don’t think anyone is supporting the children cheat their way out but there should be different choices for different children/circumstances. Our HS do a fabulous job working with the students. I am proud my children attend Leon County Schools. I have a freshman, Senior, and an FSU graduate applying for med school who have all benefited from our school system.

  5. Edward,
    Please consider in this community Rocky Hanna and his hand picked political placements that are in Assistant Superintendent positions have failed this community. Further, the lack of oversight from the school board that facilitates and emboldens Rocky Hanna’s abuse and ongoing ethical violations is criminal.

  6. Politics and Education… a failed mixture to be certain. The masses cannot be easily manipulated, until they are made malleable. The Public Indoctrination System has failed America and Her youth.

  7. ““Working with every individual to help them find the appropriate pathway for their success has allowed more students than ever to graduate from high school.”” ************************* This sounds like LCS is asking each Student to make up their OWN Questions for their own personal Test.

  8. Rocky and and those that pushed families into “home schooling through a withdrawal code” are to blame for this tragic loss of life. A loss of life, silence by the school board.

  9. Poor Cobi Mathis. He took the ‘appropriate pathway’ rather than the ‘traditional pathway’ to graduation. Shot dead in front of a daycare center on Old Bainbridge Road a year ago. LCSB has blood on it’s hands.
    On a brighter note, the corruption will either eat itself and fail, or citizens will wake up and take the reins of education from the hands of evil men.

      1. That article tells me that Bell was demanding special Treatment for his SON and demanding a “Quid-Pro-Que” in return for getting the Football Field redone. They should have Towed Bell’s Son’s Car every time it is Parked on Campus. These types of People think they are better than everyone else and they need to be dropped a Peg or Two.

  10. Rocky Hanna and his leadership team should all be investigated by the school board and the Florida Department of Education. When will the school board hold the superintendent accountable for his actions? The school board acts as a rubber stamp for a misguided unethical egotistical superintendent of schools.. Rocky Hanna hand selected his cronies who were given jobs at $100,000 a piece never having to interview I doubt any of them will raise any objection publicly or privately with the actions of the misguided current superintendent who is one of the most unethical citizens in the history of Leon County.

  11. The PR firm they hired is helping them spin the story. Ironically their publicity efforts are only serving to make matters worse for them.

  12. Sounds like LCS knows how to beat the system. Wake up DOE. The new rules sound like: stay in school for four years so we can get our FTE funding and at the end of your senior year, if you can find your way to the Civic Center, you can graduate! Get ready folks, your will have four more years of Hanna and this School Board.

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