LCS Gives Update on Distance Learning Plan

LCS Gives Update on Distance Learning Plan

On March 19, Leon County Schools updated parents and students on its plans for distance learning in response to COVID-19. Currently, LCS is on spring break, which has been extended an additional week.

Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory outlined the district’s instruction plan from March 30 to April 10, during which time parents are asked to teach their children from home. Gregory said LCS will provide review packets, ClassLink content, and supplemental academic resources to use during this time.

Gregory said the review packets will be available in digital form and as hard copies on March 30. She said LCS has designed the content of the packets to be a review of what students have already learned this academic year according to state and district standards. The packets will not contain new content, and the grading method is still to be determined.

“These are district-level assignments and materials and may not be perfectly aligned with the exact page your child is on,” she said. “It’s not perfectly aligned, but it absolutely reflects where our instructional pacing guide indicates our schools should be and as a review for the previous 135 days.”

Gregory said LCS is also in the process of setting up more digital resources for families to provide academic enhancement activities to students. She said LCS will also utilize ClassLink to provide materials unique to each student and will allow students to access the platform from any network.

Gregory emphasized that next week is still spring break, and students are not expected to do homework next week. She also encouraged parents to put students’ mental health first and be mindful of anxiety and stress caused by the news.

“While we do have these instructional materials available, we want to stand before you today and assure you that if your child is not ready to engage in academic work, you can take a breath,” she said. “It’s okay. The wonderful thing about distance learning is that you can gauge it in any time, any place.”

The district’s long-term plans will be communicated in the next weeks, and third-quarter report cards will be disbursed April 1 as planned.

5 Responses to "LCS Gives Update on Distance Learning Plan"

  1. For those of us that work with Gillian we hear her bad mouth Scott Hansen, Kathleen Rodgers, Allen Cox, openly telling jokes about Rocky, her disdain for Michelle Gayle, now she puts on a happy face because she played Rocky during the election. Ask any of her lunch bunch crew. Listen as she continues to bad mouth everyone. Compassion, nope, envy, yes.

  2. Gillian Gregory you are an insensitive political appointment of Rocky Hanna , given your job of $116,000 without an interview or a vacancy listed. To all the recent unemployed, suck up to Rocky, you can be given a job at $116,00o and give out paper. Disturbing, disgusting!

  3. I appreciate Ms. Gregory’s approach and her care and concern for families. It seems that Ms. Gregory understands not just what the students need but what our teachers need as well. With so many families without digital access, providing the option for paper was best. I know it took a lot to pull this off- and it is clear, concise, and a great response to a crisis. Additionally, the comments during the live stream about recognizing the whole child and the stress that everyone is under came from a place of concern. I’m sorry about your experience, Richard, but you do not speak for all parents. Ms. Gregory is leading with empathy and strength and the rest of us are thankful!

  4. Gillian Gregory at $116,00 per year what a waste. Paper activities, no uniformity of feedback or grades, in a day and age of technology Rocky and his political appointee Gregory give us paper. Unreal, sad, waste. Assistant Superintendent Gregory resign. Maybe you could use paper to write a letter of resignation.

    Rocky as a parent of a special needs student you failed my child during this year and now during a crisis your ineptitude shines bright.

  5. Sounds like the District is doing their best to address student needs during these uncharted times. Parents and students need our prayers. Everybody stay safe!

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