City Commissioners Discuss Legislative Affairs Update

City Commissioners Discuss Legislative Affairs Update

The City Commissioners discussed an update on the City’s state and federal legislative affairs at their February 26 meeting.

The 2020 legislative session began on January 14. The City’s legislative affairs team is tasked with monitoring developments in legislation that impact the City.

Staff reports that one of the major developments affecting Tallahassee is a pay raise for teachers and state workers.

“The House budget currently includes $7.6M in teacher salary supplement for Leon County,” staff reports. “Additionally, the Senate’s current spending plan includes a 3% pay raise for state employees, which could amount to nearly $75M impact in wages for our community’s local government employees.”

According to the meeting agenda, the pay raise would be the first raise for state employees since 2007.

Additionally, the City submitted three appropriations requests to the House and Senate for local projects. According to the meeting agenda, the three requests total around $1.94 million, and two of the requests are included in at least one Chamber’s budget.

The first request is for TEMPO and TFLA workforce training programs. According to the meeting agenda, staff requested $503,500. The current House budget contains $100,000.

Staff reports that this request will help fund programs like scholarships for trade licenses, GEDs through community education providers, and apprenticeships with local businesses.

The second request is for the first phase of wastewater pump station 12 construction. Staff requested $750,000, and there is $750,000 in the current Senate budget.

“This project includes the construction of a new wastewater pumping station that will service over 25% of the City’s wastewater flow,” staff reports.

Staff reports that the new station will replace an over 26-year-old pumping station, improving wastewater service and allowing for future growth.

Additionally, the legislative affairs team is tracking numerous bills, and the federal lobbying team is tracking the City’s federal priorities, which include infrastructure legislation, federal funding, and affordable housing.

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  1. How much did that fancy monogrammed carpeting in the photo cost the taxpayers?

    Is the fancy carpet really necessary?

    1. Actually, that has been there for Years and since it is already there, no need to complain about it now since there is nothing you can do about it.

    2. How about a computer hidden behind each monitor(each monitor has a computer behind it) along the front with the sole purpose being to put up a “name tag”.

      1. Those are used for other postings as well. They do more in there than just Commission Meetings. They are hooked to only one Computer and not the ones behind them. I thought the same as you until I was there for other Events.

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