House Speaker José Oliva Open to Governor’s E-Verify Mandate

House Speaker José Oliva Open to Governor’s E-Verify Mandate

House Speaker José Oliva said he is “open” to supporting an E-Verify bill that would meet the goals of Gov. Ron DeSantis, but expressed doubts about the Senate’s version of the legislation.

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week carved out the agriculture industry from a bill (SB 664) that would require employers to use E-Verify, a federal program designed to do immigration checks on all new hires.

Oliva told reporters on Thursday he does not agree with exempting certain businesses from the requirement. “If in fact Florida businesses are made to be a certain policing arm for a part of the government, then yes, it should be done equally,” Oliva, R-Miami Lakes, said.

A House bill that currently exempts all private businesses has not yet had a committee hearing. But Rep. Coyd Byrd, the bill sponsor, told the News Service of Florida this week he does not support offering certain businesses a “sanctuary.” Byrd, R-Neptune Beach, said he plans to make changes to the private-business provision in his bill, although he would not offer details.

Oliva told reporters the House is still debating whether immigration checks “should be the function of businesses.” DeSantis vowed to mandate E-Verify for all employers during his 2018 gubernatorial campaign, and has made the issue a top priority this session. The governor has made clear he does not support exemptions for private businesses.

The Republican Party of Florida has also passed a resolution backing the governor’s position, despite fierce opposition to the proposal from the state’s agriculture, tourism and construction industries, which include major Republican donors.

But, midway through the legislative session, the E-Verify effort seems to be gaining support from Republicans. “I think I am open to the idea of something passing that does not become an overburden for businesses and that helps to accomplish what I think the governor would like to accomplish,” Oliva said Thursday. 

8 Responses to "House Speaker José Oliva Open to Governor’s E-Verify Mandate"

  1. Hardly trying to find out whether new hire is legal (trying very hard to fabricate plausible deniability defense).
    Hardly trying to do background investigations of visa applicants.
    Hardly trying to detect whether visa applicants are telling the truth during interviews.
    Hardly trying to recruit, relocate, train USA citizen job applicants.

    Hardly trying to respect privacy of natural persons; hardly trying to keep public info public. (article 1 sections 23 & 24)

  2. Then again the 2 dance buddies may have worked this watered down meaningless state government only E-VERIFY deal out months prior to session.
    Maybe Trump told him to see what he could do on the issue and he needs to put on a show of trying really hard to do something that will never get done on E-VERIFY ever in Florida. “I really tried for you Mr. President”.

    This way the boss can say that he tried to implement E-VERIFY and…oh well…maybe later. These politicians are likely light years ahead of my small brains ability to figure out their plans.

  3. YES, require employers to use E-Verify, a federal program designed to do immigration checks on all new hires. ALSO, make the Companies responsible for making sure that they all return to their Country when the Job is done or be fined heavily.

  4. I guess Disney, big agriculture, and other business interests that benifit from illegals forgot to line the pockets of Jose’.
    Maybe Senate President Galvano’s got some unspent money or Disney tickits left over that he got from Disney, big agriculture, or other un-American business interests he can “bless” Jose’ with.
    An all expense paid family week or 2 vacation at one of Disney’s finest resorts may do the trick.
    The above is sarcasm but may be more on target to truth than you may want to accept. How else can you explain our RINO’s illogical opposition to the Govorner on E-VERIFY?

    1. Yeah I know Galvano may just be yanking the Governor’s chain to be sure he gets his toll roads priority funded. But he choose a wack way to do it.

      1. The Governor should call poker face Galvano by announcing that Florida is not economicaly ready ready to fund such a massive infrastructure project at this time.
        However; we may be able to revisit Galvano’s precious road project after Trump is re-elected or at such time that we get the economey boosted by passing E-VERIFY into law.

        1. Sorry for the extra ready.

          Florida hard ball politics: Governor its time you got in the game and start tossing the “VETO” word knuckle ball at those trying to play you for a fool.
          Florida needs the Governors version of E-VERIFY more than any massive infrastructure project.

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