Leon County Breaks Ground on Improvements to Apalachee Regional Park

Leon County Breaks Ground on Improvements to Apalachee Regional Park

The $3 million dollar improvements on the County’s Apalachee Regional Park began this past Friday. The new construction will include a “state-of-the-art multipurpose building” and restrooms, a performance stage, sidewalks, areas to view the local wildlife, and a new structure for a permanent finish line.

The new construction continues to build upon the Board’s Quality of Life and Economy Strategic Priorities, by continuing to improve the “county’s parks and green spaces, promote livability and sense of community, and to grow the local tourism economy.”

Additionally, the improvements to Apalachee Regional Park continues the efforts of the County to expand on recreational amenities and to continue to advance the County’s competitiveness in drawing in national and regional running championships.

Since 2009 when the park initially opened, thousands of athletes have come to participate in races and train at the park, with an economic impact of millions of dollars. The park has hosted many races including over 20 regional, state, and national cross-country championships. 

Leon County District 5 Commissioner Kristin Dozier stated “The plans for Apalachee Regional Park over the next five years include so many different amenities and attractions that visitors will come from all around not just for our sports tourism, but to spend the day at this world-class park.”

The cross-country course is expected to reopen to the public in late 2020, as it will be closed during construction. However, during regular operating hours the football and soccer fields will remain open. 

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that, over the last 5 or so Years, when ever our Local Governments do a “Ground Breaking” Event, they truck in a pile of Sand for them to dig their Shovels into. It used to be the actual Ground that was going to be dug up that they did the Ground Breaking in.

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