Superintendent Hanna Says School Choice Policy is “Fair and Equitable to Every Resident…”

Superintendent Hanna Says School Choice Policy is “Fair and Equitable to Every Resident…”

At the last Leon County School Board meeting, a parent cited the low school grade of Astoria Park Elementary as an indication of a “low performing” school. She was upset that she could not school choice out of the school she was zoned for.

Following the parents comments, Superintendent Hanna discussed the current LCS school choice policy. The video of his comments are at the end of this report. A summary of the comments are also provided below.

The school choice policy has been controversial since Superintendent made changes to the parameters of the policy after he was elected in 2016. Hanna made policy changes that limited parents choice for schools outside of their zone based on the capacity of the school being requested.

Previously, Superintendent Jackie Pons allowed parents to apply for school choice and addressed capacity issues by adding portable classrooms. Superintendent Hanna addresses this policy in his comments below.

Also, TR has requested information from LCS related to the school choice policy. A report will be completed when the information is received.

Superintendent Hanna’s comments on school choice policy made at the February 24th LCSB meeting.

I’ll speak directly to Gilchrist Elementary….there is a level playing field and that’s why we went to this lottery system

I’ve been uninvited to Christmas parties of family members of mine, I can’t go to Easter at one cousin’s house because the answer to Gilchrist and to Leon and to Chiles and our overcrowded schools has been the same no matter what your position was.

There is a lottery system that is fair and equitable for every person in this district to apply for. For our schools that are under capacity….there’s no lottery you know you can automatically gain entry into those schools.

The lottery system is for schools like this that we continuously put more portables up build new wings. You can’t have an elementary school with 2,000 children you just can’t.

But I can assure you that the system we have in place now is fair and equitable to every resident in every citizen and every family and in Leon County.

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14 Responses to "Superintendent Hanna Says School Choice Policy is “Fair and Equitable to Every Resident…”"

  1. Hanna needs to go but so do a lot of school administrators. Lincoln High School’s administration for example is abysmal. Used to be an A school. Now a B school. Only thing admin cares about is sports program which also is not what it once was. If the school goes down the tubes on your watch then you need to be gone.

  2. Rocky care to comment about the unfair and inequitable salaries of your leadership team that was just posted? Leon teachers 46th lowest in Florida, friends of Rocky $100,000 each. Gotta love the salary of Scott Hansen, your childhood buddy that failed to report you to child welfare authorities for not paying child support, gets paid off by you.

  3. I remember when Astoria Park Elementary was one of the best, if not the best, school in the county. So sad that this is no longer true.

  4. If Hanna and the entire LCS Mob want the mindless lock-step majority leftist Democratic locals to vote the LCS Mob back into power they all just better just shut their pie holes.
    EVERYTHING the LCS Mob has been saying in the past 2 weeks has become progressively stupider and stupider.
    Our local mindless voters are very stupid themselves but if the LCS Mob does not just shut up they will loose enough of the less stupid voters to cost them the election.
    For sure.

  5. Rocky Hannah will force your kid into a failing school, rather than do the hard work to fix it. Hannah is a liar and a failure as School Board Superintendent, this community would be best served by kicking his narrow, dishonest, backside to the curb. He is a disgrace to Leon County.

  6. What a grand waste of time and money. Rather than fix an ailing school, we bus students all over the county. Are we fixing the problem? Are we spreading the problem? Limited buses- hire Edulog. LCSB drops the ball on necessary client-produced data- terminated contract. Will there be a lawsuit?
    The Ivory Tower Thugs tell us we are ignorant and uninformed. Thankfully, their actions and words inform us as to their true character and can no longer be ignored.

  7. It is a shame that our parents and kids have to endure the likes of this Supt. and Board. This year we can vote out Hanna, Woods and Rasmussen. I came to Tally in 1966 and this is the worse elected officials our school district has faced. They really do not care about kids. Our great teachers deserve better leadership.

    1. Alex:
      I haven’t been here quite as long as you, but after only my first week as a Tallahassean I was already telling my relatives back home how appalled I was at the low standards and diminished expectations of the educational system here.

  8. …and Bernie Sanders says Castro was a great dictator by providing the Cubans with a “literacy” program.
    Bernie you are a fool.
    Rocky you are a fool.

  9. Rocky simply put you are a vindictive person, an educator who violated professional practices and ethics, you admitted to the school board attorney that put together a notebook that you admitted was all made up with intentionally misleading information, you lied to parents at graduation speeches “having no children of my own”, you put political appointments in jobs paying $100,000 while teacher salaries are the 46th lowest in Florida, you are pure and simple an ego maniac and a proven liar. You should be suspended from your position and investigated.. P. S. Nobody cares if you are invited to parties but hey, it is always about you..

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