Polling Floridians on Immigration, Abortion and More

Polling Floridians on Immigration, Abortion and More

StPetePolls conducted a poll of 2,293 registered Florida voters from February 10 to February 11, 2020. The poll used the registered voter lists supplied by the state of Florida as of January 7th 2020. The sample of voters that were contacted included random samples of registered voters within the boundaries of the state of Florida.

The poll was conducted through an automated phone call polling system. The results were then weighted to account for proportional differences between the respondents’ demographics and the demographics of the active voter population for the state of Florida. The weighting demographics used were: political party, race, age, gender and media market. The scientific results shown for the questions below have a sample size of 2,293 and a 2.0% Margin of Error at a 95% confidence level.

Questions & Responses

Would you support the state legislature passing a law requiring all private companies in the state to use a federal database to check the immigration status of their workers?

Yes: 60.1% No: 28.0% Unsure: 11.9%

Would you support the state legislature passing a law requiring people under the age of 18 seeking an abortion to get consent from a parent or guardian?

Yes: 62.5% No: 31.3% Unsure:   6.2%

Do you think that tourist tax dollars should be prevented from being used as a funding source for professional sports stadiums?

Yes: 47.7% No: 32.1% Unsure: 20.2%

Would you support a state Constitutional Amendment that would raise the minimum wage to 10 dollars per hour with one dollar increases for each of the next five years?

Yes: 62.5% No: 29.6% Unsure:   8.0%

Would you support a state Constitutional Amendment that would require that new state constitutional amendments to be approved by voters in two separate elections before going into effect?

Yes: 53.7% No: 27.2% Unsure: 19.0%

7 Responses to "Polling Floridians on Immigration, Abortion and More"

  1. Oh look at #1 Gov. that watered down RINO version of E-VERIFY is the subject matter.
    If you allow your RINO’s to have their way none of you Republican or RINO will be re-elected.
    60.1 to 28.0 says you need to rally the RINO’s to pass the full strength version of E-E-VEIIFY.
    Told ya so.

      1. Jason,

        The ignorance of your post is breathtaking. An increase in the minimum wage will grow the economy and create jobs. Not to mention that exploiting low skill workers by paying only the current minimum wage is
        morally indefensible.

        1. Bern, No it wont, Prices will have to go UP to cover it, People will lose Jobs because of it AND, on top of THAT, the Poor under Educated people will not be able to find work because Owners will be able to Hire College Grads for $12 to $15 and Hour.

        2. Bern, your naming of workers as ‘low-skilled’ is morally reprehensible. Just because they aren’t $75,000 in debt with an ‘education’ like yours does NOT qualify them as not having skills- you try raising children, alone, on $16 an hour, we’ll see who is ‘skilled’. It’s why I’m with her, not the communist with 3 houses.

  2. It seems like Florida voters give a majority “yes” vote to every issue.
    Just having a govt-mandated minimum wage is foolish. Govt cannot and should not be allowed to set prices. Every job and every employee is different. Politicians cannot possibly know the price of anyone’s labor, and like everything else they do, they will just use this power in a way that will best get them reelected. Even in state-run, Keynesian Florida State, they had the honesty (20 years ago) to teach us that when the minimum wage is raised, some workers are going to lose their jobs. Why should some people lose their jobs so others can get a raise? Govt should not play favorites. Maybe that’s how this should be worded: “Should govt force some people out of work?”
    But regardless of how stupid the minimum wage is, its level doesn’t belong anywhere near the constitution. The constitution should describe how the govt is formed and what powers it has and doesn’t have. We shouldn’t list each individual fine and speed limit.

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