Average Age of Twenty Coronavirus Deaths in Florida is 77.8

Average Age of Twenty Coronavirus Deaths in Florida is 77.8

The latest information from the Florida Department of Health shows that there have been 20 deaths attributed to the coronavirus. The table below provides information for each of the victims.

The average age of the coronavirus deaths is 77.8 years. The youngest casualty was 52, the oldest was 96.

Fifteen of the twenty deaths were males.

The numbers show that 19 of the 20 deaths were over 60 years of age. The over 60 years of age category accounts for 36% or 534 of the 1,467 positive cases. This translates to a 3.6% (19/534) death rate for those positives cases related to people over 60 years of age.

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  1. In Fl this virus 0.00007 of our population have caught the virus and. 0.00000095 have died. Us old folks need to stay home, but the cure is worse than the disease…. it’s not worth destroying the economy and having a negative effect on 100% of the people in FL.

  2. Focusing solely on deaths misses some of the point though. How many people are *hospitalized*? It isn’t just an old mans game then. How many people are going to need to goto the hospital for a heart attack, or stroke, or seizure, and find that there are no available rooms, and a third of our health care professionals are sick?

    By way of example, the mayor of Atlanta says their hospital ICUs will be at capacity soon.


    “Dr. Steven Kitchen, chief medical officer at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Ga., said the hospital’s three ICUs are full and that the facility has been forced to construct a de facto fourth 10-bed ICU for all other patients, which has also been filled.

    “We continue to see an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in our care,” Kitchen said, according to the AP. “We’re quickly approaching the point of maximum capacity. We need a relief valve.”

    Doctors were forced to discharge some ICU patients Monday to make space for five worsening patients, Kitchen said.”

    Some of these people who get into ICU now will survive, but only at the cost of keeping someone else from being in that same ICU bed when then show up to the hospital. It won’t be long before doctors will be determining which patient should get a ventilator, and which one should be sedated and left to die.

    1. Agreed DSP. Let the government decide who gets treatment, doctors are too emotionally atrached to patients and our resources are too limited. The DHS in UK has it right, with their social medical care: racists, homophobes, and white nationalists are denied care. You make a good point.

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