Residential Resales Start 2020 on High Note

Residential Resales Start 2020 on High Note

Sales of existing single-family homes in Leon county increased 15.4% when compared to numbers sold in the same month one year ago. There were 136 single-family home resales in January 2019 and 157 resales in January 2020. Last month there were 284 existing single-family homes sold.

The average sales price in January 2020 increased 10.2% to $264,336 from $239,766 one year ago.

Annual trends show that single-family home sales increased to an annual rate of 3,300 in January, up from the 3,279 reported last month. The annual rate of sales is 9.4% above the annual rate of 3,016 reported one year ago.

The chart below shows the annual rate of single family sales in Leon county over the last 36 months.

The average price of homes sold over the last twelve months in Leon county was $266,178. This is 1.7% above the $261,824 sales price reported one year ago.

The average sales price chart below shows the 12-month and 3-month average sales price of single-family homes in Leon county over the last three years.

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  1. A big thank you for our roaring economey to former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, former Mayors Marks and Gillum, a special shout out to former City Manager Fernandez and Reese Goad, and I’m sure our beloved soon to retire hyphenated City Ethics Officer Blondie “on the job relationship expert” also had a lot to do with our roaring economey that gave us such a stellar real estate 2020 kick-off!!!!
    Oh wait it was President Trump that brought us the roaring economey wasn’t it now????

    1. Silly Snidely – of course it’s really obama’s economy now! After all, he’s taking credit for it, right – so it must be true! And of course, when everything was rotten while he was failure-in-chief, that was all the previous administration’s fault! So, his legacy is taking credit when things go well (and he’s no longer in charge), and blaming others when things were bad (and he was in charge). Ah, to have the carefree attitudes of a dem-socialist!

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