Mayor Dailey Calls for Emergency Meeting to Address Economic Relief

Mayor Dailey Calls for Emergency Meeting to Address Economic Relief

Today Mayor John Dailey, in a Facebook post, called for an emergency meeting of the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) to address the economic issues faced by local businesses due to the COVID-19.

The Blueprint IA includes elected officials on the city and county commissions.

Noting that most economic relief will come from federal and state governments, Dailey said “There is a conversation that needs to take place in regards to what is the local governments role and what we can do.”

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Mayor John Dailey’s statement and video is provided below:

I know IA Chairman Bryan Desloge and all of my colleagues are working tirelessly to meet the needs of our community in these unprecedented times. Today I’m recommending that we convene an emergency Intergovernmental Agency meeting to discuss a local relief package for our small businesses and workers who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

8 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Calls for Emergency Meeting to Address Economic Relief"

  1. I believe we will indeed recover quickly as a result of two primary factors. One is the strength of a strong leader in President Trump, and two is the perseverance of a strong Nation and it’s citizens. 

    But regardless of exactly how and when we recover, I believe it is imperative and completely just that it begin by The United States – and every country for that matter – tearing up every piece of debt paper we/they have from China, and calling it square. Let’s call it “reparations”, for the damage their egregious and nefarious malfeasance has caused this Nation and the world.

  2. Maven, you always call it like you see it. Keep it up!

    Upon another commenter’s reccomendation, I looked up Paul Harvey’s Time for Testing.

    Anyone sitting at home or driving may well appreciate this message from another time, yet still holds true. Encourage you to listen.

    Not sure our Mayor is up to the challenge, but we still pray wisdom and strength of soul for him- this is the test of this generation, and will reveal to each of us individually and collectively what we really are. I believe we will all be surprised and shocked, both for good and bad.


    Take care of each other, the Fourth Turning is here, and absolutely nothing can stop what is coming. We will require strong men and women on the other side as we take back our Republic from forces that wish to divide us by political party, race, gender, religion, etc.
    America no longer For Sale.

    God bless us all in health and prosperity.

  3. First thing, Mayor Flintstone should take the Children’s Services Council future money pit off the table.
    Next, drop any of those commissioned “expert analysis” group studies that are basically a way to award six or seven-figure money bags to the commissars’ friends to draw up a report to justify what they want to do anyway.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the second year in a row our biggest revenue-generating weekend (Springtime Tallahassee) has been cancelled. That, the cancelled FSU baseball games, and the mass closing of businesses with no end in sight will cause a significant shortfall to the COT.
    Attendance at last year’s FB games was terrible. What if there isn’t a FB season at all this fall?

      1. And I didn’t see anything in Mayor Flintstone’s comments about taking a pay cut.
        Share the pain your actions are causing, Yabba Dabba Douche.

      All that is appropriate for a Mayor has already been done.
      1. He’s addressed City Utilities for those unable to pay due to work shutdowns related to the virus.
      2. Thats it Reese Goad will determine if COT employees get paid if unable to work due to virus issues…or…if they will use their annual/sick leave.

      Thats it…thats all…quit mugging for the camera…quit begging for interviews…quit trying to be more relevant than your job.
      YABBA DABBA DOO…now get off the streets and go home to take are of Wilma and Pebbles…ahh Pebbley Poo Daddies ‘lil girl.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. When revenue is down, cut spending!! It’s simple math.
      Frankly, since the politicians are forcing businesses to close, they should be on the hook themselves for alleviating their pain.

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