City Commissioner Matlow Endorses Bernie Sanders

City Commissioner Matlow Endorses Bernie Sanders

On Monday, City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow announced his endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

In an emailed press release, Matlow wrote, “I proudly endorse Senator Sanders because he consistently speaks to the needs of the poor and working-class in my city. He understands that when we work together in a multi-generational, multi-racial coalition we can fight back against corporate interests that dominate our politics and win on policies that have a real impact in the lives of everyday people.”

The endorsement comes ahead of the Florida Presidential Primary election day which is March 17th. Matlow noted in the press release that Floridians will get “a chance to weigh-in starting March 2nd when many Early Voting polling locations open until March 17th, the primary day. Vote-by-Mail ballots have already been distributed across the state.”

Commissioner Matlow said that Sanders can provide the inspiration required to beat a Republican President that has near universal support from his party.

Matlow stated, “Bernie Sanders knows that in order to win, we not only have to show unity but we must have a message that inspires young people, non-voters and independents to show up and vote.”

“He does that by speaking directly to issues that affect working people. Wage stagnation, the lack of affordable healthcare, crippling student debt and the existential crisis our planet faces if we don’t take action against climate chaos now.”

You can see the full press release here.

26 Responses to "City Commissioner Matlow Endorses Bernie Sanders"

  1. I heard this idiot speak last night at the Town Hall. He was asked to explain why he endorses Sanders. He said it is because of the Free Healthcare for all that Sanders is pushing, that’s it. I guess he is too stupid to realize that the Money for that program has to come from some where………which will be US, with Higher Taxes.

  2. By casual observation I have become very suspicious of all “book deals”.
    Honestly I have come to the conclusion “book deals” are the latest and greatest bribery tool out there.
    Liberals and RINOS alike.
    Fake media big money lures these talking heads into putting their names on fake ass books nobody is ever gonna purchase then fake media moguls buy up vast numbers of these lame ass books to control the talking heads into spinning the news in their liberal agenda driven ways.
    An example?
    Brian Killmead Fox TV talking head who also has a 2 hour M – F radio talk show. Some ghost writer paid by a leftist fake news mogul wrote a fake ass book on The Alamo for Kilmead. Now you know nobody buys books since around 1998. Yo fools we got a little something called ” The Internet” up and running for mass consumption around about that time. Nobody buying books since then.
    Anyway fake news moguls buy up tons of these fake ass books as a way to bribe Kilmead and others into slanting conservative talk shows into the RINO view point. Seriously folks if you never listened to Kilmead jab jab and jab at Trump maybe you should.
    RINO Kilmead dances on the line of being conservative but due to his “book deal” money he comes off as RINO Jeb effin Bush or RINO Mit effin Romney in the RINO shizz spewing out of his mouth.
    Bought and paid for by that fake ass “book deal”. Kilmead even lies about being at some mall next weekend in some obscure city for a “book signing”.
    Seriously when ( without lying ) was the last time you purchased a book?
    Told you so.

    1. Great point Snidely. Qould you believe this one?

      Obama gave Pearson Publishing a government contract worth $350 million for their work to create the Common Core text for his administrations education initiative.

      A subsidiary of that same publisher gave Obama roughly $65 million for his book deal after he left office.

      How do you clean ‘dirty’ money?

  3. Truth be told, many Democrats are closet socialists/communists…including our former mayor Andy…but most politicians are smart enough to know the majority of Americans will not vote for having their freedoms/liberties taken away, so they hide their true agendas. Sadly our children have been systematically endoctrinated by our liberal education system and too many think socialism is ok, because of ignorance of what socialism really does to the human spirit.

    Maybe Matlow dont like the DNC trying to take Bernie out…and is supporting Bernie in the primary to keep Biden from taking Floridas delegates. It certainly makes me wonder why anyone who owns a business would seriously endorse a communist.

  4. Im embarassed for the Democratic Party- the three top contenders are old white men with lots of money- Biden is 77, owns 2 houses, net worth $9million; Bloomberg is 78, owns 8 houses in NY, many others throughout the world, net worth of $55billion, and Sanders is 78, net worth of $2million, owns 3 houses (one on Lake Champlain). Somehow, Sanders got a sweet $800,000 “book deal” 2 days after endorsing Hillary in 2016. Funny how that works. “Book Deals” In 2017, the book royalties added up to $880,091.14. And in 2018, while they dipped, they still were a hunk of money: $392,810.37.
    “Book Deals”

    Bunch of old, rich, white men. The Party of Diversity and Inclusivity. For old, rich, white men.

    1. Why in the hell would a local politician presume to endorse a candidate for president? Does he somehow think anybody cares? Has Mr. Matlow’s ego already become so inflated that he thinks his endorsement matters? I had high hopes for him.
      Someone asked him to release his salary and benefits to the public after he stated a need to double his city salary. Has he done that yet?

  5. Perhaps Jeremy should take a trip to Venezuela to view for himself what socialism
    does to a country .

    Canceling out student loans means no school for our children in the future.

    What is he thinking?

  6. Wow Jeremy this is like announcing that you love to lick butts on the PA system at the FSU/UF football game.
    You just grossed-out the 75% of the fans, players, band, cheerladers, concession workers, and everyone watching/listening on TV/Radio who are not into butt licking.
    Did you run to serve the whole communitty or just the tiny minority of Bernie Bros?
    Think about it Bro…better check yourself before you wreck yourself Bro.

  7. I am confused. Is this the same Marlow that got elected? He sure hid his Socialist views during the campaign. However, the true color of a liberal always bleeds through.

    1. Not quite. It was there to see if you knew where to look. Ties to SDS. And more.
      Are you surprised the Communist agenda would step in when corruption is so deep? The Tallahassee situation is a microcosm of the National scene. As planned.

    2. He wasn’t hiding it, you just had to listen to what he was saying and how he was saying it, and you could tell he was a Socialist. I never would have Voted for him and was shocked when he was elected. Listen to his words and how he says what he says, he has an agenda of his own.

  8. Apparently Commissioner Matlow wasn’t severely impacted by the Great Recession for 8 years, as many others were. We are barely into 3 years of financial recovery, after millions suffered through foreclosures & bankruptcies and he advocates for a Socialist, with such a naive approach to finance & offering “free” healthcare & tuition in a transparent attempt to buy votes.

    1. Does Matlow pay his employees at his pizza joints at least $15.00/hr, the rate Bernie wants for national min. wage?

      1. Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage to $15 in 1 step. He wants to do it over several years. Asking if Matlow pays his employees $15 an hour (today) is not a true comparison.

          1. If Sanders hasn’t gotten this done with many years in Congress, what make you think he can convince Congress to pass this if he becomes President? The President doesn’t make law. There is a market for employees and as good employees become harder to come buy, the wage will go up as employers compete for competent employees

        1. If raising the minimum wage is a good idea, why implement it in steps? The reason politicians want to do it in steps is because it’s a terrible idea, and raising it in steps spreads the pain out over time.

  9. Commissioner Matlow enjoys the same right as we all do. However, when tossing one’s support to an actual communist (as history records Democrat Socialist is a mere step to socialist, then communism) it is real important to offer facts. “Wage stagnation” is a lazy narrative. Even the WaPo admitted in January “The United States’ lowest-paid workers are seeing their paychecks rise at the fastest pace in more than a decade. Slow wage growth has plagued the economy ever since jobs started coming back after the Great Recession. But that has been changing, with wages rising at all levels and especially for those at the bottom.”

    The “crippling student debt” is the same as all other debt…it belongs to those who owe it. Not one was forced to take it on. The “existential crisis” (ie: Gorebal Warming) is another myth not even registering as a Top-15 issue to the American people in poll after poll (it matters even less to the advocates of the myth who keep flying private jets and living with no regard to their claims).

    It Commissioner Matlow thinks Bernie is going to unite his party he is mistaken. It’s why even Barack Obama has gotten off the sideline and is making calls to clear the field to keep Joe Biden in the race. I will say, Commissioner Matlow has done a good job as a Commissioner by simply asking questions. It’s hard to reconcile with this public announcement of support of Sanders. Plenty to chew on here.

    1. What an expected mix of selective publishing, disingenuous concern, and straight up dumbness.

      In case anyone is wondering, here is the WAPO Article so especially curated to make is seem like wage stagnation is phony:

      Also, from the same article:

      “In the past week, minimum wages have risen in more than 20 states. Many of them are the result of increases that have been implemented in phases over the past few years, or indexed to inflation. Nearly 7 million workers began 2020 with higher wages, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank. This week, New Mexico’s wage floor rose from $7.50 an hour to $9, and Washington state’s rose from $12 to $13.50.”

      “But when you break those low-wage workers into two groups — those who live in states that have raised their minimum wage in the past three years and those in states that have not — the relationship between policy changes and wage gains becomes clearer. Our analysis of Labor Department data shows that before 2016, wages for lower-paid workers rose across the country at more or less the same pace. In 2017, things began to change. Wage growth in states that increased minimum wages began to accelerate.”

      “And these paycheck pops for the poor are not happening only in urban, coastal enclaves. Consider Arkansas, where last year voters approved a plan to steadily hike the state minimum wage until it hits $11 an hour in 2021. Over the past three months, the state’s workers have seen the fastest wage growth of any state in the union.”

      “And the move was popular. In 2018, the Arkansas ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage won 68 percent of the vote in an election where Republicans swept all the other key races. The wage hike was controversial, as Arkansas business owners worried about the labor costs associated with paying employees more and warned of job losses.”

      “But that didn’t happen. In November, the Arkansas unemployment rate was 3.6 percent, down from 3.7 percent a year earlier.”

      I’m so shocked, completely shocked that you wouldn’t include these piece of information from your WashingtonPost article! Also, wage stagnation has been happening for the past three decades, not just since 2008. This is what Bernie is so upset about.

      “The “existential crisis” (ie: Gorebal Warming) is another myth”

      This is the unbelievably dumb part. Also, the part about it not being important in polls is demonstrably incorrect.


      “About two-thirds of U.S. adults (67%) say the federal government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change, and similar shares say the same about government efforts to protect air (67%) and water quality (68%) – findings that are consistent with results from a 2018 Center survey.”


      A majority of registered voters nationwide, 56 percent, say that climate change is an emergency, while 42 percent do not.”


      Climate change is 5th most important non-economic issue.

      Climate change is 5th.

      You are objectively wrong on the science and everything else.

      “The “crippling student debt” is the same as all other debt…it belongs to those who owe it.”

      Our economy is based on consumer spending. If a generation of people cannot spend, will platitudes rescue it?

      Bernie has tons of problems, but the fact that the conservative narrative relies on not including the fact that wage growth is partially driven by increases in the minimum wage (without a corresponding drop in unemployment), insisting that climate change isn’t real or important to Americans, or some fantasy wherein having population cohort unable to participate in the economy other than by paying back loans is zero sum, I’ll take Bernie any day.

      If your arguments were not intellectually bankrupt, you would not need to resort to selective quotes and blatant disregard of basic science and a million pieces of observational evidence. For shame. .

      1. Increasing minimum wage does not help low-skilled workers. It helps them get laid off. And the ones who do keep their jobs are only going to see their cost of living increase in conjunction with their increase in pay. All of the companies that employ minimum wage workers (fast food, grocery stores, Wal-Mart) aren’t going to just eat the increase in pay that the govt forces upon them. They’re going to pass the increased labor costs onto their customers. You cited articles showing that pay increased where minimum wage was raised. But what happened to the cost of living in those locations?
        You do not want govt setting prices. Wages are just the price of labor. When anyone but the market determines prices you have shortages and surpluses. In this case, a surplus of people who want the increased pay, but a shortage of employers who can afford to pay it. We had much more prosperity 100 years ago before the minimum wage law existed, before food stamps, before welfare.
        It’s no coincidence that the areas of the economy where govt has intruded are the areas where costs have exploded (healthcare, education, housing, etc.). We need to get the govt OUT of the economy, not further entrenched in it

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