Blueprint Staff Proposes $2,500 Grants for 400 Small Businesses

Blueprint Staff Proposes $2,500 Grants for 400 Small Businesses

Today the staff of the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency proposed a grant program to help small businesses. The COVID-19 Economic Disaster Relief (CEDR) Program would provide a $2,500 grant to businesses that meet specific criteria.

Staff states that “the CEDR Program will be administered by the Office of Economic Vitality to bridge the gap between federal and state programs and quicken economic recovery to sustain local businesses most in need.”

The program is scheduled to be considered at the Wednesday Blueprint IA meeting.

If adopted, the program would provide $2,500 grants to 400 qualified businesses. The qualifications and criteria for receiving a grant is listed below.

•Be a for profit corporation/business based in Leon County (Corporate, Regional, Division, Registered Office or Franchise) and registered with the Florida Division of Corporations, with more than 1 and fewer than 50 employees.

•Demonstrate a minimum reduction of 50% in revenue as a result of COVID-19 – supply an affidavit stating this.

•Have an active Utility Account with the City of Tallahassee Utilities, Talquin Electric Cooperative or Progress Energy Florida in good or current status as of the date of COVID-19 Emergency Declaration, March 18, 2020.

•Provide proof of application for either the Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan or the U.S. SBA Disaster Loan Assistance program.

•Pledge in good-faith to remain in business for at least 45 days following the receipt of CEDR funding and provide estimated average monthly operating expenses

11 Responses to "Blueprint Staff Proposes $2,500 Grants for 400 Small Businesses"

  1. No developers or affiliated companies should be allowed. They’ve already gotten millions in funds directly or indirectly from BP.

  2. No Businesses owned by or affiliated with an Elected (or Appointed) Official should be allowed to receive any of that money.

      1. How about Matlow’s business partner’s ventures?

        How would his business partner reducing overall debt not be an advantage to Matlow?

  3. We should have a list where businesses list themselves who are affected so that everyone can reach out to them in one way or another.

    I would even put a deposit on record with them for future service.

    We can give them contributions or give them moral support.

  4. I am sick of all of this socialism for business with my tax dollars!

    Maybe if they didn’t have iPhones, they would have reserves to cover a few months without income. I bet most owners of small business have a HD Television in their household, but their business cannot support a small hiccup. Have they thought about cancelling Netflix? Of course not.

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