TPD Incidents Trending Down

TPD Incidents Trending Down

Based on information provided by TPD, the number of reported incidents in the City of Tallahassee have been on the decline over the last five months.

The chart below shows that the number of incidents have been trending down since October. The number of reported incidents fell from 388 in October to 358 in November. The number of incidents reported in February 2020 was 267.

TR began coding the incident data, which is released each day by TPD, in August of 2019. Coded incidents include, but are not limited to, Auto-Burglaries, Auto Thefts, Residential Burglaries, Commercial Burglaries, Aggravated Assault & Batteries, Death Investigations, and Sexual Batteries.

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  1. I tend to ignore data when not compared to prior years. Seasonal trends and other factors typically contribute to monthly data. Surprised TR didn’t ask/already have prior year monthly data. This sounds like a Chamber ad.

  2. I am accosted on a daily basis by people wanting a handout.

    I was even chased down and had to seek refuge in my car and lock it by two young men that looked healthy enough and strong enough to get a job. They were in wife beater shirts and gold chains beating on my car window after they chased me down. I ignored them and drove away.

    I will go in a restaurant and order a meal and bring it out to someone if they ask me, I have filled up a gas can for someone needing gas, I have paid for the lady’s groceries in front of me who could not pay for them and I was glad to do it and I will do it again.

    The panhandling situation is dangerous… someone is going to get hit by a car accidentally. Make them get permits if they want to stand out in the road and then deny the permit.

    Hire someone to go around and educate these people find where to find places to work. sleep and get help.

    I am tired of constantly being accosted.

    So many things need to be done yet the Commissioners seem to think that only important item is to double their salaries. Do they consider to raise the rank-and-file salaries of law enforcement officers?

    My goodness Curtis Raincloud Richardson you’ve been around here long enough it’s finally about time you did something instead of run your mouth about the caucus this and caucus. Quit playing the victim and either do something productive or resign. You are going to get voted out and good riddance!

    1. Give the homeless people a card listing the home addresses of our city commissars, and add that they’ve said they want to help the homeless.
      A couple dozen door knocks later, a solution will be found.

  3. Lock your cars and take your car/truck gun inside the house. You really should be entering your home with a loaded pistol in your pocket anyway…what goods it gonna do ya out in the car/truck????

    I would feel like an idiot calling the cops because I left my car/truck unlocked. Or had a gun stolen from my car/truck.

  4. With a crime rate of 55 per one thousand residents, Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 18.

  5. You also have to factor in the Weather. Most Criminals don’t like going out in the Rain and if it is really cold out. Most Crimes are “Crimes of Opportunity”.

      1. ok joe keep us posted in the weather, even with overall crime down 6% from the previous month, there is still a violent crime increase of 2%.

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