Nine Law Enforcement Officials, Including Three Captains,”Responded” to Gillum Incident

Nine Law Enforcement Officials, Including Three Captains,”Responded” to Gillum Incident

According to the Miami Beach police report documenting the Andrew Gillum incident, at least nine law enforcement officials “responded” to the call, including three Captains.

The incident did not result in any arrests.

The presence of such high ranking law enforcement officials at the scene warrants comments about any contacts between officers and political officials related to the involvement of Andrew Gillum.

However, according to media reports, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber stated, “There does not exist an active investigation surrounding this matter. I have no further comment.” It appears Gelber took no questions.

Campaign finance records show that Gelber, who is a Democrat, donated $1,000 to Gillum’s Florida gubernatorial campaign.

According to the report, two police officers – Gomez and MacDonald – initially responded to the hotel room “in emergency mode.”

The report then indicates that Sergeant Saygeh was notified. After this entry, the report notes that Lieutenant Armatrading, Sargent Fernandez, Detective Alvarez, and Detective Cabrera “responded.”

The final entry shows that Captain George, Captain Garcia, & Captain Morgalo “responded.”

The report also indicates that a photographer was on the scene and “BWC USED”. The “BWC” refers to Body Worn Camera.

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  1. Even in todays everyone gets a trophy LBGTQ = normal and associated leftist concepts taught to our young folks his boys are still gonna catch a rash of $hit over this in whatever school the attend.
    Kids are still kids and that has not changed with the times.
    His sons are who we must pray for.

  2. Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum graduated from an Oakland, California-based training school for progressive revolutionaries that has spawned a list of activists who have gone on to become the who’s who of the far-left leadership world, with many taking senior positions at organizations financed by billionaire George Soros.

    In scores of cases, graduates of the Rockwood Leadership Institute founded or directed notorious Soros-financed activist groups, such as Black Lives Matter, Media Matters for America, and the Tides Foundation, one of the nation’s largest funders of progressive groups.

  3. National effing emergency and any decent human without a job is with their family.
    Gillum hits a mid-week wedding hundreds of miles from home and then scurries back to explain a gay tryst, not support his wife and children.

  4. Sounds like our former mayor was using a version the same remedy for relief from anxiety one of our former POTUS claimed he used!

  5. When it comes to Gillum this is small potatoes compared to what the FBI and DOJ already have on him…..Gov DeSantis knows this.

  6. Actually on second thought DeSantis should take a public sideline approach, to avoid getting any of the dookey Gillium seems to enjoy, from soiling the Office of The Governor.
    On the other hand if State Attorney Ashley Moody determines any State laws were violated by either Gillum or The way in which the City of Miami handled the issue…now thats fair game…and DeSantis would be a fool to try and make our State Attorney back off…In Your Face Dan Gelber!!!
    Could be some Federal Narcotics laws were violated also.
    This issue should not be ignored because Jim Comey’s local Weasels have an unrelated case they are slow walking and foot-draging themselves to any possable tricky way to exonerate Gillum going on in the background.

    Also black voters are pretty traditional and Gillum has lost their vote.
    All social media posts I’ve seen making excuses for Gillum’s behaviour seem to be comming from the liberal white folk faction of social media.

    1. Good points, Snidely. Gillum is showing a pattern of behavior (perhaps an old pattern well concealed until now). Sooner or later, that tends to catch up with a person. I hiope you’re wrong about the FBI here – I’d like to think that there are still some good guys left in the FBI that actually want to see some justice.

      1. I hope you are right about there being some good guys. But our local office is small and it would take just a few deep state loyalists, never Trumpers, or whatevers to foul up the whole office.
        Plus Fed. Judge and uber leftist Hinkle’s on the bench to do his best to let Gillum walk away.
        For all our confidence in the wrong doing the leftist deck is totally stacked against justice being served on our usual suspects.

    1. Since no arrests were made, and therefore no ongoing investigation, MB Police have no justification for refusing to release it.
      File an FOI request for it Steve, upload it to YouTube and write another story with the link. Hurry!

      1. Yes hurry and dont expect anything from the State as far as getting involved in this Gillum-Gate incident.
        Recall if you can how someone totally disappeared from the Governor’s campaign for 3 weeks and almost cost us the Governor’s Mansion after that “Dont Monkey It Up” comment.
        Expect State Government to WANT to turn a blind eye to Gillum Gate unless someone or something forces the Governor’s hand to get involved befor the City of Miami sandbags all evidence. It may already be too late.

  7. So has Miami de-criminalized meth like some cities have de-criminalized small amounts of marijuana?
    Will everybody get to walk away from 3 bags of meth in a hotel room?
    Why did the police report state the 3 bags of meth were set for distruction?
    Is Miami a meth friendly town for everybody or just Mr. GILLUM?
    So much unasked so much tom foolery by Miami’s Police Department accepted and ignored.

  8. 768 Sealed Indictments in N. Florida District.
    Now do you think Gillum’s name might be on one?
    Who else?
    RICO is a hell of a drug.

    These people are SICK.

  9. Adding to this:
    According to his wiki page,
    Dan Gelber “served in the Florida Legislature from 2000 to 2010 and was the Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Florida in 2010.”
    So he was here in town while Andrew Guilty was a rising city commissar.

  10. As a career law enforcement officer I can tell you that having 3 captains on scene is almost unheard of. Now that you report Dan Gelber is Mayor it is all starting to come together.

    1. Having just ONE Captain on the scene is unheard of but, since it is their buddy Gillum, they are there to make SURE this gets buried. If Gillum was not there, those two would be in Jail, no question about it.

      1. No jail trip is not uncommon. The drugs are constructively possessed and in separate trials they would blame them on the other person. Neither of them would be accepted by the jail due to their state of intoxication. Meaning a five hour babysitting job waiting for medical clearance. That said, a closed matter makes the report and video available to the public. Hence the consensus of Captains. It will be Gilums legal team who tries to make the video medical protected.

  11. When will the footage be available? Andy ‘the Vomiting’ Gillum in a hotel room with a drugged out Meth 30+ yr old male? Where’s Mattox and the midget?

      1. Wow!

        The fake news needs to address the wedding explanation as I don’t believe he was attending a wedding for one second, and it needs to be responsibly reported that it was not true that he was attending a wedding. Whose wedding? There was no wedding!

        Andrew Gillum tells lie after lie after lie.

      2. Tamaryn Waters asks if Gillum’s political career is in question…

        Besides being the PR rep for the Usual Suspects is she clueless? His political career is not even on life support… it’s been over..

        At least Gillum is no longer an elected official where he can give a million dollars of taxpayer’s money to his newest friend.

        1. Hope, remember is was TFlub who wrote the 10 shill pieces for the COT in exchange for $10,000, which was reported on TR and got dozens of complaints from real journalists.

          Did the Fake Newsocrat ever get paid in full for that?

          1. Yes I do recall that!

            Also at the height of the joint dispatch fiasco that needed the public to be informed and the Maddox corruption was being swept under the rug she was writing an expose on making Caesar salads with Gary Yordon.

      1. This is unreal and unbelievable that if it was anyone else charges would of been pressed and someone would be arrested.This just goes to show the public and the world that if you are someone with a name for yourself just like O.J.Simpson you can get away with anything including murder. I am discussed that over and over again we see this happening while our own family members and friends sit in jail for thier mistakes.People need to wake up and get these high ranking politicians and corrupt law enforcement officers out of office and out of our communities.Looks line the law only applies to the less fortunate in MIAMI.

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