TMH Tests 70 People for COVID-19 at Northwood Centre

TMH Tests 70 People for COVID-19 at Northwood Centre

Mayor John Dailey and officials with Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare held a press conference on Tallahassee’s COVID-19 testing program on Thursday, March 19.

Drive-through testing is being administered at the Northwood Centre. Officials stated that  70 people were tested on March 18, the first day of collection.

Chad Moore, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Executive Director of Clinical Operations, explained the testing process.

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He said the process consists of two steps, registration and collection. When a patient arrives at the site, they first go to the registration area and verify their physician’s order. Then, they proceed to the second area for sample collection.

Notably, a physician referral is required to be tested at this time. Dr. Temple Robinson, CEO of Bond Community Health Center, said people should call their doctor to get guidance and a referral before showing up to the testing center.

Officials also said that, at this time, mass screening is currently not an option and urged asymptomatic people to not be tested in order to dedicate resources to those who are showing symptoms.

10 Responses to "TMH Tests 70 People for COVID-19 at Northwood Centre"

  1. I was tested at the Northwood Centre on May 21st. I still do not have my test results. I also completed lab work at Lab Corp. My primary care physician called me and said the Covid test result from my test was never received in her office. Who do we call to get test results that were done at Northwood Centre. This is SO unprofessional.

  2. Maybe we can use this Virus to our Advantage……. Our Legislature has yet to pass a 20/21 Budget so, lets put them in Virus Quarantine at their little Desks in the Legislature until they pass a Budget.

  3. When I saw the HUGE Mass of People in the Airport waiting for Screening by taking Temps, the first thing I thought of was, Infrared that cops use to locate Suspects using Heat. Have someone with one of those devices at a entry point pointing it the Foreheads of People coming in.

  4. Why did the Bond Community Center doctor give a referral to a patient who was turned away?

    We just saw a FB live video of someone being turned away who had a referral from a Bond Community doctor.

    We need some factual reporting here and not the Mayors PR rep.

    1. From where Im sitting, he did not supply any paperwork,or Doctor’s name or order, yet demanded paperwork from the Clinicians.
      Doesn’t add up.

    2. Did he have proper paperwork? DID he have an actual referral, or just say he did. Did he have actual symptoms? Many questions. Few answers.

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