Deerlake Middle School Field Trip to New York Still On Despite Emergency Declaration

Deerlake Middle School Field Trip to New York Still On Despite Emergency Declaration

UPDATE 7:09 PM March 7

Politico is reporting that the first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Washington, D.C., according to Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The public health lab at the D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences confirmed the “presumptive positive” test Saturday afternoon, Bowser said on Twitter.

Original Report 6:10 PM March 7

Despite an emergency declaration related to the spread of the coronavirus by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier today, approximately 200 students and faculty from Deerlake Middle School are still scheduled to leave on a field trip to the Big Apple Saturday evening.

The trip includes stops in Washington, D.C. and New York City. In New York City, students are slated to visit Times Square and attend a hockey game.

Reports indicate that twenty more people in New York have tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 76. In addition, Cuomo reported there are 11 confirmed cases in New York City, 57 in Westchester County, two in Rockland County, four in Nassau County, and two in Saratoga County.

Media reports stated that:

The governor declares a state of emergency when they believe a disaster may be imminent or severe enough to require state aid to local officials. Declaring a state of emergency also authorizes the governor to quickly direct state agency resources to communities in need. In extraordinary circumstances, it may also enable the state to request federal assistance if the state doesn’t have enough resources to address or contain the emergency.

Schools around the country are wrestling with decisions related to international and domestic field trips due to the coronavirus.

It was reported that Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s annual field trip to the Model U.N. conference in New York City was recently canceled due to the coronavirus.

TR has reached out to various LCS officials, but have yet to receive any response.

27 Responses to "Deerlake Middle School Field Trip to New York Still On Despite Emergency Declaration"

  1. And LCS is stating to the media that these kids they have the flu. It sounds like no one knows whether its the flu or not. This is so irresponsible.

  2. I just saw some updated info about the Deerlake Middle School students that went to New York on a field trip. A student that returned either this past Friday or yesterday on Saturday now has a high fever, sore throat, severe coughing and body aches. I saw on Nextdoor Killearn Lakes that TMH did not refuse to test for the coronavirus. They do not have any tests in order to test and they also said that no one in Tallahassee has tests to test anyone for the coronavirus. We are the capital of Florida. You would think that we would have testing capabilities.

  3. A parent of a child from this trip reported her daughter had a high grade fever, sore throat and dry couch to @TMHforLife. They decided not to test for #Covid19. Can someone please explain to me why a rest wasn’t taken on this high risk situation.

  4. Aren’t the salaries of the district disgusting for what they do? Did you notice Scott Hansen was put there to be athletic director and then Ricky bell didn’t retire. You have to wonder what Hansen does. Before long rocky will bring Hansen’s wife out there as they are all good buddies.

  5. It’s not the schools responsibility to raise funds for these trips. It is the parents responsibility. Start saving money years in advance if you want your kids to go. Or, stop having these kids you can’t afford.

  6. Does anybody in this community care enough to understand that Deer Lake Middle School is going to New York City I don’t see Rocky out raising funds for the students from Griffin Middle School to do the same or NIMS. Rocky Hanna exacerbates a cultural and achievement gap with students. Rocky Hannah bad on education, bad on dating teachers, bad on paying child support, just a bad man.

  7. FSU, FAMU, TCC, public and private elementary, middle and high schools will be on Spring Break in a week. The kids will go their separate ways and come back with germs. I really think that this field trip is the least of our worries.

  8. I’m not laughing. I’m living. If and when that happens, hopefully Americans will rise up and be kind to one another. The virus is there. It doesn’t matter where you go and what you do. I choose not to let chaos ruin my day to day.

  9. There are no travel restrictions within the United States. How about mind your own business and wash your hands. If you’d like to declare martial law and restrict people from going about their everyday lives, move to China.

    1. The laugh is on you when martial law is declared, and I-5 shut down, in Seattle in not too distant future. Watch the homeless population in San Fran, LA, and Las Vegas. Crazy conspiracy theory? Lets hope so LOL

    2. No way man, the virus is worse in China, if I went there and brought it back, I would feel terrible. Italy has the whole country on lockdown, the only way to stop transmission is quarantine.

    3. The issue is reducing risk. Given Rocky’s dance with risk like the dating the teachers on your faculty, making out with teachers in the parking lot during planning hours, bullying a teacher into a transfer with a monetary payout and not being brought to the state ethics commission and hiding from child support until sued, Rocky does not care about putting others at risk.

  10. I don’t see any leadership regarding the superintendent or the school board pertaining to an issue that could have severe and grave consequences.

    I hope the political opponents are taking notes.

    1. Agreed Hope. There should have been a statement regarding the decision as well as the precautions being taken. The students have had some training for instance – why not let the public know? Are they going to avoid some parts of the trip, such as Times Square, which have very dense crowds? What are the plans if something happens in New York that ratchets up the concerns? The virus doesn’t impact young people generally but they can certainly be carriers and bring it back home unknowingly. Should families with kids on the trip that have someone in the house with compromised respiratory issues be reminded of this? Our community should be told about the protective actions being taken if for no other reason than to allay concerns. Again, the question…what are you paying the PR firm for? This is their job to help with these very issues!

      1. There was not one word spoken of precautions or reassurances given to parents. I know, because my child was supposed to go, but I did not send him. They are there now, and still not a word about any precautionary measures.

  11. It is amazing that not one person from lcs leadership has bothered to comment to voters and taxpayers about this. In any other district a board member would have addressed it in a second. And where is the asst. superintendent for health? As Mark has pointed out many times he makes a six figure salary, can he not take a media call or prepare a statement ahead of time since he had to know there were questions and concerns in the weeks leading up to this trip? That asst. Super. had more than enough time to go visit a head shop and buy over $300 of vape supplies with taxpayer dollars. Maybe he thinks that coronavirus is just a cold. Maybe rocky thinks that too and forbid anyone from answering questions from the silly public. Good thing the district spent all that money on a PR firm.

    1. Alan Cox makes $123,000, he should be overseeing health, Scott Hansen makes $106,000 , he oversees secondary schools, and then you have Gillian Gregory at 116,000 Rocky at 134,000. So put all that together and no one makes a decision in the best interest of the community. So if the students don’t contract and we hope they don’t the virus what are the odds of them coming in contact and bring it back to the community? Rocky Hannah is a detriment to Leon County and a imminent detriment and possibly putting people at high risk as Superintendent.

      1. Per the Tallahassee Democrat “At the district level, Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox said he is more concerned about the regular flu than COVID-19”

    1. If the children are exposed, they will bring it back to Leon County. Seems like the time for someone with the political courage to stand up.

        1. ok joe, keep us posted on infection rates. all china quarantined 50 days ago, all italy quarantined yesterday, how far are we behind them on a virus with an r0 of 2.2-4.7?

    2. My child was supposed to go on this trip. We pulled him at the last minute. As far as I know, we are the only ones. When another parent asked the principal about eliminating the scheduled subway ride, they did not receive an answer. At no time, did any administrator send any kind of reassurance email or address any concerns–it was almost as if they were instructed to ignore the situation completely.

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